Roary the tiny lion was bored. Being king of all the animals just wasn't interesting to him anymore. Roary climbed onto the shoulder of his favorite human and said, "I don't want to be a lion today."

"What do you want to be?" asked the human.

"Today I will be a bunny!" said Roary. So Roary cut ears out of paper and taped them to his head and taped a cotton ball to his tail. Roary wanted to surprise the human, but he stopped before jumping out in front of him.

"Maybe I don't want to be a bunny," he said.

"Why not?" asked the human.

"I want to roar, and bunnies can't roar. So I can't be a bunny."

"How about a tiger? Tigers can roar." said the human.

"Yeah!" Roary shouted. Roary liked that idea! Tigers could roar, and they had fancy stripes. So Roary took off the bunny ears and tail and got a black marker to draw on some stripes. Roary wanted to surprise the human, but he stopped short again.

"Maybe I don't want to be a tiger," he said.

"Why not?" asked the human.

"Tigers are almost lions. They just have stripes instead of fuzzy manes. I want to be something different."

"How about a human?" said the human.

"No, humans don't have enough fur," said Roary. The human pouted.

"Then how about a monster? Monsters can roar, and sometimes they're furry, and they're not all that much like lions."

"If I was a monster, would I have to live under the bed?" asked Roary.

"You already sleep there sometimes."

"Oh, yeah. Then I'll be a monster!" So Roary ran off and taped paper wings to his back and paperclips to his tail.

"RAAAAAR!" yelled Roary the tiny monster.

"Oh, no, a monster!" cried the human. Then the tiny monster chased the human all around the bedroom until they both tired out and flopped onto the bed.

"Being a monster is too hard," said Roary between breaths. "I think I'll just be a lion from now on. They're the best."

The human purred in agreement.