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RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'She unknowingly put her cigarette in the wine and it burnt most of my eyebrows off.' by flyingcats.
flyingcats has left.
Matthew: A friend of mine burnt their eyebrows off once.
Matthew: They set their lighter too high to show it off, then forgot to turn it down again afterwards.
Brunnen_G: LOL
Matthew: The lit a cigarette and set fire to their face.
Fuzzpilz: A friend of mine burnt his forehead off once.
Matthew: Actually, thinking about it, that has happened to him twice now. Once his hair went up.
Matthew: The thing is, when you are in a pub and your face is on fire, it's very difficult to put out.
Brunnen_G: LOL LOL
Matthew: Without repeatedly hitting yourself or getting a pint all over you.
Brunnen_G: Matthew: You say that like it happens four times a day in the typical English pub.
Matthew: And?
Matthew: They don't teach you what to do.
Matthew: If your clothes are on fire, you can stop, drop, and roll.
* Fuzzpilz decides never to visit a pub.
Matthew: They never once mention what to do if your head goes up in flames.
Matthew: Other than breakdance.
Brunnen_G: You could grab the nearest person and smother your head in their clothing.
Brunnen_G: If nothing else, it would improve your social life.
Brunnen_G: Especially when you get arrested and jailed.
Matthew: "And how did you two meet?"
Matthew: "I set my head on fire and but it out on her breasts."
Brunnen_G: And then your granny says "Oh, good. I was afraid you might have met over the Internet."
Brunnen_G: ;-)
Matthew: The b and the p are very far aparty.

* Wes thinks there should be a thing that when you come in and don't have any memos, it says "You have 0 new memos, you pathetic excuse for human fecal matter."
TOM has entered.
Wes: TOM: You have 0 new memos, you pathetic excuse for human fecal matter.
TOM: Thanks, Wes. Right on the money, as usual.
Wes: TOM: You have 0 girlfriends, you pathetic excuse for human fecal matter.
TOM: Right again.
TOM: You're good at this Wes.
Wes: TOM: You and Gahalia have made out 0% of the times you've met, eventhough she's hot, you pathetic excuse for human fecal matter.
Wes: And with that, I'm done.
Wes: Don't worry, all of those apply to me too, so you're in good company.

Brunnen_G: Matthew told me the other day I'm apparently famous around here for jaded cynicism. I never even realised.
Brunnen_G: I thought there was way too much competition in the cynicism department around here for me to even compete.
Brunnen_G: I mean, cynicism is practically measured in nanostephens, scientifically speaking.
Brunnen_G: And then there's Wes and Mousie before you even can *think* about my own contribution to the field.
Brunnen_G: But Matthew said it's a different sort. He said Stephen's is more of an armoured tank whereas mine is a tactical guided missile.
Brunnen_G: Whatever the heck that means.
gremlinn: It probably means that your cynicism is more to the point, whereas Stephen's just drives around randomly crushing people's spirits.
Brunnen_G: LOL LOL
Brunnen_G: Wow. That describes him so well. :-)

Morris: How many Duppies are there? They keep changing names.
Brunnen_G: I have no idea. The only ones I ever recognise are Liface and folex.
Bourne: Morris: Tinky Winky, La la, Dipsy and Po, I thought.

shakeycat: I just don't like public chats anymore.. where people ask many times 'asl?' >gag<
Brunnen_G: If anybody assles in here I pretty much think "Might as well kick them now and save time later."
* Brunnen_G invents a new word. Or just a way of pronouncing the act of saying a/s/l.
shakeycat: Yes! Assles it is.
shakeycat: As it is similar to hassles and.. yeah.
* shakeycat plans to spread the word
Brunnen_G: Yes. Very appropriate. Heheh.
Brunnen_G: Best of all, "assles" could also be an abbreviation of what I think those people are who say it.

Brunnen-G was asking about the Stop the Hate buttons on Sundragyn's site.
Brunnen_G: Or is there some anti-fairy, anti-dragon hate group out there which your site resists? ...oh. Hate in general. OK.
Brunnen_G: Darn. I was almost hoping there was a rabid anti-fairy hate group. That would be hilarious.
Sundragyn: Racism, sexism, other isms that I can't think of words for... heh.
* Brunnen_G might start one. Just so we can resist it.
Sundragyn: I have no idea why they had little fairy and dragon buttons, but I do like 'em. ^_^
Dave: Anti-fairy hate group? I think the KKK covers that.
Brunnen_G: But they cover pretty much everything.
Brunnen_G: I mean, you name it, they probably hate it.
Dave: I bet they hate junior-high school ninjas, too.
Morris: They're lucky hate's not lizards.
Brunnen_G: Well, yeah, but doesn't everyone?
* Brunnen_G will call the anti-fairy anti-dragon group the Hate Lizards.
Dave: True.
* Brunnen_G thinks that would be a good name for a hate group.
Brunnen_G: Or a rock group.

Sundragyn: I fell out of my chair and on my butt a few days before Stupid Day, and my butt still hurts. This is probably a bad thing.
Brunnen_G: Not necessarily. Imagine if you didn't have a butt. You would have, like, BROKEN YOUR SPINE.
Sundragyn: Yes, the joy of butts.
Brunnen_G: And had to spend the rest of your life fleeing the anti-fairy hate police in a wheelchair.
Brunnen_G: Also, if you didn't have a butt, your legs would fall off.
* Brunnen_G is starting to sound like it's too late at night.

Wes: Mia: Your heart is cold. And black.
Mia: Wes: Jeez, if MY heart is cold and black, I can't even IMAGINE what condition YOUR heart is in....
Wes: Mia: My heart is warm and squishy and lovable.
* Gahalia squishes Wes's heart.

Sundragyn: There was an old woman who swallowed a :-), I don't know why she swallowed a :-), she swallowed the :-) to catch the :dog:, she swallowed the :dog: to catch the :cat:, she swallowed the :cat: to catch the :bird:, she swallowed the :bird: to catch the :spider: which wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her. She swallowed the :spider: to catch the :fly:, I dunno why she swallowed the :fly:, I guess she'll die.

Morris: Aaaaaaaauuuuugggggggghhh! There's a :-P in my bed!

* Cynthia is looking for her keys.
* Cynthia REALLY wants to know where her keys are!
Kaz: Cynthia: Did you check your pockets?
teach: Cynthia - Did you look under the papers on the desk?
TheOtherMatthew: Did you check my pockets?
* Cynthia checks her desk drawers.
* Cynthia checks TheOtherMatthew's pockets.
* Cynthia checks her own pockets.
teach: Cynthia - Did you look in the door?
* teach did that once, and spent a freaked-out day after realizing it!
TheOtherMatthew: See? I didn't have them.
TheOtherMatthew: But it never hurts to check.
Cynthia: teach: I didn't leave them in the door.
Cynthia: I left them out in the hall.
* Cynthia is getting notorious for leaving her keys around.
teach: Cynthia - you are kidding, right?
Cynthia: teach: Nope ... Apparently when I was moving some door decorations around, I set them down on the air-conditioner and promptly forgot about them.
* Cynthia is an idiot.
* Cynthia is a very relieved idiot, though.
teach: LOL! You have to wait to be a Mom - then you can find things for people thousands of miles away!

* Zarniwoop has been composing a little song during his latest round of pinball.
Zarniwoop: Ahem. I present to you...
Zarniwoop: To the tune of 'Volare' (inspired by 'Viera', by the Clock End)...
Zarniwoop: 'Cynthia'
Zarniwoop: Cynthia, oh oh oh oh...
Zarniwoop: Cynthia, oh oh oh oh...
Zarniwoop: She's an op in RinkChat...
Zarniwoop: She's a good one, at that.
Zarniwoop: (Repeat until bored)

Sosiqui: I had nekkid ankles, but I was not a lusty wench.
Maryam: Sosi: But you had NEKKID ANKLES.
Maryam: Darn, you beat.
Ghost of Sam: Sosi: I doubt that.
Sosiqui: Maryam: But I beat. :P
Sosiqui: Sam: Come on, what excuse would I have to be a lusty wench?
Matthew: AAARGH
Sosiqui: Actually, no, don't answer that.
Ghost of Sam: Marvin: Profile them.
Sosiqui: Sam: Wrong window. ;)
* Sosiqui hopes that, since Sam posted something to Marvin in this window, that the rest of RinkChat has not been accidentally shocked by a lusty wench comment.
Darleen: hehe
ahmoacah: That's an amusing thought. :)
Matthew: Would all of the lusty wenching PLEASE STOP.
Matthew: I'm having difficulty breathing.
Sosiqui: O_o
ahmoacah: Lusty winches, then?

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