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"Just Another Weird Website"

          Welcome to my home planet...I am king here, due to the last gookenspogger's fall. Here you'll find...basically whatever I let you find here. If you find something you weren't supposed to...then give it back, cuz it's mine.
Coming Stuff (2/8/02):
Last year I wrote a program that hunts down prime numbers and writes them to text files. I've found every prime number up to 30,000,000 or so, and when I get to 100,000,000, I'll post them all here (zipped up, of course. I'm not taking ages to upload several megabytes (we still use dialup)).

Also coming: "Edisms". If you've ever watched Ed, Edd, and Eddy, you know how random Ed's sentences can be sometimes. After I collect enough good ones, I'll post them all here. Just wait...

Latest Update - 1/06/02
New Stuff: Homemade RinkChat Archive: Elvis Waybread. You'll find it on the RinkChat Quotes page.

Minor Update: Athaleon's page has been added to the Rinklinks.

Wow. I've been updating like mad...well, compared to how frequently I usually update. Anywho. No big whoop, but I'm sure you've noticed how I replaced the horizontal rules with images. I think it makes my website look a little cooler, don't you? I decided to do this when a friend was trying to convince me to add a background image, but I don't care for background images. This is good enough for me.

Never Coming Stuff:
     How to Survive Horror Movies. It's almost done! I swear! It is! I'm just too lazy to finish it off! I have most of it, I just need something to finish it off with. My mind's run blank. Oh, I give up. Everyone knows I'm never going to finish this. I'm going to leave this paragraph here, anyway, for no good reason, too. FOREVAR. Just like my 4-leaf clover poll.

4-Leaf Clovers...


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