Sosiqui is such fun to chat with

* Sosiqui does the New Archive Dance of Joy. Well, the Chair Dance of Joy, anyway.


Sosiqui: What, even more teasing of the Sosiqui? Hehehe.

ChaosJedi: Sosi: You kidding? That's a regular pastime in here.


[-- This was a group effort, but it was more Sosi than anyone…]

Sundragyn: I was looking at a bottle of B6 vitamins yesterday. The label informed me that there is no corn in there.

Sosiqui: Sun: They LIE.

Nyperold: LOL

Sundragyn: "This product is free of corn."

NetRaptor: Sun: Obviously you bought the version intended for poultry.

Nyperold: Oh dear. I'll have to bookmark it twice.

Randy: There's no corn in here!

Beasty: No sarcasm either?

Sosiqui: Wait, they DIRECTLY addressed the absence of corn?

ChaosJedi: Darien is plural? that's a scary thought.

Sundragyn: Yes.

Sundragyn: And a few other things.

Sosiqui: WEIRD

Nyperold: Hey! There's no corn in here!

Sosiqui: "There is no linen in this product."

Sosiqui: "There is no gasoline in this product."

Sosiqui: "This product is FREE of HUMAN FLESH!"

NetRaptor: "This product is gaurunteed free of rubber tires."

Darien: Sosiqui: Guess it doesn't taste very good, then.

ChaosJedi: "This product is 100% charcoal-free."

Sosiqui: The list of what's NOT in it must be very long.

Sundragyn: Sosi: I think that's covered under "This product is free of animal derivatives."

Sosiqui: Oh.

Sundragyn: ^^

Sosiqui: "Does not contain stinging nettles"

Beasty: "This product contains NO plutonium"

TOM: "There is no product in this product"

Sosiqui: "There is no spoon"

NetRaptor: "There is no fork, either"

NetRaptor: And the cow jumped over the moon!

Randy: "This product is not edible and should in now way be ingested. Offer void in Virginia"

Sosiqui: "0% Daily Value of rat hairs"


Sosiqui: "Not to be used for the other use"

NetRaptor: Extremely dangerous, keep out of reach of children, especially if the child is fond of opening child-safe lids.

Darien: "This product is FREE of GOLD. If you find any IN THIS BOX, return for a refund."

Sosiqui: "Not to be used in children"

TOM: "No known use for this product."

Sosiqui: "This product is a delusion"

Darien: "Caution: Sucks."

Nyperold: "Not to be used for the other use"

Sosiqui: "Warning: May transform user into Liface"

NetRaptor: Do not expose to open flame. Do not back over in a truck or punctures may result. Shake before using. Contents may be a choking hazard for children under the age of 12.


Wes: Sosi: What college do you go to?

Sosiqui: Wes: San Jose State University. Please don't stalk me, or I'll be forced to give you the Cold of DOOM.

* ChaosJedi fights the urge to sing "Do you know the way to San Jose"...

Sosiqui: CJ: Hehe.

Sosiqui: Yes, it's the same San Jose as the song


* Sosiqui thinks it's time to implement the Idle Time Shrinkage Clause of the ROE

RinkChat: User Lynette has been shrunken by Sosiqui.

RinkChat: User Gahalia has been shrunken by Sosiqui.

Sosiqui: There.

[-- Never mess with an op in RinkChat.]


[-- This happened shortly after I’d pasted the above lines into the page.  I hadn’t even posted it yet, but I’d quoted the comment in the chatroom.  Sosi shrunk me, then unshrunk me, but I was in another window at the time…]

ChaosJedi: Sosi: shrinking isn't nearly as effective if the person being shrunk is in the window to notice what happened at the time.

Sosiqui: CJ: Oh? Sorry.

RinkChat: User ChaosJedi has been shrunken by Sosiqui.

Sosiqui: Is that better?

ChaosJedi: Gee, thanks.

Sosiqui: No problem.

Random Insanity

Ghost_of_Leen: Why is it that even when I do something that is archivable, I still only get like 2 lines? Hrmph.


ahmoacah: Do you know what "Connection: Keep-Alive" might do....?

Sosiqui: Stayin' Alive?

ChaosJedi: Great, Sosi. That's the second time my brain's disco ball has started spinning today.

Sosiqui: CJ: Your brain has a disco ball? O_o

ChaosJedi: First it was Nyperold mentioning the Bee Gees, now this.


Ghost_of_Leen: Did you take the chilli for lunch?  [-- I don't know WHY I find this funny, but I do.]


[-- Sam tends to be a little crazy at times...]

Ghost of Sam: I'm a little spampot, short and stout.

Ghost of Sam: Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealksjdflaksjdflkasjfd

Ghost of Sam: Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ghost of Sam: *gurgle*

Ghost_of_Leen: Sam?

ChaosJedi: Remind me NOT to ask what THAT was about.

Ghost of Sam: Ok, now somebody suggest that I'm under the influence of something, because that would be really funny.

Ghost of Sam: Or better yet, suggest that I am crazy!

* ChaosJedi humors Sam. You on something?

Ghost of Sam: Shut up.


[-- Ticia's gotten a lot of teasing and grief about accidentally hitting a cow.  Somehow the subject was brought up again, and Darien went a bit overboard.  I managed to one-up him though.]

* Darien whacks Ticia's car with an antelope. Score!

* ChaosJedi whacks Darien with Ticia's car.


Darien: Hey, Sam, are you around?

ChaosJedi: No, he's a Sam. I thought everyone knew that.

ChaosJedi: Okay, bad joke. I'll refrain from such bad jokes from now on. Sorry.

Faux_Pas: We all appreciate it.

Ticia: yes, thank you.

Mia: I forgive you.

Marvin: You'd better, or ELSE!

ChaosJedi: Geez, aren't we all touchy today.


Zarniwoop has entered.


NetRaptor: Ouch. It's the Codfish of doom.  [-- That was so hilariously random I HAD to quote it.]


* ChaosJedi opens his "chat quotes" document and prepares to copy-paste any quotable lines today.

NetRaptor: Don't look at me. I'm never quoteable, except when I'm quoting somebody else. [-- Says who?]


* NetRaptor is listening to a playlist consisting of everything on the harddrive

Nyperold: Those .gif files must sound weird...

NetRaptor: Nyp: You should hear JPGs.

Nyperold: Oh, yeah...

NetRaptor: And you wouldn't believe what one of the DLL files has on it.

ChaosJedi: I find that the 256-color bitmaps sound the freakiest.

ChaosJedi: They actually have some sort of alienish musical quality to them. :-p  [-- No, I've never REALLY tried it, I was just playing along.]


Caia: Arr.

Nyperold: Avast!

Zarniwoop: Avast in front!

ChaosJedi: En garde! Touche!

Caia: Fine. I will never say "Arr" as a coming-back-from-idle sound ever again.


NetRaptor: Bye! And may your something something something ... yeah.  [-- Lapse of memory, she told me later.]


[-- Ah, reality TV shows...  They suck.  All of 'em.]

Ghost_of_Leen: Darn! I missed the deadline for applying for Survivor 4!

Marvin: Poor Leen

Faux_Pas: There's still time to apply for The Amazing Race 2.

Marvin: Yeah! You can Sam can go on that! That's the one on CBS, rigth?

Faux_Pas: I'd watch it.

Ghost_of_Leen: I would never be able to convince Sam. 

Faux_Pas: Um, no I won't. It's on opposite either Enterprise or The West Wing.

Ghost of Sam: I need a good trip in the deadly wilderness.

ChaosJedi: Leen: Why, oh WHY, would you consider going on Survivor, of all shows?

Marvin: Maybe if we got everyone together and mass e-mailed him...

Faux_Pas: LOST.

Marvin: See? Sam wants to

Ghost of Sam: And with a million dollars, well, I could buy happiness.

Ghost_of_Leen: Sam: The Amazing Race is all over the World.

Marvin: Really? Happiness has a price? And its in dollars?

Faux_Pas: You could only buy $1,000,000 worth of happiness. Less, after taxes.

ChaosJedi: Yeah, and at least with Amazing Race you know where the heck you are.

ChaosJedi: I tried out for Millionaire recently.

ChaosJedi: Didn't get past the multiple-choice test, though. Those STUPID pop culture questions.

Nyperold: Oh, yeah, pop culture. That's what would likely get me, too.

ChaosJedi: If I ever got on that show, I'd save my lifelines for the pop-culture questions and study the worthwhile stuff.


[--The discussion was on donating money to RinkWorks and how it would be feasible.  Stephen had just entered...]

Darien: Or you could have people pay for the priviledge of beating Stephen up. That would get a lot of revenue.


Zarniwoop: Eh up.

RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'The next person who says "Eh up" gets kicked.' by Darien.


Sam: /bribe BuzzBot

gremlinn: /bribemore BuzzBot

Sosiqui: /grovel before BuzzBot

Mousie: /make a pass at BuzzBot

[-- Bots are popular around here...]


RinkChat: User ChaosJedi has been made a moderator by Sosiqui.

ChaosJedi: Why thank you, milady.

Sosiqui: Milady? Hehe.

* Mousie dots her I with little hearts when there's no E after it!

Rabbitlord: "Milady"?

gremlinn: Malady?

Maryam: Sosi: Better than 'lusty wench'.

Sosiqui: I am not a malady.

ChaosJedi: It's a term of respect, not unlike "sire".

Sosiqui: Maryam: .... LOL

Mousie: Mallory!

Rabbitlord: Mallardy.

Sosiqui: Mallard.

Mousie: That's just ducky.

gremlinn: Duck.

* ChaosJedi ducks.

Sosiqui: Mousie ducks.

* Mousie quacks.

Mousie: Meow

Sosiqui: Moo.

Sosiqui: "And yea, when the acolyte looked up in awe, he saw the great cows of legend looking back at him approvingly, as if they were saying... moo!"

[-- All I did was say thank you...]


[--For any non-Rinkies, Liface was infamous for always talking like a L33T H4X0R until he was banned for reasons I'm still unsure about.]

Liface has entered.

ChaosJedi: Yoha!



Silon: LIFACE!

Liface: I AM BACK!

Rabbitlord: LIFACE!!!!!1

Zarniwoop: Dum dum DUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!

* Silon HUGS Liface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liface: Unbanned and Ready for action, SUCKAAAAAS!

Zarniwoop: And you do a terrible Rock impression.

* Liface HUGS everyone in the room!!

Liface: HOOO

ChaosJedi: Ah, liface. I've heard about you...

Liface: and hello to everyone I don't know.

teach: Liface! It's been so long! How are you doing?

Liface: Good,good.

Liface: teach: I have heard of you, but don't remember talking to you. odd.

RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'THE RETURN OF LIFACE!!!!' by teach.

Liface: Did you come when I was banned?

* ChaosJedi snickers. That topic line sounds like the title of a bad movie sequel.

Liface: This streaming thing is pretty cool.

teach: Nope, I was here while you were here. Just didn't have as much to say back then.

Liface: Hahahaha. Yeah, it does.[

Liface: Weird.

Zarniwoop: It IS a bad movie. ;-)

[and later...]

RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'lifacE rEturns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~' by teach.


[-- Gahalia had been popping in and out of the room repetitively for about 20 minutes…  I couldn’t resist.]

ChaosJedi: And now, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to attempt something that has never been done before...
ChaosJedi: I will make a chatroom user disappear and reappear right before your very eyes!
ChaosJedi: Presto!
Gahalia has left.
Gahalia has entered.

ChaosJedi: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!


Randy: Eeek...that link I gave out refers to Arwen as "part warrior woman,part Spice girl"

ChaosJedi: Randy: They must DIE.

NetRaptor: Randy: *screams long and loud for several seconds, draws a breath, and continues to scream until she is completely hoarse*

Story Time

[--This was an interesting conversation.  Darien mentioned something about having blood work done, and I asked him how much they took...]

ChaosJedi: Darien: I was serious, actually. I had blood drawn for a flight physical recently.

ChaosJedi: They took six vials. SIX. VIALS.

ChaosJedi: After they finished, I was feeling fine... until I woke up on the floor with half a dozen faces hovering over me.

ChaosJedi: It's quite an experience, passing out. That's only the second time that's ever happened to me, ever.

Sundragyn: I don't think I've ever passed out.

Sundragyn: I've come close a few times.

Faux_Pas: I've only blacked out once, although that could be due to short term memory loss. I was skiing a particularly nasty little slope and came to at the bottom of it.

Sundragyn: THAT is scary, Faux_Pas.

Faux_Pas: It's in one of the Bleeding Excessively archives. It was a major wipe-out.

Sundragyn: Closest I've ever came was when I had a blood test back in grade 6. I'd been sick for a really long time and they were checking for mono.

Sundragyn: I'd hardly eaten for about a month. Couldn't keep anything down.

Sundragyn: They took three and a half vials, and with my low blood sugar, I couldn't handle the loss.

Sundragyn: I never actually passed out, but I couldn't move for about a half hour.

Sundragyn: They set me up on a cot in the corner. The best part was when a boy my age came in for a bloodtest. He was staring at me the whole time.

ChaosJedi: The only other time it happened to me was back at a Civil Air Patrol encampment.

ChaosJedi: CAP = military experience for young people.

Sundragyn: Wow, I'm not in the linecounts anymore.

ChaosJedi: They got us all up at some ungodly hour of the morning. IT was still dark, 'cause even the sun has better sense than to be up THAT early.

ChaosJedi: They had us all standing at attention in formation. Typically when I stand at attention, I lock my knees, or close to it, so I don't waver around.

ChaosJedi: I started getting dark spots on my vision, and I remember thinking "Boy, I must really be tired."

ChaosJedi: I don't know how long I was out (duh), but I woke up in time to see the ground coming at my face.

Sundragyn: Oh, lovely. :P

ChaosJedi: I had enough time to get my hands out in front of me. I heard someone yell "MEDIC!" and my first thought was "oh, MAN..."

Sundragyn: Why, though?

ChaosJedi: Apparently locked knees = loss of blood flow to brain. Don't even ask me how THAT works.

Sundragyn: That's odd.

Faux_Pas: Occasionally, I see spots. They aren't really spots as they are points of nothingness.

Sundragyn: Here spot!

Faux_Pas: One time, I almost came close to passing out. It was on the Texas Cyclone or the Texas Twister, the big wooden roller coaster at Six Flags: Astroworld.

Faux_Pas: It was the first time I've ever been on a roller coaster, and we decided I should tackle the biggest one.


* Sosiqui 's story starts on a cruise ship, at the evening entertainment.

Rabbitlord: STORY!

Sosiqui: The entertainment was a magician, which was cool, because I like magicians much better than the normal entertainment, which was scantily clad female dancers.

Sosiqui: So he was doing his tricks and stuff, and my sister and I were trying to figure out how he was doing them.

* Randy sits down ans listens to STORYTIME!

* ChaosJedi kicks back and listens.

Sosiqui: If he had plants in the audience, because he was getting volunteers, and stuff.

Rabbitlord: Spoilsports.

* Randy knows some scantily clad female dancers...

Sosiqui: So he came out into the crowd, looking for a volunteer. I didn't wave my hand or anything, but the guy PICKED ME.

Sosiqui: And I certainly wasn't a plant, either.

ChaosJedi: Kewl.

Rabbitlord: LOL!

Sosiqui: So he takes me up on stage, without telling me what he's doing.

Randy: (But I always see them with their clothes on)

Rabbitlord: Maybe he overheard you....

Sosiqui: I'm thinking "Uh... okay. Hm. I wonder what he's going to do?"

Sosiqui: He pulls out this FREAKING HUGE SWORD


Rabbitlord: And chops off your head?

Sosiqui: I panic a little, of course. ;)

ChaosJedi: Who wouldn't?

Sosiqui: Since he has this FREAKING HUGE SWORD and is going to DO something with it. Involving ME. But I don't know WHAT.

Sosiqui: He put this... collar thingie around my neck, which was WEIRD. And said something about voodoo sacrifices, which was SO REASSURING.

Rivikah: and then he chopped off your head?

Sosiqui: Apparently the story was that the collar was supposed to protect me or something, and he SWUNG the sword AT MY NECK

Sosiqui: I would have REALLY liked some explanation beforehand.

Rivikah: but it didn't work?

Sosiqui: I felt a push thing, and looked down, and there's metal coming out of the other side of the collar. Obviously, the sword didn't REALLY go through my neck, but it LOOKED like it.

Sosiqui: Then he blew this HORRIBLE NOXIOUS smoke through the 'hole' in my neck, and that kinda sucked.

Rabbitlord: Ah. So it caught a lever, and pushed a false blade out the other side?

Sosiqui: Then he took off the collar, kissed my hand, and I went back to my seat wondering what the HECK just happened. Oh, and feeling a little high on the smoke.

Sosiqui: RL: I guess...

Rivikah: you got your head cut off

Randy: He drugged you!!!

Sosiqui: Uh, that's TEH EDN. Yay.