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Awhina: So, anyway. How're you lot? And I mean it, I want to know.
Zullin: I'm melancholy.
Awhina: Why's that?
Zullin: Oh, I just watched a press conference at which my favorite baseball player talked about the fact that his career may be over due to injury. He looked really sad.
Awhina: Ah. I understand people get really devoted to their baseball teams/players.
Zullin: Yeah, it's kind of silly, but I do it anyway.
Awhina: However, I've never really gotten that whole thing. So I can't sympathise. Sorry.
Awhina: I can, however, empathise. So tell me about your mother.
Zullin: Oh, that's OK. So what's new with you?
Zullin: My mother IS the baseball player. Thanks so much for re-opening my emotional wounds.
Awhina: Nothing new, really. Same old same old.
Awhina: You're welcome. That'll be $5, and thank you for stopping by Awhina's Cruelty Emporium.
Awhina: "Delivering Emotional Anguish With A Smile."

Awhina: I want one of those hairless cats. I'd probably be torn between calling it "Kojak" and "Yul Brynner", though.

* Nyperold's :dog: just cast stinking cloud.

Mensekemeser has entered.
* Mensekemeser is losing his skin.
Rabbitlord: AIEE>
Mensekemeser: Very slowly, starting from my middle finger on my left hand.
Mensekemeser: If current trends continue, I predict that I will be completely skinless inside of a month.
Zarniwoop: Good job.
Zarniwoop: At least it'll be over quickly.
Nyperold: Sunburn?
Mensekemeser: Peeling skin. Just the outer layer.
Mensekemeser: I suppose it's from too much... hm. What DO I do with that finger?
Rabbitlord: Depends on how rude you are.

Sundragyn has entered.
* Sundragyn has just finished KLEENING TEH SILVAR
Sundragyn: Fun fun.
Sundragyn: Cleaning silver with APPLIED CHEMISTRY.
* Sundragyn feels really proud now. Eat my shorts, Martha Stewart!
Sundragyn: See, you take a BIG GIANT POT and fill it with water, and then dump a random scoop or two of baking soda in it, and then you take a chunk or two of aluminum foil and put that in, and you stir, and you boil it, and then you stick the horrible tarnished silver goblets into the madly boiling mess for a moment or two and it comes out cleeeeen and it is mad fun.
Sosiqui: A random scoop? How do you figure out which one is random? ;)
Sundragyn: Let cool, rinse, and dry.

Sundragyn: X-oS-o:-O
* Stephen jabs a hot poker in Sundragyn's mouth.
* Sundragyn considers killing Stephen, but will probably not just for Mia.
Mia: Thank you, Sun.
Mia: I'll let you know if I ever get tired of him, though.... ;-)
Sundragyn: And Mia might kill me if I kill Stephen.
Sundragyn: Heh, okay.

Matthew has entered.
Athaleon: MATTHEW.
gremlinn: MATTHEW is a nice name. All the letters have a line of symmetry.
Matthew: That E gets in the way a little, though.
Travholt: MATTHAW
Travholt: MATTHUW
Travholt: MATTHOW
Travholt: MATTHIW
Travholt: Anything but E, actually.
gremlinn: And sometimes MATTHYW.
Travholt: That too.

* Beasty is going for a coffee. Hot, milky and one sugar. No mocha, cappucino or whatever the hell all those options are...
teach: A manly way to drink it, Beasty. Of course, I expect nothing less from you . . .

Travholt is back.
* Travholt has raisin buns.
Travholt: That's what you get for sitting in the kitchen sink for too long.
flyingcats has entered.
flyingcats: I so did not need to know that about you, Travh. Do you sit in sinks often?
Travholt: Only when I can't find the dish brush.

Beasty: OK, teach, what's the problem?
teach: I actually think it's the connection, not the computer. Sounds wonky dialing up.
Beasty: But your PC shouldn't do that. Done anything weird to it.
teach: If I go away, good night. I'm NOT rebooting for the 12th time.
teach: Nope, not that I know of.
teach: It that a standard help-desk question? Done anything weird to it?
Beasty: No, a rinkworks question.
gremlinn: Have you tried using your CD-ROM drive as a toaster?
teach: Not recently. The grilled cheese didn't come out right.

* Beasty does the hourly server connectivity check.
Beasty: Well, that was easy.
Sosiqui: What does that involve?
Beasty: Clicking two batch files.
Beasty: Only slightly more difficult is the backup check.
Beasty: Which involves using Execviewer to keep track of the status of the backup jobs.
Beasty: Hooey! Those Gelatinous Cubes are TOUGH!
Sosiqui: LOL. I love how the game is way harder than work.

Wormwood: Yeah, I'm going to start selling 'Organic Water' in a few weeks
Wormwood: I could probably do it, too
Bourne: I think it would have massive comedy value when someone orders a "dry martini" to serve them up a martini glass full of powder.
Wormwood: Is taking advantage of dumb people with far too much money wrong?
Matthew: Taking advantage of people is never wrong.
Matthew: That's what they're there for.
Matthew: You should market that, Bourne. Cup-A-Martini.
Bourne: Yeah, just mix some gin and vermouth and then reduce it down to a powder in the lab vacuum oven. Martini Super-dry.
Matthew: Just add hot water and a warm olive.
Wormwood: You couldn't do that; the alcohol would evaporate...
Zullin: Just add alcohol instead of water, then.
Bourne: All new low alcohol dry martini. Get your kids used to the foul taste of gin and vermouth so they too can grow up to be lushes.
Bourne: Brought to you by the makers of Breakfast Beer. And new Breakfast Beer for Kids!

At the time, the Users frame read: "Mensekemeser, Nyperold, gremlinn, Athaleon, Marvin, Faux_Pas, Ellmyruh, Cynthia, Sosiqui."
Faux_Pas: All the chix0rs follow Faux Pas around.
Faux_Pas: Cool.

Ellmyruh has entered.
Travholt: Eeeeeeellllllliiiiiiiiiiee!
Ellmyruh: Aaaaah. Flashing banner ad from hell.
Ellmyruh: Traaaaaavhooooooollllllt!
* Travholt is NOT a flashing bad anner.
Travholt: LOL *ad banner
Travholt: At least not one from hell.
Ellmyruh: Are you a flashing good anner?
Bourne: Travholt, the Heaven-sent banner ad. Even if he does flash and will get himself arrested.
* Travholt is a good, Heaven-sent flashing anner.
gremlinn: What's an anner?
Travholt: You tell me. You're the word wiz.
gremlinn: Anner not found. Suggestions: inner, anger, Anser, annex.
Bourne: Travholt is an anner. There you go.
Travholt: Flashing bad anger.
Travholt: >:-| :-{ >:-| :-{ >:-| :-{ >:-| :-{
gremlinn: This looks like a puzzle. I'll have face 4 jump over face 5.
Travholt: >:-| :-{ >:-| >:-| :-{ :-{ >:-| :-{
Bourne: It just looks like Trav needs more fibre in his diet, to me.
gremlinn: Face 7 jump over faces 5, 6.
Travholt: >:-| :-{ >:-| >:-| >:-| :-{ :-{ :-{
gremlinn: Face 2 jump over 3, 4, 5.
Bourne: And then =-O "Have we got any more paper in the house?"
Travholt: >:-| >:-| >:-| >:-| :-{ :-{ :-{ :-{
gremlinn: YAY I WIN

* Beasty just spoke to his brother.
Beasty: He got engaged.
Brunnen_G: Beasty: Wow
Beasty: Not that this is entirely unexpected, but still...
(A long pause.)
* Beasty apologizes for killing the chat so unexpectedly.
Brunnen_G: Beasty: We were all just .... uh ... lamenting the fact that your marvellous brother is no longer available.
* Brunnen_G was, more accurately, thinking "Beasty has a brother?"
* Brunnen_G tends to think of Rinkies as existing in splendid isolation unless they say otherwise.
Beasty: BG: Yep. Fraid so.
Mia: I have brothers and sisters.
Beasty: Mia: That we had sorta gathered... ;-)
Brunnen_G: Mia: Your vast family is the exception.
Mia: Well, I'm from Utah. Not that that means anything to anyone outside of....uh...Utah.
Beasty: Not to mention Nieces and nephews..
Brunnen_G: I tend to think of Rinkies *except Mia and her family* as existing in splendid isolation. I think of Mia as part of a horde.
Mia: BG: LOL! Do you really? :-P
Brunnen_G: Well, there are so darn many of you Bakers around here. And your minions
Mia: LOL LOL! There are only...uh....well, three of us on RinkWorks, and three that aren't....
Mia: And I don't recall any minions....
Mia: Unless you are talking about my nephews.
Brunnen_G: See what I mean?
Sosiqui: Mia, you're the supreme dictatoress. Surely you have some minions.
Mia: Sosi: Well, that comes with the JOB, not the family.
Brunnen_G: And just that whole general entourage you seem to bring in here. I can't even remember most of the names.
Brunnen_G: But, anyway, what I'm saying here is that everybody ELSE here is mostly just an individual, and now and then we hear a bit of background or about something which happens to their family, whereas you come as a complete set, collect all 250,000 matching pieces.
Brunnen_G: Mia: Yes.
Mia: LOL LOL! Okay, okay. I get your point. I have minions.
Brunnen_G: Glad you agree.
Beasty: BG: Soon to be 250,001.

Platypi007: anyone here know how to do catelogue numbers for fiction books?
Platypi007: I'm actualy just trying to figure a good alpha numeric system to use for an alphabetized collection that is expandible
Platypi007: the library i was at used a letters/numbers system
Platypi007: I don't know how they worked out the numbers
* Ellmyruh looks around for a page she saw on it.
Cynthia: That's strange. Our fiction section was done solely alphabetically.
Ellmyruh: http://www.bpl.org/guides/callnumbers.htm
Ellmyruh: That's no tit, but it might work.
Ellmyruh: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ROFL!!!!
Cynthia: LOL LOL LOL
Ellmyruh: DYING
Cynthia: Well, many librarians have those, so I guess you could say they're used.
Platypi007: well, yes, I suppose so
Platypi007: but do they usualy use them to alphabetize books with?
Cynthia: Not usually to alphabetize, although they come in handy to keep things from falling off shelves.
Zullin: Not USUALLY to alphabetize?
Cynthia: Zullin: Well, I suppose one COULD use them to do that. I just don't want to know how.
Platypi007: that'd be somethin
Ellmyruh: Too many visuals.

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