1.From Owen:
Here's the wordlist so far for Rinkish. Hello-E'upa/Goodbye-Beya/You-Uy(pronounced oo-ee)/Me-Mai/How-Hwon/Are-Rae/What's up-Usupsa/Laugh-Lulon, or Lo'lol/And-Ni/The-Tuh/Thank you-Zunku/Fine-Phiena/For-Fi/Ask-Uksa/Suffix "Ing"-ini/Suffix "Ed"(past tense)-deu/Is-Sin/Please-Tluzi/What-Supsa/Room-Omra/Cold-Yondul/Happy-Huopit/Food-Ofon/Excuse me-Askux mai/Conversation-Konzluxin/ A note on pronounciation: X is the sh sound in shrill.
Sent:  Tue Jun 4 20:46:56 2002 PST
Expires:  Tue Jun 18 20:46:56 2002 PST
2.From Owen:
Oops, here's some more words. Rano-Turn/Heat-Taef/Up-Pusil.
Sent:  Tue Jun 4 20:55:34 2002 PST
Expires:  Tue Jun 18 20:55:34 2002 PST
3.From Owen:
Even more! Woo! Why-Weian/Dumb-Bedani
Sent:  Tue Jun 4 21:05:50 2002 PST
Expires:  Tue Jun 18 21:05:50 2002 PST
4.From Owen:
Seventeen new words. Good Morning-Angu Ramnein/Good afternoon-Angu n'ulamaf/Yes-Lua/No-Nue/Certianly-Sutulak/Maybe-Yanbumit/Sorry-S'rain/Negative prefix-Na-/Positive prefix-Luni-/Know-Nonsi/Think-Gunthsi/Careful-Karnpha/This-Tiasu/That-Utasni/What-Supsa/Where-Awar/Name-Nurema. A note on the negative and positive prefixes: Instead of Don't, or Do, use the prefixes. For example: I don't know-Mai na-nonsi./I do know-Mai luni-nonsi./I know-Mai luni-nonsi.
Sent:  Thu Jun 6 08:49:56 2002 PST
Expires:  Thu Jun 20 08:49:56 2002 PST
5.From Owen:
Oh. And in case you're wondering when the plain old word, such as 'know' would be used, it's as in 'Do you know' or 'Does he know' ('Dong uy nonsi' and Dong hmasi nonsi', respectively.)
Sent:  Thu Jun 6 08:51:40 2002 PST
Expires:  Thu Jun 20 08:51:40 2002 PST
6.From Owen:
Ack! Almost forgot! He-Hmasi/His-Hrul/She-Smasi/Hers-Smul
Sent:  Thu Jun 6 08:55:02 2002 PST
Expires:  Thu Jun 20 08:55:02 2002 PST
7.From Owen:
More! Program-Meguna/Call-Kusal/A-Sai/An-Sar/-ment- -amna/-ness- -lomas/-er- -ruhl/-est- -sumt/It-Tih/Am-Mulix/Or-Runik/As-Che/On-Guan/Go-Onigsa/If-Kulf/We-Woruk/Be-Aemab/At-Tag/Do-Dong/So-Xum/To-Puul/Up-Pusil/By-Sabyt/In-Nimat/Welcome-Wukanilu/Hungry-Hrunso/Help-Fulpar/Much-Olinsiv/Nice-Angu(also means good)/Day-D'yuik/Above, over-Ubuniver/Add-Jurlim/Again, repeat-Ugint/Another-Hanavaku/Lost-Luxk Again, the symbol X is the sh sound.
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