TalkingDog: I had an odd dream last night. First, I was Data, and I accidentally used a contraction somehow and had to try everything I could to convince people I wasn't Lore. (11:48:37)
Stephen: That's the nerdiest thing I've ever heard, TD. (11:49:05)
TalkingDog: Heh. (11:49:10)
TalkingDog: Then there was something about escaping from an underground factory, but as myself this time. Then I bought a half gallon of milk for $7.10 and drank it in one gulp. And I know there's more after that, but I can't remember much. (11:50:22)
Lynette: That's some totally expensive milk. (11:51:34)
Stephen: Hey, I think that's the plot of David Lynch's next movie. (11:51:55)
Sam: Or a seven-gallon mouth, perhaps. (11:51:56)
Sam: Stephen: LOL LOL (11:52:06)
Stephen: Only TD will be played by Naomi Watts. (11:52:06)
Sam: Yeah. (11:52:16)
Stephen: "That's some damn fine milk." (11:52:24)
Sam: Someday that milk you drink is going to come back in style. (11:52:59)