RinkChat Transcript: words

Mon Jan 28, 2008, 18:48:44 EST - Mon Jan 28, 2008, 21:03:46 EST

* TalkingDog unleashes this on you all and goes away for a bit.
TalkingDog is away.
10Kan: Neat!
Maryam: The best word I've gotten so far: "ogreatbelch"
10Kan has left.
TalkingDog is back.
TalkingDog: Oh, freddled gruntbuggly.
Maryam: Thy micturations are to me!
* TalkingDog doesn't remember enough.
Maryam: I can remember bits and pieces of the next line, but that's it.
* Nyperold gets "sent" and "beat" without checking anything.
Maryam: Here's a word I just got: "explosionard". I think that should be the new word for shrapnel.
TalkingDog: Meh, it's not perfect.
Nyperold: "deliencerable"!
Maryam: quarthquaker
* TalkingDog abhortles your dumbersalthy toaste.
Maryam: scabbag
Maryam: That's my new favorite insult.
TalkingDog: LOL
TalkingDog: And ew.
TalkingDog: Eyebra. o.O
Maryam: Ok, "blowel" is just wrong.
Nyperold: Can't decide between a picnic and a bike ride? Well, now you don't have to! It's the new PICNICYCLE!
Maryam: blubbergarbook
TalkingDog: Mothini! The world's smallest magician!
wintermute: TD: Wasn't Mothini one of Godzilla's enemies?
Maryam: Deathtuba!
TalkingDog: LOL
[RinkChat] The chat room's topic has been changed to 'Mothini vs. Deathtuba!' by TalkingDog.
Nyperold: Xenomic. That could either be alien funny pages or an alien version of that game where you make up the rules and don't tell anybody what they are.
Nyperold: Or a comic about Xena.
Maryam: Windmillbow sounds like an item you'd find in a mediocre Zelda ripoff.
wintermute: Xenomic means "pertaining to the genetic code of aliens".
TalkingDog: "Exorcycle". Just pedal those demons away!
Nyperold: Isn't Macheel a Pokémon?
Maryam: LOL
Maryam: buttoot :-.
* TalkingDog dies.
Maryam: LOL LOL, pimpanzee.
Nyperold: HOTTENDER. Any contestant in the HoNBot tournament.
wintermute: LOL!
wintermute: http://folk.uio.no/alied/TMoL.html
Maryam: wm: My dad used to have that book.
Nyperold: Armpitballucinarian. Okay...
wintermute: It's a fun book.
TalkingDog: "Vagaborg". Not sure what to say about that one.
wintermute: All the more fun, if you know the places in question.
Maryam: alcohologist
TalkingDog: Heh! Nice.
wintermute: TD: A borg of no fixed obode.
wintermute: *abode
Kysle is back.
Kysle: Uh, what are you guys looking at?
Nyperold: Close, but not quite: seduct. It could be taken as a back-formation, though.
TalkingDog: Can't host on port 80 with Verizon. Meh.
wintermute: An aquaduct for transporting selenium?
Kysle: Huh.
Maryam: Teacuzz. Tea cozies for the gangstah in you.
wintermute: Gasphyxiate.
TalkingDog: Nice!
Maryam: Zucchicle. Ewww.
wintermute: Ninject: To be poisoned by an unseen Japanese person.
wintermute: Slotherball: Game played with very moist equipment.
Maryam: I just got "poo" twice in the same list of words.
Nyperold: Zucchini is for bread, not for transportation.
wintermute: Didn't Mondolpid run for president of the Whale Republic?
Maryam: Nyp: I was thinking of popsicles.
wintermute: *Mondolphid
TalkingDog: Gryphorse. A gryphon-horse?
Maryam: Goldfishwasheer. That's a useless job.
whitehelm has entered.
wintermute: TD: Normally a hippogryff.
Nyperold: Or an odd bit of graffiti.
Maryam: Heh. Where do you have room to cram another animal type onto the gryphon, I wonder.
wintermute: A girlfriencil is a very skinny girlfriend with a pointy head.
TalkingDog: Hehehe.
Nyperold: "Goldfish was heer"
wintermute: Dynamelon: For all your electric fruit needs.
Maryam: Mosquitor! Taking over the world through malaria.
* TalkingDog is laughing way too much.
wintermute: Limouseum - full of old cars.
Maryam: Pencileg. Some pirate got a bad deal there.
Maryam: Swork. I can't come up with anything clever for that one, but it looks cool.
wintermute: Moldfish: Used for making decorative jellies.
TalkingDog is away.
wintermute: Maryam: It's clearly the sound made by a rubber-soled shoe on freshly-polished lino.
Nyperold: It's a special sharpened spork specifially for combat.
Maryam: Tongutter. Ouch.
wintermute: Assandbox: Together at last...
whitehelm: Wereworm: Person by day, turns into a not so deadly beast at night
wintermute: Cutlassiere - It's a dinner knife and a sword.
Maryam: Hottuba.
whitehelm: Snowflamputer: Result of someone getting really annoyed at their laptop
TalkingDog is back.
wintermute: Juggermite: The world's largest insect.
Maryam: Fangut: what you see far too much of at conventions...
wintermute: Redneconocerina: A musical instrument from Kentucky.
Maryam: Sewagedy: Death by horrible, horrible means.
wintermute: Jungster: Kids following the current fashion for psychoanalysis.
Maryam: Universitty: We'll larn ya good!
wintermute: Dinosaile: How else would dinosaurs cross the ocean?
LaZorra has entered.
LaZorra: I got an APOLOGY HA
whitehelm: Communicycle: Bicycle for 100
TalkingDog: Bathtuba. This thing likes tubas.
Maryam: A sincerely meant apology?
LaZorra: From Mr. Pompous Ass Editor.
LaZorra: Yes.
Nyperold: Ooh. :)
LaZorra: I can't really stay. But I had to come exult. X-D
LaZorra has left.
Maryam: He sounds like a cockhead to me anyway.
wintermute: Carnating: Like reincarnating, but for the first time.
Maryam: (I couldn't help it, the word was right there.)
whitehelm: Pirat: The ninjas won
Rivikah has entered.
Randy has entered.
Maryam: Mireworm would be a great D&D monster.
wintermute is away.
Nyperold: Hello!
Randy: Heyas!
Rivikah: http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/ab-50_metric_e.html brrr
Maryam: Bottuba.
Maryam: It does like tubas.
TalkingDog: Gypsychimp!
whitehelm: Usurfer: One who takes over the waves
* TalkingDog doesn't know what to say about "toothespitballucina".
wintermute is back.
wintermute: Inspicuous: obvious.
Randy: spurrel:A cute suirrel
wintermute: Interiotic: Wallpaper that really turns you on.
Rivikah has left.
wintermute: Secredible: You don't think you can eat it, but you can, really.
Nyperold: Feminge: It holds two parts of a compact together.
Nyperold: Limouseum: History, science, and culture all in one very long car.
Nyperold: Vegangelicopter.
wintermute: How people who want to get rid of meat travel?
Randy: powerficky: Being super picky about things.