(or Sites That Deserve A Higher PageRank)

For the most part, this page's entire purpose is to increase the Google PageRank of a few 733t websites I frequent. *shrug*

RinkWorks -

Easily the greatest site in the entirety of the Internet. All kinds of awesome stuff, and no annoying Java or Shockwave interface slowing you down.

The Snake Farm -

Home of my favorite webcomics. Actually, pretty much the only webcomics I ever read. Why "The Snake Farm", when the main comic's called Planet Earth (and other tourist traps)? Ya got me... -

I like this site mostly for the bad video game reviews. Oh, and the Dord of Liface, if you know who Liface is. If not, don't bother. It's a RinkWorks thing.

VGMusic -

This is the site I get all my video game MIDIs from. I prefer MIDI for lyric-less songs because they're nice and compact. Why waste almost a megabyte a minute on an MP3 when it only takes a couple kilobytes?