RinkChat Transcript: blah

Fri Jun 30, 2006, 19:54:20 EDT - Fri Jun 30, 2006, 19:58:57 EDT

BlitzBot: Unclaimed answer: Kazakhstan.
BlitzBot: Unclaimed answer: Kyrgystan.
BlitzBot: Unclaimed answer: Pakistan.
BlitzBot: Scores this round: Sam: +11, DemanusFlint: +8, Quark: +7, Gharlane: +6, Zup: +5, Ticia: +3.
BlitzBot: Sam wins!
Nyperold is away.
Ticia: Funny story about Russia.
Ticia: We have world maps for place mats.
Ticia: We're always telling abby to put her cup on Russia, so it won't spill.
Gharlane: Hehe.
Ticia: She says "Put it on Brussia?"
DemanusFlint: In Soviet Russia, the cup spills YOU!
Gharlane: < Rimshot>
Ticia: She knows right where Russia is, though. Heh
DemanusFlint: That's handy.
Sam: I love those Russia jokes. I dont' know why they don't get old.
* DemanusFlint had a very poor understanding of geography as a child.
DemanusFlint: And I'm still not great at it.
DemanusFlint: Sam: Maybe because there is no actual joke involved?
Ticia: There are tons of geography games to play online.
Sam: DF: Maybe. It's just different funny turns of phrase.
TalkingDog: I'm so good at geography, I KNOW ABOUT COUNTRIES THAT DON'T EVEN EXIST!
DemanusFlint: gordbal
TalkingDog: That's a planet. -:
Quark: I never quite grasped Korea as an Asian country until I was like 16. I mean, I KNEW it was Asian, but for some reason my mental map always tried to put it in South America.
* Ticia upgrades her BlitzBot rating.
Sam: It's like the "the hell out of" jokes on MST3K. "I'm going to give the HELL out of these flowers!"
Gharlane: Sam: Thanks for reminding me, hehe.
Sam: Never ever gets old, because every variation is something different.
DemanusFlint: Oh man, MST3K is awesome.
Gharlane: I wasted time typing "Phillipines" that last question ,hehe.
Quark: In Soviet Russia, flowers give the hell out of you!
Sam: LOL!!!
* TalkingDog dies.
[RinkChat] The chat room's topic has been changed to 'In Soviet Russia, flowers give the hell out of you!' by Sam.
Quark: Oh man. TWO-PRONGED ATTACK or something
TalkingDog: That makes no sense, but it's awesome.
Gharlane: That is an awesome statement, hehe.