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I was trying to come up with ideas for items and things for the new RinkChat-themed Angband parody, RinkBand. I made a simple typo and the chatroom erupted...

TalkingDog: RL: Item idea: Elvis Waybread becomes Monkeyman's Manly Bread.
Monkeyman: Whoah!
TalkingDog: Elvis. LOL. No, Elvish.
* Morris is slowly but surely turning into Wes.
Rabbitlord: LOLOL!
Monkeyman: Speaking of my manly bread, it should have finished baking about fifteen minutes ago!
* teach smacks Morris upside the head. Snap out of it!
Rabbitlord: Elvis Waybred!
Rabbitlord: LOLOLOLOL!
Monkeyman: LOL at the Elvis Waybread!
TalkingDog: Elvis is even better. Make both.
* Monkeyman goes to fetch the Monkeyman's Manly Bread.
TalkingDog: LOL.
Rabbitlord: Dangit, TD! I had a mouth full of soda.
Monkeyman: If only it was as good as Elvish Waybread... *sigh*
TalkingDog: RL: ROFL
Brunnen_G: *Please* tell me Elvis sightings haven't spread outside the bounds of the real world into Middle-Earth. Heheh.
Monkeyman: Too bad my bread was omitted from the movie. Not much of a complaint, though. :-)
Monkeyman is away.
* Cynthia completely and totally dies laughing.
Rabbitlord: Lembas = Twinkies.
LaZorra: ROTFL!
Brunnen_G: "News flash: Image of Elvis detected in piece of waybread near Rivendell! Locals say "Huh?"
* Sundragyn snickers.
* TalkingDog misses one keystroke and the chatroom goes nuts.
* TalkingDog feels like Sosiqui.
* teach is completely confused. Elvis, bread, Sosi. Is there a smiley for "HUH?"
TalkingDog: RL: Darien mentioned he killed freshmen in the RinkBand archive. *hint hint*
Rabbitlord: TalkingSosi.
LaZorra: teach: S-o
Cynthia: S-o
* Brunnen_G shuts down absolutely everything except Rinkchat, in an effort to make it go faster.
TalkingDog: LOL.
teach: Hey, that's PUNCHY!! I ASKED FOR THAT!!
Rabbitlord: Oh, yes.
LaZorra: teach: Shame on you, not evern remembering your own smileys.
TalkingDog: Elvis Waybread. LOL.
LaZorra: *even
Monkeyman: Hmm. I have two frozen windows now... Maybe I need to reboot or something.
Morris: Might be a good idea.
* teach is very fond of S-o and will not allow it to be turned into "Huh?" It's a multi-faceted, many-nuanced smiley that DESERVES RESPECT!
TalkingDog: RL: Enemy idea. Embedded Ad. Doesn't deign to chase intruders.
* teach becomes passionate about odd things.
LaZorra: teach: You said it: many-nuanced.
TalkingDog: Odd numbers, too?
teach: LOL LZ!
Monkeyman: ACK why did my neck just start hurting?
TalkingDog: "Vader! Release him!"
Monkeyman: And was this even related in any way to the bat that crashed through my window five minutes ago?
TalkingDog: Bat???
Brunnen_G: What?
* Monkeyman made up the bat. But the neck thing was true.
TalkingDog: Oh. LOL.
Brunnen_G: Oh.