RinkChat Transcript: game

Fri Aug 3, 2007, 01:12:46 EDT - Fri Aug 3, 2007, 02:26:14 EDT

LaZorra: Sorry, my brain is gone.
LaZorra: HTML/CSS stuff.
Nyperold: Video game, here. Mostly related to Nintendo stuff.
* TalkingDog missed another major one somehow. He (pretty rarely now) GMs his own fully-homebrewed RPGs.
TalkingDog: Okay, I'm done listing stuff.
Kysle: Nyp: Star Trek?
Nyperold: I can't tell you much about PlayStation, Sega, or X-Box, but I can go on about various races and characters in the Mario games.
LaZorra: :-O
Goosey: My cousin and her friend and I have a free-range story-format rpg going on several years now, lol
Goosey: It's more like role-play improv than anything
LaZorra: I've gotta hit the hay before I falll asleep on my keyboard.
Goosey: We call it "The Game" LOL
LaZorra: Night!
LaZorra has left.
* Goosey is hyper on Dove
Nyperold: Eh, not so much Star Trek. I look at Memory Alpha, but a geek could make major contributions.
Nyperold: The Game? That brings back PBS-ish memories.
TalkingDog: Improv roleplaying can be fun. It's dangerous to do when you've prepared too little material, though. In one game, one player became mayor of a city in a cooking contest. Note, although, that for the game world it's in, that's not entirely abnormal.
Goosey: Oh, we have hundreds of characters, several worlds, and many countries to play in. Lots of fun
TalkingDog: Nice.
Goosey: Someday we will publish it in some form or another
TalkingDog: Well, you've outgeeked me in that area then.
* Goosey blushes
TalkingDog: I've run a few one-shot improv roleplaying things in Chat before. Those were funny.
* Nyperold remembers one. :)
TalkingDog: Hehe.
Goosey: I'd be happy to attempt to GM something someday, but I have to warn you I'm picky about character development.
TalkingDog: Unfortunately, I completely forgot to grab a log of the Mars mission one. Did you happen to get one, Nyp?
TalkingDog: Don't worry. I'm no munchkin, if that's what you're afraid of.
Kysle: Munchkin!
Goosey: lol
Goosey: now that's a fun game
Nyperold: Nope, no log here.
TalkingDog: Darn. Oh, well.
* Kysle wants to be a warlock
Kysle: Or maybe a dwarf
Kysle: Or a frumpy old man!
TalkingDog: If people want to play along, I'll run a random something now.
Goosey: It won't necessarily be a quest, you know
Goosey: Ooh, I want to play!
Nyperold: Sure. :)
* Kysle would go for something, but not for more than an hour or an hour and a half
Goosey: What characters are you looking for?
TalkingDog: Fantasy type characters. Don't worry about coming up with details, though.
Goosey: What is the game, then?
Nyperold: Fantasy-type... hmm...
Goosey: That will help me choose
Kysle: Oh, we pick now?
TalkingDog: Hrm... I have a situation to run with in my head, but describing it would ruin it.
Goosey: k . . .
Goosey: um . . .
TalkingDog: Just pick from your standard humanoid fantasy races. It won't matter much.
Kysle: If so... I pick dragontamer
Kysle: Can I pick that?
TalkingDog: That's fine.
Kysle: Cool.
Nyperold: I think that's a job or class or something, isn't it?
Goosey: Sahra . . . she's an elf. Levitation, healing, and woodlore
Kysle: Picky, picky.
TalkingDog: Hmm. Actually, I can't see a way to resolve the situation in my head. Maybe I need to rethink.
TalkingDog: Or maybe it doesn't need to be resolved.
Goosey: Maybe the situation will resolve itself
TalkingDog: Heck, I'll run with it.
Goosey: yay!
Kysle: I'm a half-human, quarter troll quarter cyborg, then. And a dragontamer.
Goosey: lol
Kysle: With red hair.
Goosey: LOL
TalkingDog: Why the heck not?
Goosey: What a genetic mess lol
Goosey: No, I think it's great!@
TalkingDog: Hehe.
* TalkingDog starts typing up the beginning now...
Goosey: Maybe if this goes well, some other game I will bring out my signature character. *shifty eyes*
* Goosey waits for the game to begin
[RinkChat] User gremlinn rolls 3d6: 5 + 2 + 3 = 10
Goosey: lol
* Nyperold settles on "Lyeet" for a name.
Kysle: Wait - that's the name of your character?
Goosey: Who?
Kysle: "Shifty Eyes"?
Goosey: oh, Nyp
Nyperold: Yeah, I pulled it from the FNG just now.
Goosey: What?? No!
Kysle: Nyp: It's a good name.
Goosey: lol
* Kysle thinks his name will be "Cherry Blossom"
Kysle: Or does that sound too much like a porn actress' name?
Goosey: LOL
Goosey: How about Leslie?
TalkingDog: You all awaken in an unfamiliar room. You're not sure how you got here, as you've lost a few hours of memory. Many objects in it appear completely alien to you, but one object in particular draws your attention. It appears to be a portal to your home land, but it's covered by a slightly convex rectangular piece of glass inside a cubic sort of box. There's one exit and one window.
Kysle: Are we all together?
gremlinn: Even me?
TalkingDog: Whoever's playing is, yes.
Nyperold: Lyeet attempts to look out the window.
gremlinn: I don't understand how you're playing.
Goosey: Sahra gets up and looks around at the room, and at the others in it, lowering herself into a defensive crouch.
Kysle: Cherry bends over and looks at the floor. Anything unusual?
Avalanche has entered.
* gremlinn glitters and continues framing the portal.
Goosey: "Who are you?" Sahra asks everyone else
Goosey: "Where are we?
Goosey: "
Kysle: Hi, Avalanche!
Avalanche: Hello!
Nyperold: (Hello.)
Goosey: (I need visuals . . . Nyp, what you character is?)
Nyperold: (Human. He bears a quiver on his back, and a bow in one hand. There's also a knife in a sheath on the left side of his waist.
Nyperold: )
gremlinn: (Glittery and slightly convex.)
TalkingDog: The walls are adorned with incredibly smooth paintings that seem to honor heroes of both your home land and your opposing nation's. There are shiny silver round things, about 12cm, littered randomly across a desk and some on the floor.
Goosey: (Sahra is elf. Five foot, short blonde hair, dark eyes, wears green. Long knife and several pouches on belt)
Kysle: Cherry attempts to pick one up.
Avalanche is away.
Goosey: Sahra scowls at the human and edges another step away.
Kysle: (Cherry is 6', weighs 240 lbs with red hair, a bushy mustache VERY thick skin, a cyborg hand, stomach and eyes. All sorts of tattos cover his body (mostly dragons) and his flesh bears many burn scars)
TalkingDog: You inspect it. One side shines silver and the other has markings in a language you don't recognize.
Nyperold: (12cm is almost 5", for those not accustomed to metric. :) )
Goosey: She surreptitiously examines a silver thing, at first taking it for a dragon scale
Kysle: Cherry bites the corner.
Goosey: Sahra looks at Cherry. "Why are we here?"
Kysle: [of the silver {coin?} thing]
TalkingDog: It doesn't taste too good, but not disgusting, and the material is like nothing you've seen before.
Kysle: Cherry (to Sahra: "Fate."
Nyperold: Lyeet turns and looks at Sahra with a nonchalant smile. "I am Lyeet." He turns back to the window. "But where we are... I do not know."
TalkingDog: You hear a barking and scratching outside the door.
* gremlinn reflects the fear in the adventurers' eyes.
Goosey: Sahra pulls her knife and turns suddenly towards the door
Goosey: (Grem, you're cute. ;) )
gremlinn: (Slightly convexly, so they look kind of fat.)
Goosey: She creeps closer, listening.
Goosey: (LOL)
Cherry_B has entered.
* Cherry_B gets out the screwdriver attachement for his hand.
Goosey: (Show off)
Nyperold: Lyeet places his hand on his knife, figuring if the dogs attack, he won't have much chance to aim.
TalkingDog: Barking and scratching continues, and you hear a sudden demonic rushing of water and someone speaking in mumbles.
gremlinn: This feels like Resident Evil 4.
TalkingDog: Footsteps approach, and the barking stops.
Goosey: Sahra floats very fast to the far back corner of the ceiling, her eyes wide with fear
* Cherry_B uses his cyborg eyes to x-ray through the door.
TalkingDog: A scrawny human, about 5' with messy brown hair, opens the door and looks up slowly. He screams in abject terror and slams the door again, running off. The dog is in the room, sniffing around.
* Cherry_B approaches the dog, hand held out, palm up
Goosey: Sahra blinks and comes back to the ground. It's only a dog.
Goosey: She sheathes her knife and tries the doorknob.
Nyperold: Lyeet watches for the dog's reaction.
Cherry_B: Here doggy, doggy. Nice doggy
Goosey: "You scared him off," she says to Cherry
LaZorra has entered.
Nyperold: (Hello! RPGing in progress.)
LaZorra: Can't sleep. Heh.
Kysle: Hi, LaZ!
gremlinn: LaZorra can be the doggy.
Goosey: (Ky, using a different format than the rest of us is going to get confusing, hon.)
LaZorra: :-.
TalkingDog: The door opens into a larger room, filled with equally strange objects and another larger portal box, but it only appears black.
Cherry_B has left.
Goosey: Sahra examines the portal box. This one isn't covered, maybe it can take her home
Kysle: Cherry *did not* leave.
Goosey: (Thanks Ky!)
Kysle: It was a metaphysical leavetaking
TalkingDog: It is covered.
Kysle: Cherry attempts to pet the dog.
* gremlinn is now the dog.
Goosey: Then she keeps trying to find a way out. Where did that boy go?
Nyperold: Lyeet proceeds through the door. He examines the objects within.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d2: 2 = 2
TalkingDog: You find the boy curled up under a table shaking.
Goosey: Sahra approaches the boy slowly. "Boy? You needn't be afraid . . ."
* gremlinn growls.
Avalanche has left.
Kysle: Cherry, unconcerned and uncaring, continues to pet the doggy
TalkingDog: The boy says something in an unfamiliar language.
* gremlinn licks the floor.
Goosey: "You don't understand me, do you?" Sahra hopes her gentle tone is communication enough
Goosey: She crouches down and holds out a hand in a friendly gesture
Kysle: "Dogs are a lot like dragons, you know. All gruff and bark on the outside but hard and friendly once you get to know them. I love animals"
TalkingDog: He eyes the hand for a moment and hesitently reaches with his own.
Goosey: Sahra smiles and squeezes it gentle before releasing it. She then scoots back, and beckons him out from under the table.
Kysle: (discription of the boy, please)
Nyperold: Lyeet looks over at them and smiles before trying to find out what the objects are again.
Goosey: (five foot, scrawny, brown hair messy)
TalkingDog: Oh, right. Lyeet: Objects in this room are more familiar. Books, parchment, table, chairs (some of which are a bit strange), and an array of objects surrounding the large portal box which you don't recognize at all.
Goosey: While waiting for the boy, Sahra rummages in her belt pouches for that translator amulet she swore she had on her.
* gremlinn chews on a parchment.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d2: 2 = 2
TalkingDog: You find it.
* Kysle plays tug-a-war with the doggy and the parchment
* gremlinn tears it in half.
Kysle: (Er. *Cherry)
Nyperold: Lyeet opens one of the tomes.
Kysle: (See? This is why I had him enter as himself)
Goosey: Sahra puts the amulet on and invokes it. "There, can you understand me now, boy?"
TalkingDog: "Um, yes. Uh. Who are you people?"
* gremlinn says in a clear tone, "Hey, lady. You speak dog?"
Kysle: Cherry: "Hey, does that amulet work to understand animals, too?"
TalkingDog: The boy seems to be looking towards Lyeet with a considerable amount of confusion.
Goosey: "I'm Sahra. The human is Lyeet, the . . . whatever is Cherry. I don't know them, and I don't know why we are here. "
TalkingDog: The amulet won't work on animals without their own language.
Goosey: (I think I just figured it out . . . made me dizzy, lol)
Goosey: Sahra answers Cherry with a shake of her head
Kysle: Cherry continues to play with the doggy, humming. Also, rubbing the silver piece he picked up earlier, feeling the engraved, strange letters.
TalkingDog: "But Lyeet is my character. He can't be alive. What's happening?"
Goosey: "Your what?" Sahra looks confused, shakes her head and tries something else. "What is your name, boy?"
Nyperold: Lyeet hears this and blinks.
TalkingDog: "Steve."
TalkingDog: Lyeet's not wearing an amulet. He only hears his name.
Kysle: Cherry switches out his screwdriver for a whip. Time to start the lessons!
Goosey: Sahra thinks, then, "Here," she says, taking the amulet off herself and putting around STeve's neck
* gremlinn leaps at Cherry and starts biting his leg.
Goosey: (NIIICe situation, TD! I love it!)
Kysle: "Ow!"
TalkingDog: "Uh, thanks. Whoa, I can speak [common]!"
Kysle: Cherry looks up at this. Abandoning the doggy to his/her own devices.
Goosey: Sahra smiles. "That was a present to me from a very dear friend, so please take care of it."
Kysle: "Where are we, little boy?"
* gremlinn runs into the other room.
Goosey: "His name is Steve, ogre."
TalkingDog: "Of course. Are you guys all from the Uber Warriors guild?"
Goosey: Sahra looks confused again. "Which guild?"
TalkingDog: "You're in my house... somehow..."
* gremlinn returns with a rolled-up Uber Warriors guild poster in his jaws.
TalkingDog: "The one Lyeet's in... I think."
Nyperold: Lyeet turns around. "That is my guild, yes."
Kysle: "Shut your mouth, tramp. Spill the beans, kit. How did we get here?"
TalkingDog: "I don't know! I just found you guys in my room!"
Goosey: Sahra stands up, facing Cherry with fire in her eyes. "What did you call me?" she challenges
Kysle: Cherry growls and starts rummaging around inside his stomach compartment for various nefarious tools.
Kysle: "Tramp, tramp. Scat"
TalkingDog: Cherry wins 10000 XP for an awesome rhyme. Unless he didn't come up with it.
Goosey: "You must love making enemies," she growls, pulling her knife. "Take it back!"
Kysle: Cherry finds the hot glue gun and advances on the TRAMP and the boy.
LaZorra has left.
Kysle: (TD, what? Tramp, tramp?)
Nyperold: Lyeet steps between them. "Listen, you two!"
TalkingDog: Various nefarious.
Kysle: (Ahhh)
Goosey: Sahra turns on Lyeet. "This is not your business, human!"
* gremlinn steals Sahra's shoe and runs into the other room.
Goosey: Sahra doesn't wear shoes, and if the dog bites her, he dies
Kysle: Cherry backs down at Lyeet's presence. He... acts princly somehow.
Nyperold: "Perhaps not. But we may all need each other to return to our places."
Goosey: (Princely? and calls Sahra a tramp? oddly incongruous, lol)
* gremlinn sniffs at Sahra's pouches instead.
Goosey: "Then perhaps he should mind his manners, if he was ever taught any!"
TalkingDog: "Guys? As long as you're here, could I ask a favor? There's a teacher who lives nearby who keeps giving me detentions for nothing, and... umm..."
TalkingDog: "That made no sense, didn't it?"
Kysle: "Teachers are to be respected, lowlife."
Kysle: Cherry turns his back on the party and marches towards the window to see what can be seen.
TalkingDog: "There's this guy who keeps detaining me against my will for crimes I don't commit? That does sound more like a proper quest."
Nyperold: Lyeet raises an eyebrow. "I'm afraid I am not familiar with that term."
Goosey has left.
TalkingDog: Um.
TalkingDog: A strange emblem appears over Sahra's head as she turns grey.
Kysle: (LOL)
* gremlinn barks shrilly at Sahra.
Kysle: Cherry turns slowly, glaring at first the dog, then Sahra.
Nyperold: Lyeet tilts his head. "What manner of accusations does he level against you?"
TalkingDog: Steve is thinking out loud in his own language.
TalkingDog: "Oh. He thinks I throw things at him during lessons."
TalkingDog: "It doesn't even come from my side of the room! It's that kid, Nelson. He gets away with everything 'cause his dad's rich."
* gremlinn eats off Sahra's toe.
Kysle: Cherry wonders what sort of dragon that was that just went by. It wasn't subtle at all and the smoke came out of it's rear not the front!
TalkingDog: Okay, I kinda lost interest...
Nyperold: "Mmm. It certainly sounds like some things are common to all worlds."
TalkingDog: Hehehe.
TalkingDog: Anyway, gremlinn wins. For no particular reason.
* gremlinn spends his winnings on dog treats and eats himself to death.
Kysle: What about my awesome, possum, rhymes of thyme?
Kysle: I suppose it was accidental.
gremlinn: Transcendental.
TalkingDog: Heh. Anywho. Hmm. My improv games rarely seem to actually come to a conclusion.