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Maryam: Hey Ell, are you free this weekend?
Athaleon: Sorry, Ellmyruhs are still $15. The Ellmyruh Lite is free this weekend, though, as we're no longer going to carry that item and have to get rid of our stock.
Ellmyruh: Whoa, what?
Maryam: Hmm. What does the Ellmyruh have that the Ell Lite doesn't?
Athaleon: Nono, Ell Lite has everything but the slippers.
Maryam: Oh, but the slippers are essential.
Ellmyruh: Great. Now flyingcats is digging up $15.

Athaleon: Basically.
Monkeyman: I needed a drink to wash down my popcorn, but I carefully avoided letting the Code Red touch my tongue. Well, as much as I could, anyway.
Oeron: Mm: no, CODE RED SI HTE B35TE5T EV4R!!
Monkeyman: As long as it didn't touch my tongue, I couldn't taste it and I could pretend I was drinking something tastier like cat urine.
Ellmyruh: You've tasted cat urine?
* Zullin regrets taking a drink of orange juice at the instant he read that.
Monkeyman: No, but it couldn't be any worse than Code Red.
Monkeyman: LOL, Zullin.

* Brunnen_G, who is being annoyed by the bass-heavy thumping music from next door, puts on Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and turns the volume up to 150 and opens all the windows.
* Brunnen_G : culture guerrilla.
* Brunnen_G is starting out nice. NEXT time it'll be the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.
* Brunnen_G and Mozart. Kicking BUTT for the RIGHTEOUS.

Lewayi: The apple may have no soul, but the tree has a soul...
Lewayi: ...what does the human body produce that I could compare that with?
Morris: Bile.

DemanusFlint: 'Oh, my darling Winamp. / I hug you in the grass. / We frolic and we cuddle / you whip the llama's.'

Maryam: Ell: Wanna come over to my place and play Silent Hill 2? You play, and I'll watch from 20 feet away.
Ellmyruh: LOL!
Ellmyruh: Maryam: 20 feet? Hmmm. Does that mean that you'd be outside, looking through the window?
Maryam: Ell: Yup, that's exactly what it means. And as soon as it gets dark, you can't play anymore.
Maryam: Sound like a deal?
Ellmyruh: Well, I don't do too well at video games... Even Mario Bros. makes me tense.
Maryam: All the better. I get to laugh at your reactions.
Maryam: I mean, I'm sure you'll be fine.
Ellmyruh: Uh huh.
Zullin: They should make special versions of video games for jumpy people. A reassuring voice could say, "Now, in about ten seconds, a zombie is going to jump through that window to your left and strangle you. Remain calm."

Maryam: I think the last time I slept was over 30 hours ago, not counting a 2-hour nap this morning. And I don't feel tired.
gremlinn: Maryam: I'm jealous.
Maryam: grem: I don't understand it. It feels very strange.
Maryam: I wonder how much longer I can stay up.
Maryam: Can I stay up until I go to the gym in 8 hours? Hmmm.
Cynthia: Maryam: When the snakes start coming up out of the floor, go to bed.
Maryam: Cynth: It's ok, I've made friends with them.
Cynthia: w00t!
Athaleon: Sleep lizards.

* Maryam wimps out and goes to bed.
Maryam: Night, everyone.
Ellmyruh: Good night!
Cynthia: G'night, Maryam!
Cynthia: Say hi to the snakes for me!
Maryam: Cynth: They only hiss in return, you know.
Maryam: Although one keeps saying, "Fred... Fred... Fred..." over and over. I sent him to the corner.
Cynthia: Maryam: But I need to be on good terms with them all the same.
Maryam: Ok, uh, really going to bed now.
Maryam has left.

TOM: The Who's "Baba O'Riley" has the coolest ending to a song ever.
* TOM figures that song is probably better known as "Teenage Wasteland" even though that is NOT THE TITLE AND I HATE WHEN PEOPLE CALL IT THAT.
gremlinn: Never heard of it.
Mary: Me neither.
TOM: Uncultured swine.
Mia: I am NOT uncultured, thank you very much.
Mia: Uh...I'm not a swine, either....
TOM: Prove it.
RinkChat: User TOM has been kicked from the room by Mia.
TOM has left.
Mia: There you go.
* Mia did that in a completely ladylike fashion, by the way.
TOM has entered.
TOM: Hey.
Mia: hehehe
* Mia blinks innocently. "What?"
TOM: That was weird. You haven't kicked me in months. I got confused when I saw that screen come up.
Mia: LOL
Mia: It is way too hot in this computer lab.
TOM: Turn off the heat.
Mia: I'm in a computer lab. At school. I CAN'T. :-P
TOM: Sure you can. Just ask nicely. In ladylike fashion, of course.
Mia: I don't know if they would appreciate me kicking them....
TOM: True. I think the screen would confuse them, too.

Mia: Oh, oh! Leen! I saw a very pretty bird today and I thought of you. It's wing and back feathers were a very very deep blue, almost metallic-looking, and then the belly was a lovely yellow-orange.
Leen: Mia: ooo, sounds pretty. :)
Mia: It was.
Mia: It's probably something common, but oh, well. It was really pretty.
Leen: hehe
Silon: And I saw a bird that was nice and, um, black.
Silon: I also saw a bird that was INVISIBLE through the window right now. Invisible. I couldn't see it at all!
Silon: Wait, that was just air.

Mia: I'm going to go get my car and then eat food or maybe the other way around. Bye.
Mia has left.
Randy: She is going to eat her car?

Monkeyman: G'Night!
Monkeyman has left.
Sundragyn: What is that SMELL ARGH.
Faux_Pas: Monkeyman left a parting gift.

* Sundragyn KILLS Blue Pepsi, whiny sisters who think they have a long distance relationship when they don't, and other random things.
Wormwood: I have the most hardcore long distance relationship ever. My girlfreind exists 400 years in the future and I have to travel faster than the speed of light to talk to her.
Wormwood: In a leather boat. It only works in a leather boat.
Balanthalus: Is it a long distance relationship if your girlfriend is a figment of my imagination?
Wormwood: Bal: Please don't wake up.
Balanthalus: Ww: Whoops. Meant if *my* girlfriend is a figment of my imagination
Wormwood: Balanthalus: No, then it's just a form of escapism.
Sundragyn: Imaginary girlfriends or boyfriends are the way to go. No messy breakups.
Wormwood: Works well but ultimately leaves the imaginer unfufilled and empty.
Wormwood: You can also imagine things that wouldn't normally occur in day-to-day life... Like, "I'm dating a deity!"
Balanthalus: Or, "I'm dating a monkey!"
Balanthalus: Darn.
Balanthalus: I should really learn to read what I type before I hit enter.

Mia has left.
* Beasty echoes that sentiment.
Beasty has left.
* gremlinn wonders if Beasty is a cavern.
* gremlinn checks Beasty for ores.

Faux_Pas: MIA
Mia: FP
Faux_Pas: Are you an aunt recently?
Mia: Um....not yet.
Faux_Pas: How soon until you are one?
Beasty: Ticia isn't due till June, I recall.
Mia: Still like a month and a half left until the first one comes, then in October, I will be an aunt again.
Faux_Pas: Wow. Ticia breeds fast.
Faux_Pas: Doesn't she have to wait at least another nine months?
Mia: :-P The second one is my other sister, Jen, silly FP.
Tess: Does she know what she is going to have?
Beasty: A baby, presumably.
Tess: Oh, I was looking forward to getting one of the kittens.
Balanthalus: You never know. It could be a litter of bagels.
Tess: Mia: Oh, about the babie's sex....I was asking about Jen's, actually. I thought you were asking about the kittens. . .
Cynthia: Tess: I presume Jen is a she.
Mia: Tess: No, Jen doesn't know what the BABY is. She DOES know what HER sex is, though.
Tess: I am not being very clear tonight. Or else everyone is being SILLY!!!!!

Awhina: Now, about those games where, if the whole party is wiped out, a 'kindly adventurer' happens along and takes you into town to get resurrected... If you happened across a bunch of corpses of adventurers in a dungeon, what would your first instinct be?
Awhina: Ath: Precisely.
* Travholt scowls at Athaleon, raises an eyebrow and taps his foot impatiently.
Awhina: Translated, "Oooh, dead people. They must have lots of valuables on them."

Awhina: What's the name of that fizzy thing you put in water to make it go all sparkly and vaguely saltish and really rather refreshing which helps for an upset stomach?
Cynthia: Alka-Seltzer?
Travholt: Alka-Seltzer.
Zullin: Arsenic.
Awhina: Alka-Seltzer. Right. And Zullin, you absolute freak.
Ellmyruh has entered.
Ellmyruh: What's this about arsenic?
Awhina: Ellmyruh: It's really just Zullin's badly-disguised need to talk about bottoms.

Athaleon: http://www2.coca-cola.com/ourcompany/brandlist.html#J - Note the second in the list.
Cynthia: LOL LOL LOL!
Athaleon: Coke owns Jesus. This is not terribly surprising.

codeman38: From the Bad Baby Name files: "Indy Iroc Nascar" - Hm, you think his parents are race fans?
Nyperold: Nah, couldn't be.
codeman38: "Iemsissamith"? Uhh...okay.
codeman38: "Rdaztiny Harris"? What the heck?
codeman38: Looks like freaking Scrabble leftovers.

coke_can: My algebra teacher brought his six-week old son in class yesterday, and I got to hold him. He was so cute!
gremlinn: Cuter than most babies?
coke_can: About as cute as most babies. All babies are cute.
gremlinn: Except the ones with black eyes and fangs. Stay away from them.

Zullin has entered.
gremlinn: I, Zullin, ill uzi!
gremlinn: That's a zullindrome.

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