TalkingDog: And that's all I can't remember. Thank you. *bow* (09:42:04)
TalkingDog: Anyway, I invite him to play a game of Risk: Solar System Edition, but he declines. He said there were too many bugs in that game. Uh. Bugs in a board game? (09:41:20)
TalkingDog: So Mom took my grandpop, my sister, and I home, where my friend Ryan was visiting a forum of some sort that I've never seen before. It's, well, a voice forum. Good thing my dream is ignoring the fact that we have DIALUP! (09:40:24)
TalkingDog: *word (09:39:22)
TalkingDog: So, anyway, I spelled "bourgious" to it, because I still wasn't clear on what it meant (I've been offered several definitions), but I was yanked away by my mom, who happened to be there to ask about the world glinchy, if that's even a real word... (09:39:03)
TalkingDog: So we got in, but they let us off near the Word Well. The Word Well is another recurring object in my dreams. The Word Well is a well you yell a word or its spelling (in case you can't pronounce it) into the well, and the well tells you its spelling, pronunciation, definition, and examples of use in a friendly computerized female voice. (09:37:18)
TalkingDog: But we hit a patch of ice and slid sideways, and they got out and ordered us into their van. (09:35:45)
TalkingDog: Well, in one part, I was with my sister and grandpop in his car, and we were trying to lose the Sticky Bandits in their new Super Limo Van. (09:35:20)
TalkingDog: Hrm. This is a tough one to explain... (09:34:09)
TalkingDog: Well, as long as no one's here, there's no one to object to me talking about last night's dream. (09:33:16)
* TalkingDog does stuff. (09:29:29)
TalkingDog: I hope everyone isn't off hiding away from me in a private room. That'd suck. (09:28:42)
TalkingDog: Happy eve of Christmas, empty chat room! (09:27:47)
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[RinkChat] Utgått memo: [TalkingDog->Ciaran] "During someone else's turn you may do the following: (...) 2. If an Admin card has just been played, you may play a Ghost card to negate it (unless you played a Ghost card on Admin Dave). Both cards go into the Discard Pile."
TalkingDog har kommet. (09:27:33)

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