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Following on a pun ...
Brunnen_G: Nyperold, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. If you keep treating them that badly, some of them will commit suicide and then we'll all have to start speaking Hawaiian instead.

RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'LOOK I AM OLD AND IN SPACE LOOLOLOLOLOLO I WANT A MOON CITY DAMMIT' by Morris.

BlitzBot: 502. Christmas carols.

Faux_Pas: old king whatshisname
Kaz: death to the unbelievers

flyingcats: Uh, Nevada = place there that they want to dump nuclear waste or have been or I don't know exactly what.
flyingcats: I mean, not the entire state, but a place in Nevada.
flyingcats: You're up past your bedtime, yes?
Cynthia: Yeeeeees.

Mary: Did you guys know they're completely changing the Jeopardy set?
Cynthia: They are? Are they going to use the old Hollywood Squares set?
* Cynthia thinks nine-player Jeopardy would ROCK.
Mary: Ok, here's what I hear:
Mary: They are getting rid of the blue.
Mary: (Which leaves what, some subflooring and Alex's hair?)
Mary: It's going to be mostly white, with some green and red, and maybe some crimpy foil stuff.
Mary: And the counters are going to be more like lightening bolts.
Counterpoint: Christmastime in Jeopardyland.
Counterpoint: During a thunderstorm.
Mary: Yup. I'm worried. It sounds ugly.
* Mary's brother is going to take the test on Wednesday.
* Cynthia took the Jeopardy test about six years ago.
Kaz: Cynthia: There's a Jeopardy *test*? What?
Mary: Kaz: To get on the show.
Mary: And then they interview you to make sure you're not some kind of psychopath that they can't put on TV. That must be where Cynth was eliminated.

Mary: EW
Counterpoint: Aww.
Counterpoint: I wuvs you.
Counterpoint: NO
Counterpoint: IT
Counterpoint: IT IT IT
Counterpoint: IT WUVS YOU
Counterpoint: NOT I
flyingcats: lol lol lol

Later, in order to speed a game's end, Counterpoint had set all the BuzzBot scores to nine each ...
Counterpoint: There!
Mary: It'll be a tie.
Counterpoint: But between whom?
BuzzBot: Mary has been given a buzzword.
Cynthia: Mary and someone.
flyingcats: sitting in a tree
Mary: LOL!
Counterpoint: Shut up.

So Counterpoint had nine points in BuzzBot, and we can't have that, now, can we? ;)
BuzzBot: Counterpoint has been given a buzzword.
Counterpoint: Fried dough at the fair is called an ________ ear.
Nyperold: zebra
Nyperold: hand
Mary: funnel cake
knivetsil: Ho Chi Minh
Counterpoint: Hugest land mammal.
Nyperold: cotton Candy
Nyperold: vole
Nyperold: giraffe
BuzzBot: Time's up! No score. The answer was elephant.
knivetsil: Heeheehee.
Nyperold: Ohhhh, elephants yeah!
* Counterpoint will go kill Cynthia in AIM. Please excuse him.
Yes, Counterpoint ended up winning. Dang.

After the game, throughout which I had teased Counterpoint mercilessly about Mary ...
Counterpoint: Sam?
Cynthia: No, Sam won't kill me for you, Counterpoint.
Nyperold: I think the request is probably "Will you dismiss the bot?"
Cynthia: Nyp: You know, that thought had crossed my tiny pea brain, and I dismissed it. What a thunderous revelation.
* Cynthia bes a bit mean.
* Cynthia bes tired and cranky.
Mia: Cynthia: It's okey to be mean and cranky sometimes.
Mia: If it wasn't, I'd be in trubbles.
* Cynthia apologies for being disproportionately mean and cranky to the situation.
Cynthia: *apologises
Counterpoint: *apologizes ;P
Cynthia: /thwack Counterpoint
Counterpoint: BritCynthia.

BuzzBot: Counterpoint has been given a buzzword.
Counterpoint: :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-* indicates this.
Nyperold: flyingcats

In the course of trying to guess a word in BuzzBot:
Sam: Sam guesses butterscotch and is correct! Sam and Sam each get a point.
Ferrick: LOL
Cynthia: LOL LOL
Counterpoint: Whoa.
ang: lol
Selah: LOL Sam!
Entropy_kid: LOL
Rabbitlord: LOL!
BuzzBot: Time's up! No score. The answer was abbreviate.
Rabbitlord: Way to distract us, Sam.
Ferrick: SAM: Quit being so entertaining.

Regarding my RinkMeeting pictures:
ang: Ruling pics, Cynthia. Of couse you had ruling subjects ;-p
Zarniwoop: She has subjects now?
ang: Zarn: Aren't you one?
Zarniwoop: Nope.
ang: Hmm, that's not what she told me...
Zarniwoop: Oh? What did she tell you?
ang: That you were her most loyal subject.
ang: And her favorite.
Zarniwoop: Subject my arse.
ang: Subject your arse to what?

* BurgerKing /ips himself. He can see where he is!

BurgerKing: TRA LA LA LALLY.
Morris: BurgerKing: We don't allow random nonsensical gibberish in here. Stop at once or I will be forced to kick you.
BurgerKing: Hmph.
Sundragyn: I love you guys.
BurgerKing: Wait, that wasn't nonsensical. I was quoting Tolkien.
BurgerKing: That just makes it inane.
BurgerKing: So HA.
Sundragyn: Inane is better than nonsensical, of course.
BurgerKing: Of course.
Aragh: BK: Where does Tolkien say TRA LA LA LA????
BurgerKing: TRA LA LA LALLY.
Sundragyn: I bet it's one of the elf songs.
BurgerKing: HA HA.
Counterpoint: In the Little Mermaid. The "Kiss Da Girl" song.
Sundragyn: Those elves sure do love to burst into song at random intervals.
* Aragh slaps himself. Out-Tolkiened by a fast-food franchise....
BurgerKing: Ouch.
BurgerKing: Sun: Awfully suspicious, if you ask me.
Sundragyn: Don't ever turn your back on an elf.
Sundragyn: But don't tell them I said that.
Sundragyn: I could get in trouble.
Morris: Once I was trying to explain the difference between an elf and a leprauchan to some little German children.
Morris: It didn't work.

* famous put up her Christmas lights tonight.
famous: But I did NOT turn them on yet.
BurgerKing: Ooooh.
Mousie: It is TOO EARLY.
Counterpoint: Really. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet.
* Mousie fully intends to grouch her way through this holiday season.
famous: I had to put mine up now... since it's already freezing here.
famous: But I don't turn them on until the day after Thanksgiving.
Kaz: famous: Did you at least turn them on once so that you know if all the bulb are working? I remember once when I put up the lights and they *weren't* all working... and they're annoying to change when really high up.
famous: Kaz: Actually I did, but there's a stretch of 2 feet where they don't work. But they were like that last year. I just put them back up. I'm too poor to be buying anymore this year.
Kaz: famous: Heh. Aw, two feet, no one'll notice, right? :-P
famous: Kaz: Hehe. I wish! Everyone said something last year. I'm sure they'll do it again. But no one's offered to help pay for them. So, they can all deal with it.
Kaz: famous: Heh. Yeah, put up a little bucket outside and label it "Christmas Lightbulb Donation Fund" right beside the burnt out section and see what happens.

Mary: A-ha.
Athaleon: - Take On Me

ahmoacah has left.
ang has entered.
* Matthew checks the buffer.
Matthew: ang, are you ahmoacah?
ang: Heh, no.
Matthew: OK.
* Aragh looks in doubt at the telephone booth with an ahmoacah-suit in it....
Matthew: One of those public-access internet phone boxes, I assume.
Aragh: With the computer you stick a quarter in to turn on. Yes.
Aragh: I should have been shot for that sentence.
* Cynthia shoots Aragh.
* Cynthia is always happy to be of help.
* Aragh feels better, in an internal bleeding sort of way.

In the course of some toying with http://www.googlism.com/:
Dave has entered.
* DemanusFlint announces: "dave is a sexy rascal"
TalkingDog: DF: Thanks for the update.
RinkChat: User DemanusFlint has been kicked from the room by Dave.
DemanusFlint has left.

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