Archives: Fingers 2.0, Final Edition


Christopher couldn't seem to get his words out right. All he needed was a little 'tech support'.

Thanks to Christopher for the parts I missed while I was watching TV.

Christopher: And I put an unnecessary apostrophe in It's
* ang love's unnecessary apostrophe's
TalkingDog: If codeman were here, he'd have strangled you, Cherk.
Christopher: I almost strangled myself. I hate apostrophe's in the wrong placve
Christopher: And typopos
TalkingDog: *shakes head*
Christopher: What is wrong with my keyboard today?
Christopher: Oh, nothing is. It's my hands that are wrong.
TalkingDog: You need to upgrade your fingers.
* Christopher upgrades to Fingers 2.0
Sakura has entered.
Christopher: Hi Sakura
BurgerKing: SAKURA. Heya.
Sundragyn: Sakura! Long time no see!
TalkingDog: I recommend version 3.1.1. They removed the need for clipping fingernails entirely!
El_Diablo: Just don't upgrade to Fingers ME. It's really horrible!
* Christopher's fingers crash
ang: I had a friend that got Fingers ME and now her pinkie nail is cracked.
* El_Diablo upgraded to Fingers XP
Christopher: "Error 437B - Your Fingers Have Experienced A Total Catastrophic Failure. Abort Retry Continue?"
TalkingDog: You idiots. Download the dang security patches, for Pete's sake... Who's Pete?
El_Diablo: It's more asthetically-pleasing
BurgerKing: TD: Saint Peter, I think.
TalkingDog: Ah.
Sundragyn: But Fingers XP doesn't support Enamel 1.5.
ang: Fingers XP will support Enamel 1.5.2 in limited colors.
NormalAsylum is back.
El_Diablo: It still gets Dirt 1.5.2 under its code though
El_Diablo: ang: 16 bit?
ang: But Knife 1.3 will take care of that.
* El_Diablo thinks we have RinkQuote material here
TalkingDog: I rarely upgrade. I only upgrade when it's absolutely necessary. These fingers have been working just fine. I type 128WPM max, 75 avg.
Nyperold: How are Linux fingers?
ang: El: yes
NormalAsylum: Jeez, I leave for a few minutes and they update Fingers.
Christopher: I was wondering about Mac FingerOperatingSystem personally
Sundragyn: Yeah, I'm just working fine with Fingers 3.1.
El_Diablo: ang: But Knife 1.3 is not as effective as FingerBrush 2.0
Christopher: The thing is, I won't be able to load MicroSoft Glove
TalkingDog: You people gotta try Chicken Fingers. It's an open source project made by followers of Colonel Sanders.
El_Diablo: LOL
Christopher: Still, I must say that the iHand looks really cool.
Nyperold: Blah. ME won't let you restart in MS-FOS.
ang: But Knife 1.3 works with Apple 1.5, Screw 2.0, and many others.
TalkingDog: LOL! Palm Pilot.
Christopher: Gah! Why didn't I think of that?
El_Diablo: When I had Fingers 95, Knife 1.3 corrupted it
* ang is laughing at TD
NormalAsylum: I'm working under HND 1.2, but I love this old machine.
ang: El: You have to be careful w/ Knife 1.3, it will also ruin Paper 3.0 and Hair 1.1.5
* El_Diablo knows the Fingers OP like the back of his hand
TalkingDog: You use Band-Aid 4.31 for those Knife problems.
Christopher: I don't suppose anyone knows whether you can get Wrist upgrades with the latest version of MS Hand?
ang: Make sure you have the Neosporine 2.3 add-on or you'll get Scar 1.5
El_Diablo: Yeah, but Knife 1.3 causes Blood 1.4.1
Sundragyn: I use File 6.2 rather than Knife. I've never had any problems with corruption.
ang: Not as many uses, though.
TalkingDog: Chris: I think the Professional version comes with it.
Nyperold: I tend to use Teeth 2.0(1.0 being the Beta version).
NormalAsylum: Does anyone else have Claw 4.x? It has a lot more different versions than Fingers.
Christopher: Great. I don't want to fork out a hundred quid just on improved Flexability
El_Diablo: Nyp: Well, I used Teeth 1.0 until they crashed, then I used Braces 2.4 to correct the problem in Teeth 2.0
TalkingDog: I'd tell you to switch to Lady Fingers, but...
ang: NA: My uncle uses Claw 4.x
El_Diablo: My friend just used DeClaw 4.2 on her dog
LuckyWizard: Asylum: Nope, I don't want to take the chance. Claw ruins Paper 4.1
Sundragyn: I should get Braces, but it's so expensive. I might just go with Retainer 4.5.... it's a bit cheaper.
ang: EL: Keep using Retainer 3.2 or it might crash again.
Christopher: They're bringing out Claw 5 next year - it's apparently got BottleOpener 7 as standard
Nyperold: I had to upgrade to 2.0 a bit(hah!) at a time.
El_Diablo: Nyp: Groan
* Christopher puts the chatroom on mild pun warning
NormalAsylum: Chris: Wow...I thought they were just going to sharpen the code a bit.
El_Diablo: NA: Double groan
Christopher: Make that medium pun warning
TalkingDog: Haha! Stupid apes! They still only have the beta version of Thumb 1.0!
El_Diablo: Chris: I heard that if you get Claw 5, you have to register it due to its destructive nature to other systems
El_Diablo: TD: Other animals don't even have Thumb 1.0
ang: I have a trial version of ThumbDJ (Double-Jointed)
TalkingDog: El: Yeah, hehe.
El_Diablo: They have Paw 1.0, the predecessor
Nyperold: I'm hoping to never have to upgrade Teeth again. I hear you have to reinstall every day.
El_Diablo: or worse!
NormalAsylum: El: But most have at least Claw 2.3
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Turn back.' by BurgerKing.
TalkingDog: BK: LOL
Christopher: Still, I envy chameleons with their Tongue 8.0 (Professional Edition)
ang: BK: LOL
ang: Chris: The Lizard version is cool, too.
El_Diablo: I guess in Star Wars, Luke received Fingers ME-CH
Sundragyn: I have a demo of Ambidextrous 1.5.... it isn't anywhere near as good as the full version, I'm sure, but it does me alright.
El_Diablo: Also, their Camo Gear 3.5
NormalAsylum: Nyp: But with the upgraded Teeth it's a lot easier to clean the system.
* TalkingDog is logging and would like to say that I was the one who suggested the finger upgrade, so I STARTED IT.
Christopher: I'm logging it too
El_Diablo: NA: Still needs the same virus checker, though
ang: Sun: I upgraded to Ambi 2.0, it's a little better.
Christopher: And I'm the one who complained about the fingers in the first plave
Christopher: Y'see? Fingers 2.0 is rubbish
* TalkingDog hax0rs Cherky's fingers off.
Christopher: My fingers have been hacked!
Christopher: I need an antivirus program, or at least an antibiotic
Nyperold: Yeah, and you also have to leave the software in Efferdent x.x.
* TalkingDog gives Chris MonkeyPaw 4.3.
ang: Chris: Don't you have the Silver Ring Firewall?
Christopher: <sarcasm>Oh, thank you very much</sarcasm>
Nyperold: Between uninstall and reinstall, that is.
El_Diablo: TD: Is that the only one in existence?
TalkingDog: LOL
ang: Wasn't that a Poe story?
Christopher: I have HTML-compliant emotions. <happy>Isn't that great?</happy>
LuckyWizard: Christopher: Now's your chance to upgrade to Fingers XP without the hassle.
TalkingDog: ang: I think so. It's a story alright, but I dunno who wrote it.
El_Diablo: Chris: <indifferent>Who cares?</indifferent>
NormalAsylum: A lot of people are upgrading to Contacts 2.0, the next best thing after GLASSES (which required FrameS 3.0 or above)
El_Diablo: I got the Clip-on Sunglasses 3.0 option
ang: NA: There's so many more color choices, also.
ang: My MIL has the old VeryLargeWrapAround Version
Christopher: <script language="english">var Words="spoken"</script><body onLoad="spoken">
Sundragyn: I have Glasses with the light sensitive Transitions 2.0 plug-in... I think it's great.
El_Diablo: My Glasses have decreased in code every time I upgrade them
El_Diablo: Well, increased in code, but decreased in size of the program
ang: So far I haven't had a need for Glasses. Now the new HearingAid 6.0 I think I'm gonna try.
Nyperold: I dunno, Contacts require not only a reinstall, but every few days, you also have to change the software.
NormalAsylum: I heard they're working on a Brain 6.5 uplink, so it can work directly with foreign systems...
Lynette: oh no. scary techtalk.
Sundragyn: Nyp: Yeah, and if you get hit with the PinkEye bug, you have to completely reinstall.
Wes: Lynette: Yeah, you wouldn't understand it
Christopher: I wish they'd replace the old Speak-Hear interface with a P2P system...
El_Diablo: I've been hit with Bloodshot Eye 1.4 a few times
ang: Chris: That would improve sound quality.
NormalAsylum: Nyp: But if you run the LASER Surgery 1.3 patch, you can forget about Glasses and Contacts, all versions!
Nyperold: I'd rather use Glasses. Much easier to see it running.
ang: El: That usually comes after Tequila 5.0
El_Diablo: NA: Yeah, but that can completely corrupt the system
El_Diablo: ang: Also with Sleepless 2.3
El_Diablo: That usually comes with University 5.3
ang: El: And Newborn 1.1
Christopher: I'm just glad I've got Holiday 1.0 on a six week trial package. That's good enough for me.
NormalAsylum: Recently I got hit with that common virus...Allergy.Cat
El_Diablo: Chris: I have Holiday 1.3 in a few weeks, but it's only a 3 week trial
Nyperold: Hopefully I can afford the LASIK patch if I ever need it.
ang: NA: Allegra 2.0 works good for me
El_Diablo: I'm surprised I haven't gotten Common.Cold 2.3 this year
Christopher: I would suggest that everyone who keeps on having problems with various LIFE-compatible programs gets a copy of "LIFE for Dummies"
El_Diablo: It's a keeper until you hit Death 1.0
Christopher: This is going to be one long archive when it finally bears fruit
El_Diablo: I think we're just about finished, unless someone else has something else to add
Nyperold: I got nothing.
Christopher: Nah, I'm done
NormalAsylum: Chris: I just run Hospital-SE if I get one of those LIFE incompatability errors.
LuckyWizard: Didn't Death upgrade to 2.0?
El_Diablo: I think Death 2.0 is the Man-Made patch
El_Diablo: Death 1.0 is the natural one
Lynette: Of course, the Death interface depends on which Religion patch you have.
NormalAsylum: Death 2.0 pops up a lot when you run WAR 1.0, and even more in later versions.
El_Diablo: True, but then some people have Heaven 1.0 and Hell 1.0
Christopher: I must go.
* Christopher installs LeaveRinkChat
Nyperold: Bye.
NormalAsylum: Later.
El_Diablo: Bye Chris...
Christopher: Well, there's a major update of the COW within the next 24 hours
Christopher: TTFN
Christopher has left.
Lynette: Heaven and Hell 1.0 comes with Christianity 1.0, although later versions do away with it
Lynette: Judaism 1.0 just has heaven
NormalAsylum: The most common is Muslim 1.1.
El_Diablo: NA: The most common is Christian 1.0, then Muslim 1.1
Nyperold: Certain versions of Judaism make you run Hell for up to 12 months(depending on how well you ran LIFE) before you can run Heaven. But I don't see anything in the Manual that says that.
El_Diablo: But don't forget, this will all end with Apocalypse 6.6.6
NormalAsylum: El: But the main effect of that is Death x.x running repeatedly til the system crashes.
El_Diablo: NA: True
El_Diablo: Saying that, I must go off to Linear.Algebra.Tutorial.and.Quiz 1.5
* El_Diablo installs Bag packed 1.4 and Jacket on 2.3
ang: Bye El
El_Diablo: Bye ang
NormalAsylum: Later.
El_Diablo is away.
ang has left.
Nyperold: And some tried to install Prayers, Charity, and once a year, a Chicken running Death, but I think Yeshua 1.0 works much better.
Sundragyn: Chicken?
Wes: I've found a Reality4.1 patch that wipes out all those crazy religion viruses
Nyperold: Yeah, some traditional Jews twirl a dead chicken over their heads once a year to take away their sins.
Sundragyn: Wow.
Nyperold: A Reality patch would leave one nonviral religion, but people debate which one.
Sundragyn: Wes: I understand your misconception. But a lot of systems run better with some sort of religion program.
Sundragyn: They're usually freeware or shareware, but they're hardly virii.
gremlinn: Viruses.
Wes: Many people think they help the system, while in reality they may help the individual system, they limit interface capabilities with systems not running the same virus
NormalAsylum: It would help if someone could make a good Meaning Of Life program.
NormalAsylum: Nobody's made one yet with proven results.
Sundragyn: Yeah, that would likely help solve the interface problem Wes pointed out.
TalkingDog has entered.
TalkingDog: Hey, peoples!
Sundragyn: Hey.
Nyperold: Odd. Viruses don't usually require permission to be installed on the system.
Wes: Yes they do, they mask themselves as honest programs, and it's only after the virus is started that you realize what's happened
NormalAsylum: Gotta go interface with my Family 3.1.
NormalAsylum is away.
* Sakura departs.
Nyperold: Bye!
Sakura has left.
NormalAsylum is back.
Rivikah: I think you just killed chat Wes