RinkChat Transcript: squaw

Sat Jun 23, 2007, 23:08:49 EDT - Sat Jun 23, 2007, 23:22:02 EDT

LaZorra: Nyp: Please, feel free to join in pooking fun at stupid people! It's a hoot.
LaZorra: Er. *pooking
LaZorra: ERM>
LaZorra: *POKING
Maryam: LOL LOL
* TalkingDog dies.
* ThePhan pooks LaZorra.
Maryam: LZ is the new Sosiqui.
LaZorra: :-.
Randy: LOL
LaZorra: SWEET! Does this mean I get typopo demons?
ThePhan: Pooking fun is a hot!
LaZorra: TP: LOL LOL
Maryam: LOL
Maryam: LZ: What is the shape that is a rectangular with sides of equal length?
* Nyperold posts, as well.
Maryam: *-a
LaZorra: Uh, a squaw?
TalkingDog: bhaahahaaa
Maryam: LOL LOL
ThePhan: A butternut squaw!
LaZorra: ahhhh LOL LOL
[TalkingDog->LaZorra] Are you doing that on purpose? 'Cause it is too frequent.
LaZorra: Some of them look like it, too. :-.
Nyperold: Hey, I didn't trick you! You walked into it! (again) ;-)
[TalkingDog->LaZorra] You rule either way.
[LaZorra->TalkingDog] I did it on purpose the other day when Sam was all, "Hey Dave, look at this! Type "squaw," LaZ." But that's the only time, heh.
[LaZorra->TalkingDog] AHHHH I CAN'T STOP LOL LOL
[TalkingDog->LaZorra] LOL LOL!!