Zarniwoop: The plot thickens.
Rivikah: which one?
Zarniwoop: *The* plot.
Zarniwoop: You mean you've not been informed of *the* plot?
Rivikah: no
Rivikah: I mean...of course I have
Zarniwoop: Hmm.
Zarniwoop: Have you or haven't you?
Rivikah: um...yeah.
Zarniwoop: Ah. So, if the Blue Buttock is in Lock, ready to Wag with the Pink Lemonhead, you know what you have to do, right?
Zarniwoop: Or don't you?
Rivikah: no I think I missed that bit
Rivikah: maybe it's another plot that I know about
Zarniwoop: Well, you can't have missed that bit, because the Blue Buttock is Wagging with the Ghostly Feminine, so you're obviously lying.
Zarniwoop: Therefore, I'm going to have to ask you very nicely to eat this bag of hell.
Zarniwoop: And then drink this liquid satan.
Zarniwoop: Mmmkay?
Rivikah: no thanks
Zarniwoop: Well, in that case, I'm going to have to tell you in no uncertain terms to eat this bag of hell. Now.
Zarniwoop: And then drink this liquid satan. At once.
Zarniwoop: Or else.
Rivikah: I won't
Zarniwoop: Well, then I shall have to warn you that you should really eat this bag of hell.
Rivikah: I'm a picky eater. I don't like those things
Zarniwoop: And you'd better drink this liquid satan.
Zarniwoop: Otherwise I shan't be happy.
Rivikah: I don't care if you're happy or not.
Zarniwoop: Very well.
Rivikah: I need a shower and to study some stuff
Zarniwoop: Then I have to order you to GO EAT A BAG OF HELL
Rivikah: I DON"T WANT TO
Zarniwoop: Well, I'm afraid that's not an option.
Rivikah: pff. I can do or not do whatever I like.
Rivikah: and there's nothing your silly plot can do to stop me.
Rivikah: and right now I'd like a shower.
Zarniwoop: Oh, isn't there?
Rivikah is away.
* Rivikah hasn't heard the last of this. This has been noticed by Zarniwoop.

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