I was on a school trip somewhere, and everyone from high school had to come. It was on some kind of island that was a piece of California broken off and floated into the Pacific. It had a small town on it, and a Roman colosseum. When we got there, we could tell something was wrong, but the teachers wouldn't tell anyone anything, and everyone got scared when the sky turned orange, and some helicopters carried a huge metal box and dropped it on the island. Two of the teachers went to find out what it was, but it kind of exploded into a piercing white light, and I lost about a half hour somehow and woke up to find everyone either worried or crying, and some military guys were arranging everyone into groups. But as they came to collect me, the white light exploded again, and I got tossed backwards in time. Then some lady told me I was the one who would have to save everyone, without being seen, and that I would basically have as many chances as I need to come back in time and fix things, as long as I wasn't killed. The lady then mentioned something about the light being poisonous, and the poison makes people helplessly obedient, and not to look at it. I found a store selling Mountain Dew and decided that would cure any poison. But I got attacked by a cat before I could carry any out of the store. When the light flashed again, I was thrown forward in time to a place above the general who was barking orders in a language I didn't recognize. Then Spike from Buffy told me to follow him if I wanted to save everyone. He slid down a spiral sort of structure that was wobbling a lot, and I had trouble doing it, but I followed him down. Then I couldn't find him again, but I realized there was a clear path out to the edge of the island, and out across from the island was a hole in the ocean, and some kind of walled city which could have been Atlantis if it wasn't in the Pacific. It was hanging just at the edge of the hole but never going over. A few other students saw and followed me out. The island we were on kept circling around the hole, and we decided to jump for the walled city when it came around again, but a sort of mystic tribal guy appeared from nowhere and said not to. The light flashed, and I was back inside the store with the cat, except the cat was now a chicken, and easy to trap under a box. So I carried Mountain Dew out to some people and told them to drink it because a bomb would go off soon, but they thought I was stupid and only a few people drank any. And I think that's where someone woke me up and went back to sleep and had the good dream.