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Wormwood: codeman: You like Garamond, right?
codeman38: Ww: Better than Times New Roman, yeah. Palatino I like better, though.
Wormwood: codeman: I'm trying to find a really nice font for papers and essays.
Morris: Wormwood: Go to http://www.thesurfacer.com/rinkies/rc2.cgi?action=gotourl&url=http://www.geocities.com/fontstokill/
Morris: I recommend AliceBats.
DemanusFlint: Ww: garamond is happily married and has a 2 year old son called the little prince of valhalla
Wormwood: DF: Yeah, but does he know that Helvetica is having an affair with ITC Korrina?

Cynthia: I learned to play Carol of the Bells on the piano one year, and got really good at it and really fell in love with the music. So I played it over and over and over again. This was the same holiday season when my mum had the flu. Finally, she wandered out to the living room, bleary-eyed and essentially looking like death warmed over, and said, "STOP IT WITH THE FREAKING BELLS."
Counterpoint: Cynthia: LOL! I can envision that fairly easily because I've experienced similar incidents.
* Rabbitlord's school's band is doing a version of Carol of the Bells with all this African percussion.
* Rabbitlord is the conga soloist.
* Cynthia imagines it.
* Counterpoint gets an image of a bunny going POINGPOINGPOING on the congas at a high rate of speed.

Brunnen_G: FP: You need to do something about your cartoon characters. They're starting to reply to people's livejournals and so on. I'm sure that isn't normal.
Faux_Pas: Really? I'll have a word with them about that.
* Brunnen_G and wintermute were discussing Faux Pas the other day. We came to the conclusion that he always seemed to be one of the more normal people, but is actually one of the weirder ones when you think about it.
Faux_Pas: I think Brunnen-G and wintermute may be correct.

* Faux_Pas goes to help clean some more.
Faux_Pas has left.
* Sarya sneezes
Sarya: Sorry about that
Brunnen_G: Faux Pas must have stirred up the dust as he left.

463's label at the time:Athaleon [30 hits. Hit me!]
* Rabbitlord thwacks Athaleon!
Rabbitlord: 31.
Travholt: You should let him count for himself. It's the only way he'll learn properly.
Athaleon: Shot op. :-P

Wormwood: Anyways, fashion magazines all suck nowadays because they're no longer useful.
Morris: Write your own.
Wormwood: I don't have the capital.
Morris: It's Cheyenne.
Wormwood: Morris: Well, that's half the battle. Now I need money. And writers, photographers, editors...

From AIM:
Brunnen_G: I never fully understood the infinite love and patience of God until I met some of his followers.

During a discussion of the Austin Powers movies:
* Cynthia hasn't seen any of the three.
* Rivikah hasn't seen any of them.
Rivikah: Cynthia didn't see them first.

Wormwood: BMWs are really expensive.
TOM: Not if you steal one.

Monkeyman: 4KYE3B207094!
ahmoacah: Gzeundheit.

Brunnen_G has left.
Maryam: Brunnen-G is my idol. I'm going to learn to play the harp just like her, and I'm going to very slowly restore an old boat and do weird things like let plants grow through the floor.
Maryam: Also, I'll date Dave.
Dave: What was that?
Maryam: I already call my cat Cat and Kitty rather than a real name. I'm on my way!
Maryam: Dave: What, dear?
Maryam: Ok, that's about as far as I can keep that up.
Dave: Hehe.
Sam: Maryam: You rule.
Dave: Don't let BG catch you doing that, or she'll totally Kung-Fu you
Maryam: That's why I waited until she left.

Maryam: Ok, I'm gone. Bye!
* Maryam throws down a smoke bomb.
Sam: *cough*cough*
* Maryam is shown a few seconds later after the smoke clears, coughing and fumbling with the doorknob.
* Maryam noisily opens the door and trips on the way out.
Maryam has left.
Sam: Who was that beautiful masked wondervillain?

* Wormwood notes that US$149 is waaaay too pricy for a laser pointer.
Wormwood: Even a green one.
ahmoacah: GREEN.
*ang* Those extra Us are just for you, by the way. ;-p

* LaZorra HUGS everybody in chat until their PICKLE BRAINS come out of their NOSES, just like the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS.
Aragh: Ow.
LaZorra: :-)
Counterpoint: Mmm, pickled brains ... :9
LaZorra: Not pickled brains, you dumbkopf, PICKLE BRAINS!!
* Counterpoint was not aware that he had a pickle for a brain.
LaZorra: Brains that are green and bumpy and elongated!
* Counterpoint was not aware that the Ancient Egyptians did, either.
* LaZorra has absolutely NO idea what got into her just then, and she apologizes.

flyingcats has entered.
* Aragh profiles flyingcats to make sure she isn't 30 and male.
Aragh: Oh, good!

Cynthia has left.
Cynthia has entered.
* Cynthia swears loudly and plaintively at her computer.

Morris has left.
Morris has entered.
* Morris swears loudly and plaintively at her computer.

ang: I haven't even begun to tell you all stuff that I've done. Trouble just follows me around.
Cynthia: You made a pretty good beginning with wm and me.
Cynthia: Then again, wm wasn't doing so badly himself. Those two make me look like an angel.
Cynthia: Which I am.
Cynthia: O:-)
ang: I never had the rescue mountain patrol called out for me.
Cynthia: ang: On your "to-do" list, is it?
ang: Cynth: Depends on how cute they are. ;-p

From AIM, again:
James: Psh. Now I'm getting flak for having pizza in my sock drawer.
James: Where'm I allowed to put this stuff that people won't yell at me for it?

* Mia pinches Sarya's cheeks.
* James pokes Mia with a fork.
TOM: Good move.
* James pokes TOM with a Doberman.
TOM: Bad move.
* TOM pokes the Doberman's mouth with James.

So ang had this birthday surprise thingmy where she was going to take me somewhere, and she WOULDN'T TELL ME AIEEEEEEEE.
ang: Friday night'll probably be decent skiing but I gotta drive to .....somewhere..... on Saturday.
Cynthia: Where, ang?
wintermute: Cynth: You know ang's driving. Probably not where she intends to go.
ang: Not Edmonton.
ang: wm: :-P
We ended up going to the Newport Aquarium, and, yes, we also ended up in the wrong state at one point.

So the topic was "A call for wenches." Accordingly, ang had labelled herself [TEH WENCHIEST] and my label was [wenchier than thou].
* Zarniwoop looks at the duelling labels.
* Zarniwoop would like to see a wench fight about now.
wintermute: Hehe.
Cynthia: I'm sure you would, dearie.
ang: Why does that not surprise me?
wintermute: Zarn: It's on Sky Sports 7, right?
Zarniwoop: No, Erosport News.
Zarniwoop: Ooopsie. Eurosport News.
wintermute: Eurosport? Or was that...
James: Erosport? Kinky.

Maryam: How did you manage to kill Murkon with a level 0 character?
Kaz: By building INSANE characters and then changing the class.
* Cynthia observes that the insane characters were built by an insane character.
* Kaz thwaps Cynthia, but lightly
Cynthia: Hee hee hee.

TalkingDog: I sucked on a lizard and got sick from it in my dream last night!

Marvin: When did this new RinkChat go up?
wintermute: Mar: Yesterday, I think.
Maryam: wm: Hey, don't abbreviate his name like that. It could be mine, as well.
wintermute: Maryam: Except that I never abbreviate yours.
ahmoacah: We could call them "vin" and "yam".
Maryam: wm: Good. That's as it should be.
Maryam: NO
wintermute: Wine and potatoes? Cool.
Maryam: NO NO NO NO NO
ahmoacah: Maryam the Potato!
TalkingDog: Maryam: Go back to Ayako. PLEASE
Maryam: TD: Uh. Why?
wintermute: To be fair, she's a sweet potato.
ahmoacah: yam: We all have our crosses to bear.
TalkingDog: So this argument will stop.
TalkingDog: Or whatever you call it.
Maryam: TD: What do you care? I'm the one being called a vegetable.
wintermute: Maryam: Tuber, not vegetable.
Maryam: Whatever.

ahmoacah was talking about a huge project for work.
ahmoacah: If I was the drinking type I would so go out and get plastered tomorrow after work when it is ALL DONE.
ahmoacah: Instead maybe I will go do some pottery.
Cynthia: ahmoacah: Picturing you drunk is rather amusing.
flyingcats: Whoa, yeah.
ahmoacah: :-)
ahmoacah: Who needs to get drunk when you're crazy without it!
Counterpoint: LOL. Nice philosophy.
Cynthia: "... *hic* ... and then this guy licked my brain! *giggle hic*"
gremlinn: HAR HAR

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