Yet another one of my most infamous typos... this one on July 11th. It was in the evening, and almost everyone in chat was a.) female b.) hyper and c.) lacking sleep... which, all put together, led to strangeness so great that even Stephen couldn't take it.

* twistinside likes hotdogs... 
twistinside: That is all. 
* Sosiqui hopes feverently that when in Holland, she won't have to eat Dutch hotgods.
Morris: What an obnoxious ad! 
Ellmyruh: LOL!!! 
* Sosiqui = Typopo Warrior Princess Supreme 
Mia: LOLOL!! 
Ayako: LOL 
twistinside: What ad? 
twistinside: I'm yet to see it. 
Ellmyruh: Oh, I thought Morris was responding to Sosi. hehee 
Mia: Morris: Did you just get the Evil airplane ticket ad? 
flyingcats: Is Monkeyman a god? 
Mia: Elly: I did, too. hehehe 
* Sosiqui wonders what a Dutch hotgod would be, anyway. 
Morris: I did. 
Mia: fc: LOL!! 
Ayako: Feverently? 
Sosiqui: LOL!!! 
flyingcats: Is Monkeyman Dutch, come to think? 
Mia: fc: Is Monkeyman Dutch? 
Mia: Aw, you beat. 
* flyingcats beat! 
Sosiqui: Ohmyholysocks. LOL. 
* Sosiqui highly doubts Monkeyman is a Dutch hotgod. 
Mia: LOL
Ayako: My sister thinks it's weird that I'm giggling at my computer. 
Sosiqui: OKAY. LOL. 
Sosiqui: There are NO HOTGODS around here. 
Ellmyruh: Correct. Monkeyman is not here. 
Mia: Oooo la la!!! 
* Morris the hotgod is going to bed. 
Sosiqui: The hotgods must be crazy! 
Mia: Good night Morris! 
Ellmyruh: ROFL 
Sosiqui: LOL LOL 
Sosiqui: Night, Morris! 
* Mia is CRACKING UP!!! 
flyingcats: Sosiqui, watch it, you're getting some competition here... 
Ayako: Night, Morris the hotdog. 
flyingcats: 'Night Morris! 
Ayako: Oops, typo. 
flyingcats: DOG! 
Sosiqui: Competition? Wha? 
Sosiqui: DOG! 
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Morris is one hotgod.' by Morris. 
* Ayako makes no attempt to correct it. 
Morris has left. 
Sosiqui: .... LOL 
Mia: LOL Ayako. 
* Ellmyruh tries to recover. 
Stephen has entered. 
Sosiqui: ohmyholysocks. LOL. 
Stephen: Hey folks. 
Mia: Stephen!! 
Stephen: Mia!! 
* Sosiqui tries and bursts out laughing again. 
Ellmyruh: StepHen! 
twistinside: "hotgod" sounds like a headline on one of those teenage girl magazines. 
Sosiqui: Yoha, Stephen. 
* Stephen looks at the buffer and scratches his head. 
Stephen: You people are nuts. 
Ayako: HI Stephen. 
Ellmyruh: AAAAA!!!!!!! YM magazine! ROFL!!!! 
Sosiqui: LOL! 
Mia: LOL ELLY!!!! 
* Sosiqui just DIES laughing. 
* Ellmyruh is almost CRYING 

Stephen: Uh... you know what? Never mind... I'm not even going to begin trying to figure this out. 
Stephen has left. 
Mia: Awwwwwwww..... :-( 
Ellmyruh: My stomach hurts from this! 
Sosiqui: Poor Stephen. LOL. 
* Sosiqui is sorry... 
flyingcats: Sowwee Mia. 
twistinside: My workmates are trying to figure out why I have a HUGE grin on my face. 
Mia: Randomaly? LOL 
Ayako: It's a random anomaly. 
* flyingcats HUGS Ayako! 
Sosiqui: Geez, I am truly the queen of Really Strange Typopos. ;) 
Mia: Oh, I see. 
Sosiqui: First the Monkeyman/cam thing, now this... ;) 
* flyingcats runs to look at Mars real quick. 
* Ellmyruh is breathing again. 
* Sosiqui has recovered. Whew. Oh man. 

Ellmyruh: Men are from Mars. FLYINGCATS IS LOOKING AT MEN! 
* Mia takes a big breath. 
flyingcats: /kill Ell 
Sosiqui: Aaaaaah! LOL! 
Mia: LOLOLOL!!! 
* Sosiqui loses it again, thanks to Elly! 
Ellmyruh: Are they ENGINEERS?? 
Sosiqui: Little green cat men? 
Wormwood has entered. 
Ellmyruh: Oh MY 
Sosiqui: Because if they're little green monkey men, I'll have to kill you or something. I think. ;) 
Ayako: Hello. 
Sosiqui: Yoha... *gasp* Wormwood *breathe* 
Ellmyruh: fc: Hurry back! Are they YM cover material or engineers? 
Mia: ROFL! 
* Sosiqui is just DYING. 
Mia: Hi Ww! LOL 
flyingcats: IT WAS A RED TINY DOT 
Wormwood has left. 
Ayako: A red tiny dot... like from a laser sight? 
Mia: Oh. Not a MAN, fc? 
Ellmyruh: We scared another one away! 
Sosiqui: fc: It was a RED MANLY HUNK OF LOVE 
Ellmyruh: LOL!!! 
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'hotgods are from Mars' by Ellmyruh. 
Sosiqui: Woohoo! 
Mia: Stephen says: "Right. Probably if I had two X chromosomes, I'd be giggling like mad..." He doesn't get it at ALL! 
Mia: LOL Elly!!! 
Ellmyruh: hehehe 
Ellmyruh: twistinside is BRAVE. 
Sosiqui: Yeah, very brave! 
flyingcats: Sosi: What about twist? 
Sosiqui: Or not paying attention. ;) 
* twistinside puts his fingers in his ears and shuts his eyes. 
Sosiqui: Sorry. LOL. 
Sosiqui: So. flyingcats. How was that RED MANLY HUNK OF LURVE? 
twistinside: I'm not really sure who I wouls class as a "Hotgod" 
flyingcats: LURVE? 
* Mia takes a DEEEEEP breath. 
Ellmyruh: Yeah, tell us!!! 
* Sosiqui has lost all hope of regaining any form of composure 
Ellmyruh: Girls have CURVE, so I guess guys have LURVE. 
* twistinside looks for his LURVE. 
Ellmyruh: Especially male Water Quality employees. 
Ellmyruh: Did I just say that??? 
flyingcats: LOL LOL 
Mia: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! 
Sosiqui: Elly: I dunno! Do we have to play Truth or Dare on you there? ;) 
twistinside: Sorry Sosi. I can't find mine.  
* Sosiqui threatens Elly with Truth or Dare 
Ellmyruh: d00000000de 
* Sosiqui plops down on a pillow, slumberparty-like. 
gabby has entered. 
* Mia makes some popcorn.
twistinside: Who the heck-a-roonie is that? 
Ayako: Run for your life, gabby. 
Sosiqui: Yoha, gabby! 
gabby: Hi. 
* Sosiqui giggles girlishly, as girls are wont to do at slumberparty like things. 
flyingcats: Hi gabby! 
* twistinside and gabby listen in. 
Ellmyruh: Not that I know of. 
twistinside: Being the only guys here. 
* Sosiqui still wants to know which guy Elly was talking about before! 
Ellmyruh: Which one? Uh... I have to narrow it down? 
* Mia tells all the girls a SECRIT! 
Sosiqui: Don't make us pull out the pink pens and play MASH with you! 
Ellmyruh: OOOOOOH!!! 
Ayako: MASH? 
* Sosiqui finds an ONLINE MASH page! Ooooh! 
Ellmyruh: I haven't played MASH in YEARS!!!!! 
* Sosiqui digs up the link! 
* twistinside is clueless as to what MASH is. 

gabby: Hrm... 
Ellmyruh: And I've NEVER played it online. 
twistinside: Something girly no doubt. 
Sosiqui: ts: It's a silly girly game. 
* gabby MASHES twistinside, in friendship, naturally.
gabby has left. 
Mia: MASH! I remember that game!!! 
gabby has entered. 
twistinside: I'll have a go! 
* Sosiqui thinks we should all do it and then, like, totally post our results! *giggle* 
Ellmyruh: LOL!!! YES!!!! It can't be as cool as the paper kind, but still.... 
Ellmyruh: Wait. I have to narrow it down to five Martians? 
Sosiqui: Yup! 
* Sosiqui makes a list.... 
Mia: I totally forgot how to play!!! 
gabby has left. 
* Ellmyruh chooses "Rapidly," as she has NO patience. 
* Sosiqui sticks Monkeyman on the list because everyone would be SO disappointed if she didn't.
flyingcats: And it all has to be Rinkies!
flyingcats: Well, except Ell and her cute engineers, I guess.
Ellmyruh: LOL
Sosiqui: LOL!!!
* Sosiqui thinks of places to live, things to do.
Ellmyruh: fc: Or the ones who aren't technically engineers but make more money.
* Ellmyruh is still on the guy part.
* flyingcats is stuck already.
Mia: Wait. What are all the things you have to say? And how many?
flyingcats: Mia: Go to the site. It's all there.
* Sosiqui is almost ready to run hers!
Ellmyruh: So I don't have to stick to Rinkies?
Mia: Oh....silly me! I missed the link.
* Sosiqui is DONE! and runs it...
Sosiqui: SUSPENSE!
Mia: They all have to be rinkies?
flyingcats: D00d! I don't know any cars!
Ellmyruh: fc: Give descriptions, then.
twistinside: The cars was the easiest part
Sosiqui: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! LOL LOL LOL
flyingcats: Monkeyman. It's gotta be.
* Sosiqui gives you ONE guess.
Ellmyruh: That's what you get for putting him down FIVE TIMES.
* Ellmyruh ducks!
flyingcats: LOL
* twistinside isn't sure what is happening.
Sosiqui: Oh, right, like I did THAT. :p
* Sosiqui is laughing so very hard
* Sosiqui reads the result popup thing and DIES SOME MORE

Sosiqui: "It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with Monkeyman in your shack in California." AAAAAAAAAAAH LOL LOL LOL LOL
Ellmyruh: LOL!!!
Mia: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!
Sosiqui: ohmyholysocks LOL LOL
* Mia DIES because of SOSI.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'The LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SHACK' by flyingcats.
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL
twistinside: Your wife's name is Mia and you have 8 children. You're a Bricklayer who drives to work every day in a Red Bluebird.
Sosiqui: Oh, and by the way, we'll have 2 kids.
twistinside: Hrm.
Sosiqui: Whoohoo Mia!
* Ellmyruh DIES
twistinside: Sorry Mia.
* Ayako is apparently an anime babe.
Ellmyruh: NONONONONONO Not THAT guy!
Ayako: That's all I'm divulging from mine, though.
Sosiqui: At least I get a VW Bug! Blue!
flyingcats: AYAKO!
Ellmyruh: I think it's rigged. I have 2 kids and live in a shack in California.
Ayako: I put down VW Bug too! That's not what I got, though.
Ellmyruh: And I got MY OWN freaking car!
Ayako: Ok, I can say the car. It's a blue Corvette. Ooh. Ahh.
twistinside: I drive a Bluebird already though!
Ellmyruh: Oh, wait. I looked at the wrong guy. LOL
* flyingcats can't think of these! Ack.
Sosiqui: "Your husband's name is Monkeyman and you have 2 children. You're a Housewife who drives to work every day in a Blue VW Bug. It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with Monkeyman in your shack in California."
Ayako: You have to DRIVE to work to be a housewife?
Sosiqui: Ayako: Yeah, that bit is kind of odd.
Sosiqui: And I'd have to be a shackwife too.
Ellmyruh: "Your husband's name is ______ and you have 2 children. You're a Computer d00de who drives to work every day in a Gray Toyota Corolla. It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with _____ in your shack in California."
Sosiqui: LOL Elly!
* flyingcats cackles.
Tess has entered.
Sosiqui: TESS!
Ayako: TESS!
* twistinside HUGS Tess!
Tess: Hellooooooooo Sosiqui!! Ayako!!!
* Ellmyruh has lost it again.
* Tess HUGS twist 'n slide!!
* Sosiqui never had it back.
* Ayako must go, sadly.
flyingcats: Ayako! NO!
Tess: Bye Ayako
Ellmyruh: Bye, anime babe!!
Sosiqui: Bye, AYAKO!
* Sosiqui HUGS Ayako!
* flyingcats HUGS HUGS HUGS Ayako!
Mia: Oh my.....
* Ayako winks and blows kisses kawaiily in the true anime style.
Mia: Bye Ayako!
Tess: The boys in the other room are MEAN! They kicked me out!
* Ayako HUGS Sosi and neko!
Sosiqui: Tess: 'Cause HERE is where the slumberparty's at!
flyingcats: The boys are in their own room, LOL.
twistinside: I have no idea what they are talking about over there.
Mia: Um....heh. I got Dave.
Ayako: For love and justice, I'm SAILOR AYAKO!
* twistinside is still the only guy.
Sosiqui: Except for ts, who is very brave. :)
twistinside: Perhaps I should go.
Ayako: Bye!
Sosiqui: Mia: Won't Stephen be sad to hear that!
Ayako has left.
Tess: YAY! SLUMBER PARTY! I thought it was just a LOOOVE shack! A slumber party is SO much cooler!!!
Mia: Sosi: He laughed, actually.
Mia: Sosi: And he's THREATENING me with it!
Sosiqui: Tess: It's my love shack.
Ellmyruh: No, twist, it's ok!
Sosiqui: Mia: LOL
Tess: What are we going to DOI!!!!
Mia: Dave and a LOVE SHACK....hrm.....
Sosiqui: PLAY MASH, Tess!
* Ellmyruh plays again. FOUR kids this time???
Sosiqui: Elly: Woohoo!
* twistinside will try to find his true love one more time.
Mia: I got Stephen this time.
Sosiqui: Mia: WooHOO!
flyingcats: Whoo hoo Mia!
Ellmyruh: WOO HOO
Mia: hehehehe
Sosiqui: What did he think of that?
Mia: He said: "LOLOLOL"
Ellmyruh: Smart man.
Mia: heheh
Sosiqui: Mia: Well, he displaced Dave. Surely that's SOMETHING.
flyingcats: He didn't say ?
Mia: Sosi: Oh, yes. It is. AND we live in a mansion!
Mia: flyingcats: Nope. :-P
Sosiqui: Mia: Oooh, nice.
* Tess 's MASH thingy is done being filled out. . .I can't WAIT!
twistinside: Your wife's name is Ellmyruh and you have 3 children. You're a Lawyer who drives to work every day in a Black Ford Taurus. It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with Ellmyruh in your shack in California.
twistinside: Sorry Elly.
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL!!!!!
* Ellmyruh has a new view of twistinside.
flyingcats: What is WITH this shack in California stuff?
Sosiqui: LOL!!
Sosiqui: It's the LURVE shack!
* twistinside starts fixing up the shack for Elly.
Sosiqui: As long as we're not all in the SAME shack.
Shadows_Mask has entered.
Ellmyruh: OH MY
Sosiqui: But if we are, I dibs the right side of the shack.
Ellmyruh: "Your wife's name is..." I did something wrong.
Sosiqui: Awww, poor Elly!
twistinside: Ellmyruh: LOL!
flyingcats: LOL
twistinside: Am I your wife?
Tess: AGH! AGH, "Your husband's name is Troy and you have 0 children. You're a Fashionista who drives to work every day in a Pink Midget. "
flyingcats: ACK! So did I!
* Sosiqui is DYING laughing.
Sosiqui: I should really be dead by now, I think. Oh well.
Sosiqui: I am just remarkably resilient!
Ellmyruh: OK, this almost scares me. "Your husband's name is ---- and you have 2 children. You're a County employee who drives to work every day in a Blue Acura. It's truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with ---- in your mansion in California."
Sosiqui: Mansion! Woo!
flyingcats: Elli, trust me, your place is NOT a mansion. It was nice, but NOT a mansion.
Sosiqui: So does that mean Monkeyman and I can have the whole shack? ;)
twistinside: California again!
Shadows_Mask has left.
Ellmyruh: fc: You didn't see the basement.
Mia: YES! Stephen won between him and Dave!
flyingcats: LOL Where E11myruh is?
Ellmyruh: Yep.
* flyingcats chokes.
flyingcats: LIFACE??
* Ellmyruh pats fc on the back.
twistinside: LOL!
Sosiqui: LOL LOL!
Sosiqui: LURVE!
flyingcats: Oh CRUD. I left it on the wrong thing again..." Your wife's name is Liface and you have 3 children. "
Mia: YEAH! TESS wanted LIFACE!
Sosiqui: Wife's name is Liface... LOL
Sosiqui: Tess: Look out! Mia will come for you!
* Tess is SO happy!!
* Ellmyruh must now go tend to her hotgod--I mean--go offline to let her roommate use the phone.
Tess: Sosiqui: MY Stephen
Mia: Sosi: She means STEPHEN STEPHENSON, silly.
twistinside: Bye Elly! See you at the wedding? I'll be the one up the front.
Sosiqui: Mia: Oh. Excuse me.
* Tess acts like a giggly girl when she hears that name. . .
Ellmyruh: LOL twist!! Bye!
Sosiqui: Bye, Elly. Have fun with the hotgod! Wooo! ;)