* TalkingDog GMs a random game. Anyone can play. Hmm. You're in line outside a movie theater for the huge blockbuster, when an army of ninjas shows up. The one who is clearly their leader attempts to skip ahead in line. WHAT DO YOU DO
Poim: Okay, if my computer locks up again, this time I'm just shutting the meltdown-ing machine off and going to bed.
* Enigma whistles at the departing shadows of Leen and Sam
Poim: Just to, you know, let you know.
* Gahalyn calls the ninja leader a poopyface.
Poim: I make them all cupcakes!
TalkingDog: The ninja leader doesn't appear to have noticed.
Chrysanthemum: Gaha: Thanks. :)
Enigma: Spray 'em with Moxie!
* Poim makes cupcakes, and includes a bit of nitro in the recipe.
Kysle: Stick a gardner snake down his pants!
Chrysanthemum: (Sorry I took so long to answer. I was practicing an essay.)
Gahalyn: No prob Chrys :)
TalkingDog: The ninja leader turns angrily and gestures toward you. The army jumps in to attack you all at once. Ummm. ROLL 1D20 FOR SURVIVAL. Or something.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 16 = 16
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20: 3 = 3
TalkingDog: Ooh, tough one to beat.
* Poim stops, drops, and rolls!
Gahalyn: CRAP
Gahalyn: I think I just died.
[RinkChat] User Enigma rolls 1d20: 19 = 19
TalkingDog: Sorry. Ooh, Enigma lives.
[RinkChat] User Poim rolls 1d20: 17 = 17
Poim: I win!
[RinkChat] User Kysle rolls 1d20: 5 = 5
TalkingDog: You both wipe out half the ninja army. The ninja leader orders a retreat.
Gahalyn: Hey don't make me die all alone OH YAY!
Poim: Score!
Enigma: Woot!
* Poim high-fives Enigma!
Poim: Cupcakes for the win!
* Gahalyn very very lowly fives Kysle.
Gahalyn: x_x
* TalkingDog thinks...
Gahalyn: TD, that was the funnest thing ever.
Kysle: Hey, at least I still have five fingers to do the deed.
Poim: Be careful doing that, TD, you might pull a muscle.
TalkingDog: Okay, you make it to the front of the line and CAN'T FIND YOUR WALLET
* Poim makes Gahalyn and Kysle some cupcakes.
Poim: Oh!
TalkingDog: Both of the surviving people.
* Poim steals Enigma's wallet?
* Enigma points at Poim, and mutters about it being her turn to pay.
Gahalyn: Yay cupcakes!
* Gahalyn haunts Enigma and says don't make the girl pay!
TalkingDog: The people behind you in line look angry.
* Kysle stares suspiciously at thesprinkles, or are they jimmies?
* Poim shows a little skin to get them in the theater....
* Enigma asks the attendent for one of those super shocky CPR thingies.
Kysle: AED?
Gahalyn: =-O !
Poim: Yanno, like two inches of kneecap. That should be enough.
TalkingDog: Roll 1d20 for seduction. I think.
Gahalyn: Oh. okay then.
TalkingDog: The ticket guy loses 4 on his roll for being male.
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20-4: 14 = 14, modified by -4 = 10
* Gahalyn is no longer =-O
[RinkChat] User Poim rolls 1d20: 1 = 1
Poim: aw, crap!
Gahalyn: CRAP
Poim: I think I just got nailed for indecent exposure.
TalkingDog: Ouch. He seduces you instead. He now has your phone number.
Poim: of a kneecap! *sob*
Gahalyn: Hey. I was supposed to say that.
Enigma: Doh!
Gahalyn: LOL!!!!!
Poim: Oh, dear.
Enigma: Next time I guess I will pay.
* Poim is giggling 'till it hurts, irl.
* Enigma shows a little knee, too.
* Poim DIES laughing
Kysle: TD: Is superman still playing?
Chrysanthemum: You all are silly.
Gahalyn: What do you care? We're dead.
Chrysanthemum: LOL
* Poim finds a payphone and dials the clerk's number, in the meantime.
Gahalyn: Chrys: Us? *looks around*
TalkingDog: The ticket guy calls on the next people in line, and the line is moving again. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot the ninja leader, waving a pair of wallets at you and grinning.
TalkingDog: Well, as much of a grin as you can see behind his ninja mask thingy.
* Enigma attacks the ninja guy with super shocky CPR thingy.
Poim: (TD: it's called a pair of underwear. All the cool ninjas wear them on their heads.)
TalkingDog: Heheh.
TalkingDog: ROLL TIME.
* TalkingDog is totally wingin' this.
Gahalyn: oooop /awayish
Poim: Woot!
[RinkChat] User TalkingDog rolls 1d20: 1 = 1
TalkingDog: Ouch!
[RinkChat] User Enigma rolls 1d20: 7 = 7
Poim: Ho Ho!
Kysle: Can I come be a zombie?
Enigma: MoneymoneymoneymoneyMONEY!
[RinkChat] User Gahalyn rolls 1d20+42: 12 = 12, modified by 42 = 54
TalkingDog: The ninja leader accidentally throws both of your wallets right into your hands. And Gahalyn comes back to life.
Gahalyn: :-D
Poim: *cheer!*
* Poim offers to buy the ninja leader some popcorn.
* TalkingDog ninja leader curses himself and runs home crying.
Poim: Rtas.
TalkingDog: Oops.
Poim: Hmm... rats*
Poim: I guess he was skeered of me.
TalkingDog: How'd I change the to /me? You know what I meant.
* TalkingDog isn't the ninja leader.
* Enigma uses super shocky CPR thingy on Kysle, attempting to revive him after 45 minutes of deadness.
Poim: GASP!
Poim: TD *is* the ninja leader! It was his idea all along!
* Poim retracts her offer to buy TD popcorn.
Chrysanthemum: Heeheehee BIRDIES.
Enigma: Thanks for the wallets, TD!
* Chrysanthemum is editing her pictures from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
TalkingDog: Well, you're in the movie theater now, and someone's kicking your seat annoyingly.
Poim: It's the ninja leader again!
TalkingDog: You still have time before the previews are over.
* Gahalyn pokes their kidneys.
TalkingDog: It's not the ninja leader, unless he spontaneously de-aged several years.
* Kysle hits the ceiling... and sticks.
* Poim shoves pickles in the offender's ears!
* Enigma shoots a spitwad behind him, which requires some incredible flexibilty of the neck.
Poim: No, just one of those bendy-straws.
Kysle: Do they sell deep-fried pickles at the movies yet?
* Enigma doesn't think that far. His neck now hurts.
TalkingDog: Since I'm a little tired of this game, the offenders realize they're in the wrong theater and leave you to enjoy the awesome movie, whatever it is.
Poim: Yay!
TalkingDog: THE END
* Enigma cheers, then collapses on his keyboard from exhaaaaaaaaaaa
* Poim pours the ice from her supersized drink on Enigma's neck to soothe the hurtyness.
Enigma has left.
Poim: Ooooh, he didn't get away fast enough. I win!
* Poim is still giggling about the seduction part.
Chrysanthemum: Botgames, anyone?
TalkingDog: Hehehe.
* Gahalyn applauds
* TalkingDog bows.
* Kysle slowely peels away from the ceiling, taking some crackling black wallpaper with him. After hitting the floor with a thump, having everyone trip over him, Harry potter and Gandolf show up to revive him.
* Poim applauds TD
TalkingDog: No bots for me, thanks.
Poim: I'd better not. I have to sleep one of these days.
Chrysanthemum: Awww.
Gahalyn: Chrys: pooosssssibly......... I should go to sleep though.......
Chrysanthemum: Okay then.
Chrysanthemum: Some other time :)
Gahalyn: But I am so wanting to.
Poim: I ditto Gaha. But... I figure I'd better git while the gittin's good.
* Poim waves to all y'all! And shows a little knee!
Gahalyn: LOL!!!
Gahalyn: Byeee
Kysle: Toodles!
* TalkingDog dies.
TalkingDog: Later!
Poim has left.
TalkingDog: That was fun.
TalkingDog: ...I don't suppose anyone was transcribing?
Chrysanthemum: I don't even know how to do that. ;)
Kysle: I'm sure stephen was.
Stephen has left.
Kysle: *blink*
TalkingDog: Oh, well.
* Chrysanthemum goes to play iSketch.
Chrysanthemum is away.
Mia: Stephen doesn't transcribe chat logs...
TalkingDog: Silly Stephen.