* TalkingDog comes to the rescue! Give him a sec.
Gahalyn: :D!!!
Nyperold: Hello! :)
Gahalyn: Uh chat problems.
Gahalyn: ....
Gahalyn: Okay it's good now
TalkingDog: Ack.
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Gahalyn: HAhahahaha ahem.
Gahalyn: Everybody got livejournals and went away.
TalkingDog: Dang, I'm having a shortage of ideas. Heck, whatever. You and your crew just stepped off the Ubership 9000 to become the first people on Mars! Huzzah! Hmm...
* Gahalyn points dramatically.
Gahalyn: Look! Over there!
* Kysle exploads.
Gahalyn: Uhm.
Gahalyn: Oh dear?
* Nyperold looks.
* Gahalyn unexplodes Kysle with her handy Ubershipcompany-issued Repacker of People Thingie.
* Avalanche also looks.
Gahalyn: Help me set up a tent.
Gahalyn: Over there!
Gahalyn: A tent over there.
Kysle: My, um, hand is in the wrong place, Gahaha.
Gahalyn: Shoulda thought of that before you exploded.
Gahalyn: The warranty on this thing's expired.
TalkingDog: You landed a few miles short of your intended target, but it's a small inconvenience. However, as you all pile into the land rover ATV thinger, Gaha finds a tear in her suit!
* Kysle scratches his head.. with a foot!
* Gahalyn exploads.
TalkingDog: Oops.
Gahalyn: Oh wait, is it a small tear?
Gahalyn: PLZ
TalkingDog: Yeah.
TalkingDog: And you're not in space, so you're not gonna explode from lack of air pressure. Heh.
TalkingDog: Or expload.
* Nyperold seals the tear with the Handyman's Secret Weapon.
TalkingDog: Actually, you want an exp. load, don't you?
Gahalyn: exp. load whooo
Gahalyn: Yay Nyperold you are my hero
Gahalyn: !
Gahalyn: Are we there yet??
TalkingDog: Sure. You arrive at the intended target. Scans from Earth showed this area to be somewhat hollow underneath.
Gahalyn: Ooooh can we dig?
Gahalyn: We have shovels?
* Kysle tries to hack away with a pick ax, but one hand and one foot don't make for a good grip.
TalkingDog: You have a dig-o-matic, but none of you ever passed the training course, so you'll have to roll to operate it.
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20: 17 = 17
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 14 = 14
Gahalyn: whoo
TalkingDog: Yay!
[RinkChat] User Nyperold rolls 1d20: 12 = 12
TalkingDog: The dig-o-matic digs a 10-foot wide hole that goes down 30 yards before it stops automatically.
TalkingDog: Nyperold has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down.
* Gahalyn tries to set up the tent in the hole
Gahalyn: Hehe!
Gahalyn: Poor Nyp
* Nyperold is shut down?
* Kysle wonders if this little red (glass covered) button on the back of Nyp's neck will wake him up.
Nyperold: Or the Dig-o-Matic?
Gahalyn: Aw, that was the cutest /me ever. "Nyperold is shut down?" Awww.
TalkingDog: Roll for tent pitching. Umm. Add 4 for having gone camping one time! Whether you really have or not!
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 9 = 9
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20+4: 4 = 4, modified by 4 = 8
TalkingDog: Oh, easy.
TalkingDog: Ack.
[RinkChat] User Nyperold rolls 1d20+4: 1 = 1, modified by 4 = 5
Gahalyn: *cough*
[RinkChat] User Avalanche rolls 1d20+4: 5 = 5, modified by 4 = 9
Nyperold: Zoiks.
[RinkChat] User Kysle rolls 1d20: 2 = 2
* Gahalyn gives up on the tent and crawls out of the hole, going behind a martian rock to, um, pee.
Gahalyn is away.
TalkingDog: After two unsuccessful tries Avalanche finally gets it set up and looks all proud of himself.
Avalanche: Hooray!
* TalkingDog always gives ties to the players.
* Nyperold sleeps using the tent canvas as a sleeping bag.
TalkingDog: The GM comes into the game world to hand out neckties.
Nyperold: ;-)\
* Nyperold does the raised eyebrow thing, but takes one.
TalkingDog: You hear a strange noise coming from a part of the hole wall.
* Nyperold tries to figure out what sort of noise he's hearing.
[RinkChat] User Nyperold rolls 1d20: 10 = 10
Gahalyn is back.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 18 = 18
Gahalyn: A noise!?
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20: 8 = 8
Gahalyn: It apparently took me a long time to pee.
Gahalyn: I think I missed the neckties.
TalkingDog: You can't tell. But the wall crumbles a bit to revea a smooth white curved surface.
TalkingDog: *reveal
Gahalyn: Oh crap, and there's nowhere for anyone else to sleep. ;-)
Gahalyn: I mean ;-p
TalkingDog: Hehe.
Gahalyn: Okay time to get out of the sleepingtentbag, we're going exploring!
Gahalyn: Or, standing exploring.
Gahalyn: Looking.
* Gahalyn touches the smooth white curved surface.
TalkingDog: A quick inspection shows that it's an egg of some kind and is close to hatching.
* Nyperold blinks.
Gahalyn: Awwwww egg!!!!!!!
* Gahalyn peers intently at the egg and waits.
Gahalyn: How close? Minutes close?
Avalanche: It's making noises, so I would say it is indeed that close.
Nyperold: All right, it would probably be a good idea to be far away from this egg...
TalkingDog: The soccer ball-sized egg wobbles a bit and something starts poking its way through.
Nyperold: The contents might not hurt us, but if there's a mother...
Gahalyn: (Nyp: You're right... the entire D&D party almost got killed last night because of something that burst out of a sick man's stomach area)
Gahalyn: Oh haha. The mother.
Gahalyn: Cute wittle martian eggy weggy!
* Nyperold gets back away from the egg, just in case. Eheh.
TalkingDog: After a minute, you can see one eye and one purple horn.
Gahalyn: ^_^
* Gahalyn calls lovingly to it.
Gahalyn: And encouragingly.
Gahalyn: Mostly encouragingly
TalkingDog: After it breaks all the way through, it shakes itself off and looks up at Gahalyn.
TalkingDog: Oh, it has wings too.
Nyperold: It might be anthrivorous, Gaha...
Gahalyn: *look look*
Gahalyn: Okay! I don't know what that means!
Nyperold: I suspected as much.
TalkingDog: (For a subterranean egg, wings are kind of odd, I guess.)
* Gahalyn waves.
TalkingDog: Okay, something scary has to happen. SPACE SCORPIONS FALL INTO THE PIT!
TalkingDog: THEY HISS
Nyperold: (Eh, maybe this is just the nest, and the species would not necessarily stay there when not at rest.)
* Gahalyn runs away
Gahalyn: Up.
* Gahalyn runs up.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 12 = 12
Gahalyn: I am rolling?
* Nyperold covers Gaha's escape with blaster fire.
[RinkChat] User Avalanche rolls 1d20: 8 = 8
Gahalyn: Yes.
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20: 13 = 13
[RinkChat] User Nyperold rolls 1d20: 16 = 16
* Nyperold does.
* Gahalyn is apparently a bit more than a bit freaked out by the space scorpians.
Gahalyn: Avalanche didn't make it?
Avalanche: No. :(
Ticia has left.
TalkingDog: The baby martian jumps to Gaha's defense, but Avalanche is not so fortunate. He has venom coursing thorugh his veins now and may only have minutes left!
Gahalyn: Ticia didn't either.
Gahalyn: Nice knowing you!
Gahalyn: I mean, ahem.
Gahalyn: How can I help?
Avalanche: Is there an antidote?
TalkingDog: If someone is proficient with a medkit, you may yet survive.
* Nyperold fires at the scorpions that remain.
* Gahalyn wrachksh her brain.
[RinkChat] User Nyperold rolls 1d20: 13 = 13
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 11 = 11
Gahalyn: MEDKIT
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20: 12 = 12
Gahalyn: WHOO
Avalanche: Woo!
TalkingDog: Nyperold takes the other out after almost getting stung himself.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 2 = 2
Nyperold: So there are none left?
TalkingDog: Gaha amputates the venomized limb, saving Avalanche, though leaving him in a great deal of pain.
Gahalyn: Asprin?
TalkingDog: Err, yeah, no more scorpions.
* Gahalyn offers Avalanche an asprin.
Nyperold: Hypospray?
* Avalanche gratefully accepts the asprin.
TalkingDog: The martian nuzzles Gaha's leg and purrs.
* Gahalyn skritches the martian.
Gahalyn: *skritch skritch*
Nyperold: Ah, the martian appears to have imprinted on you. I'm not sure whether this is good or bad.
TalkingDog: The martian turns and tackles Avalanche's severred leg and EATS it.
TalkingDog: *severed?
Avalanche: Huh. Good thing it still wasn't attached to me.
Gahalyn: Erp.
Nyperold: Eep. So it does eat human. Figures...
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* TalkingDog can't tell for sure whether Nyp has caught on.
Nyperold: "Purple" modifying the eater rather than the people.
TalkingDog: Ah, so he has! (-:
Avalanche: Hehe.
Gahalyn: Oh my...
Nyperold: (Yes, I got it back when the one and and purple horn emerged. :-D )
Gahalyn: Oh dear.
* Gahalyn dies laughing.
Gahalyn: Well that took me a while.
TalkingDog: Hehehe.
Gahalyn: TEH BETS END!!!!!!!!!
[RinkChat] The chat room's topic has been changed to 'One eyed, one horned, flying purple Avalanche leg eater.' by Gahalyn.
TalkingDog: LOL
Avalanche: Haha.
* Gahalyn applauds.
Gahalyn: Lots and lots.
* Nyperold takes out an mp3 player and plays '50s rock.
* TalkingDog bows.
Gahalyn: That was seriously the most awesome thing. Hehehehe.
Nyperold: *one eye
Gahalyn: Nope.
Gahalyn: The D is there to stay
Gahalyn: MUAHAHA
Gahalyn: *ahem*
Nyperold: No, I meant my "and and".
TalkingDog: He's fixing his own typo, I think.
Gahalyn: Oh
Gahalyn: Um
Gahalyn: OHHHH
Gahalyn: THAT
Gahalyn: right.
Nyperold: It isn't obvious that it's 4 AM yet, is it?
Nyperold: ;-)
Avalanche: Hehe. Maybe just a bit. :P
Gahalyn: 4 for you.... I dunno what my excuse is...
Gahalyn: Well, I do, but yeah.
Avalanche: I have to go.
Avalanche: Night all!
Avalanche has left.
Nyperold: Before I go to bed, I think I'll post to the Spamusement forums.
Gahalyn: Goodnight in advance
Gahalyn: :)P
Gahalyn: I mean :-)
* Gahalyn messes up her smileys today!