Nyperold: 'Cause they specifically mention him and the level.
Nyperold: I do like Dry Lagoon, for some reason, though.
TalkingDog: Which was that?...
Nyperold: Rouge's stage. The one with the giant turtle/tortoise.
TalkingDog: Ah.
Nyperold: Dunno why those 2 GUN robots were harassing it so, though.
TalkingDog: *shrug*
Nyperold: http://pub53.ezboard.com/fnetraptorsforumsfrm3.showMessage?topicID=2089.topic
TalkingDog: *click*
TalkingDog: That there is a nutty thread.
* Nyperold improves his rank on Pyramid Cave Mission 2.
TalkingDog: Overall, though, I think it was good that they went for fun over accuracy.
TalkingDog: You'll need to get As on every mission if you're going for every emblem.
TalkingDog: Tough game.
Nyperold: Yeah, I know. Wild Canyon is the only one I have all As on.
TalkingDog: I had all As on the first two levels. *sigh*
Nyperold: Hee. Emblems spelling words.
TalkingDog: LOL
TalkingDog: Like what? CAB?
Nyperold: Ad, Dad, Bed, Be, and Bee.
TalkingDog: Hehe.
Nyperold: De, if you include Spanish words.
TalkingDog: Heh.
wintermute has entered.
TalkingDog: Hey, wintermute!
wintermute: Hi all.
Nyperold: Hello.
* TalkingDog has been playing too much FF7 lately. He read "Hi all" as a materia combo.
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Real Name: Tim
Email Address: odlor@yahoo.com
Age: 18
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Location: New Jersey
Home Page: http://gordbal.tripod.com/
Comments: 733t quotes:
"A closed mouth gathers no foot."
"Gimme Tennessee when you're done there."
"Slippin-rippin dang fang rotten zarg barg-a-ding dong!" -- Calvin's Dad


I'm whatever type of dog you imagine me to be. Even if you're imagining me with antlers and a third eye.

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My Exterminator High Score:
1814 (3/26/03)

* TalkingDog is close to beating his Exterminator record.
* TalkingDog dies. Gah.
* Nyperold dislikes Crazy Gadget.
TalkingDog: Which is that? The one with all the rails?
Nyperold: The gravity switches.
TalkingDog: Ahh.
[RinkChat] Unknown alias @nyp.
[RinkChat] @nyp is now aliased to Nyperold.
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Comments: AIM: AlyorNyperold

Ex. 31:12-17


Nyperold: Makes it hard to control.
TalkingDog: You get used to it.
Morris has entered.
Nyperold: Hello.
TalkingDog: Hey, Morris!
Morris: Hello.
wintermute: BIRFDAY MORRIZ!
Morris: Word
TalkingDog: Excel.
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Real Name:
Email Address:
Gender: Unspecified
Home Page:
Comments: OK, so like my name is Brittany? And I like things? Like Blink 182 and stuff? And oh my god I was at the mall yesterday? And there was like this store that had this reeeaaally cute teddy bear in front? And so I bought it.

Nyperold: Access.
TalkingDog: PowerPoint.
wintermute: FrontPage
TalkingDog: Outlook
Nyperold: "By your powers combined, I am Captain Clipit!"
TalkingDog: LOL
TalkingDog: Okay, that just ruled.
Monkeyman has entered.
TalkingDog: LOL!!!
TalkingDog: Captain Clipit is here!
wintermute: Monkey!!!
TalkingDog: Mm: Now you have to make a pun about Microsoft Office.
Morris: Monkeyman / Monkeyman / He's so funkyman
[RinkChat] The chat room's topic has been changed to 'It's Morris' birthday, so in celebration, Monkeyman is Captain Clipit!' by wintermute.
Monkeyman: ROFL!
TalkingDog: LOLOL
Monkeyman: Dang, Nyp, you make me laugh lately.
Monkeyman: You too, wintermute.
wintermute: :-D
Monkeyman: Happy birthday, Morris. Now you can hear James' joke from yesterday.
Monkeyman: TD: I'm working on it.
wintermute: What joke was this?
TalkingDog: *nodnod*
Monkeyman: wm: Nobody knows.
wintermute: Why not?
Monkeyman: Because he didn't tell anyone.
Monkeyman: wm: It WAS Monkey Gauntlet. Thanks.
wintermute: Bah.
Nyperold: And Outlook isn't very different from the Heart power, actually.
wintermute: Bah.
wintermute: Monkey: Oh, cool.
Monkeyman: Although I might make it "Gorilla Gauntlet".
TalkingDog: Heh.
Monkeyman: It's odd. Gorillas work so much better for so many of my ideas, and yet I shall never be Gorillaman.
wintermute: But like I say, I don't pay attention to the speaking.
Nyperold: Long-range communication, sometimes with beings that seem like different species...
TalkingDog: LOL!
Monkeyman: wm: It's OK. I don't pay much attention to anything you say either.
wintermute: Monkey: Well, I think that's for the best.
Monkeyman: Oh, OK.
wintermute: Need to be off now.
wintermute has left.
Monkeyman: I hope somebody is archiving the Captain Clipit thing. I'm too lazy to make archives of anything anymore.