RinkChat Transcript: dreamin

Tue May 4, 2010, 12:49:21 EDT - Tue May 4, 2010, 13:17:04 EDT

TalkingDog has entered.
Goosey: Captain Hook comes to mind.
Sentynel: I dream about fictional characters quite a lot.
goldfishy: oooh was he nice or scary?
Goosey: He was scary, but it was okay, I could fly. lD
goldfishy: Oh!! I want to fly
Sentynel: Flying is so much FUN
Goosey: I used to fly in my dreams all the time.
Sentynel: I don't get to fly very often. =(
goldfishy: I've only ever flown once in a helicopter in my dreams :-(
Goosey: Yeah, it's pretty rare anymore.
Goosey: goldfishy: awww
Sentynel: I did once fall out of an aeroplane riding a giant CD.
Sentynel: Against a dark and vaguely digital background.
goldfishy: Oh one of the recent ones my dad loves comes from just before his last concert - I dreamed he dragged me into the afternoon rehearsal before that night's concert because someone wasn't going to be able to make
goldfishy: *it
goldfishy: So I panicked because I am not good enough on any instrument to play in an orchestra and he sat me down with this music I can't really read and for the first one I had to sing - with 2 soloists - and it was a strange jazzy song that the orchestra would never do and I was the only other one singing - argh!
goldfishy: But the weirdest one was this Beethoven piece for which I was given a sword
goldfishy: I'm looking at the music and the sword and thinking what the hell am I gonna do with this? The only thing I could think of was like a clashing swords sound like in a battle - but I only had one sword!
Goosey: What a great dream.
goldfishy: So of course my dad told them all in the pub afterwards and he still goes on about it ;-p
Goosey: Hehe.
iwpg has entered.
iwpg: Greetings.
TalkingDog: Last night, I dreamt about being in a bookstore in Japan and buying a combination electric razor/spray deodorant/flashlight. Or maybe I stole it. I kinda remember hiding in an air duct and crawling through to some underground area that looked like it used to be part of a construction site to get away from someone. Part of it led to an unused underground parking garage. I wanted to keep going, but I saw a guy with a machine gun, and I only had my razor-spray-light. So I worked my way back, not quite remembering the way, and came out again in a fancy British classroom, where the teacher knew my name and kind of made fun of me for getting lost.
Goosey: LOL That is brilliant!
Maryam: Y'all's dreams are so exciting. All I dreamed about last night was that I had a Roomba.
Sentynel: The dreams that stick in my head most are the ones with the most actual continuity.
TalkingDog: Oh, and I dream-shaved.
Goosey: LOL Poor Maryam
Sentynel: Having a Roomba would be pretty awesome.
Maryam: Although truthfully I was pretty disappointed when I woke up.
goldfishy: TD is your chin smooth this morning?
goldfishy: umm afternoon
TalkingDog: Hehe. Nah, kinda fuzzy.
wintermute is back.
goldfishy: ould have been more awesome if it was mysteriously fuzz free
goldfishy: Ok time to go get revenge on the Rainbows by inflicting my cold on them
goldfishy: See you later
goldfishy has left.
Sentynel: Hmm, I do remember one particularly weird dream.
Sentynel: There was nothing particularly odd about the dream, except that I kept feeling that water was running down my neck, and people were giving me odd looks.
TalkingDog: That does sound weird.
Sentynel: When I woke up, I was soaked in blood. All over my face and neck, loads on the pillow, and quite a lot on the duvet cover and sheets.
Sentynel: I'd managed to open a partially healed cut or spot or something on my neck (done it a couple of times prior to that, but I was awake both times).
Goosey: LOL
wintermute: Were the words "Stop me before I kill again" scrawled on the wall?
Sentynel: Which bled everywhere painlessly. First time it happened, it was right in the middle of a powercut.
Sentynel: So I was trying to work out by torchlight why my neck was wet.
Goosey: My mom dreamed that my Dad was an axe murderer, then woke up to find blood all over the sheets! "YOU KILLED SOMEBODY, DIDN'T YOU??"
Sentynel: wim: No writing on the walls, but I did get some hilarious looks from my parents.
Goosey: Sent: LOL
Sentynel: Wander out of my room with blood all over my face so I can take a shower or something, and mum's stood outside.
Sentynel: I think she almost died.
Goosey: LOL
Sentynel: Then I said "I think my sheets might need a wash."
Goosey is away.
Goosey is back.
Goosey: That's a great story. Your poor mom, lol.
10Kan: Wow!
Sentynel: Goosey: Never mind me waking up drenched in my own blood or anything! =p
Sentynel: Actually, what with it being a morning, I was way too tired to be freaked out.
* Goosey HUGS Sentynel!
* Sentynel HUGS Goosey!