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I set forth an essential truth in analogy form:
Cynthia: TOM : baseball :: Zarniwoop : football.

* Mia drools. Foooood....
BurgerKing has entered.
Zarniwoop: Timing.
Zarniwoop: Beautiful.

warlock: capitalization is the opiate of the masses
Morris: warlock: No, you're thinking of opium.

Ah, the joys of unfortunate timing and random guessing in BuzzBot.
*BuzzBot* You're up! Try to get someone to say gamble without saying it yourself. You're also prohibited from using any of these words: money, risk, casino, Vegas, roulette, blackjack, horse, race. Good luck!
BuzzBot: Cynthia has been given a buzzword.
Rabbitlord: BUZZEH
wintermute: Water!
ang: camel
Cynthia: This is what you do at Churchill Downs when you're not drinking.
BurgerKing: cynthia
ang: gamble
BurgerKing: O_o
BuzzBot: ang guesses gamble and is correct! ang and Cynthia each get a point.
ang: w00t!
Cynthia: BK OMG OMG
BurgerKing: GAMBLE.
BurgerKing: :pppp

And some more random BuzzBot guesses:
ang: evangelical leather zebra

Cynthia: ang: That last string of random words produces a really strange mental picture.
* Cynthia imagines a zebra in a biker jacket coming to tell her to get right with God.

* Cynthia burps.
BurgerKing: BREEELP.
Cynthia: 'Scuse me.
TOM: That wasn't very ladylike of you.
BurgerKing: *spit*
Zarniwoop: Her? Ladylike?
Zarniwoop: Don't make me laugh.
* Cynthia tickles Zarni.
BurgerKing: Yeah. Zarni's the ladylike one.

Travholt had entered right at the end of a game of BuzzBot. Afterward ...
Cynthia: Buzz again, or something else NOT MOLE OR KICKMOLE
wintermute: Blitz?
Travholt: Buzz.
Rabbitlord: Buzz again.
BurgerKing: Blitzz.
Travholt: I came in to play buzz.
Rabbitlord: Word/math would be okay, but no geobots.
Travholt: I will sneeze violently on you all if it's not buzz.
Cynthia: Ewwwwww.
* Cynthia also does not wish to get sneezed on kthxbye.
Travholt: S-o
Travholt: :-O
Travholt: Aaaaah....
Travholt: >:-[

Rabbitlord: By the way, a sneeze looks like this:
Rabbitlord: =-o

Still more BuzzBot! THE FUN NEVER ENDS!
BurgerKing: When the US wants our resourses, it won't even have to conquer Canada, it'll just _____ us.
TOM: annex
Zarniwoop: subvert
Monkeyman: annex
Cynthia: absorb
BuzzBot: Cynthia guesses absorb and is correct! Cynthia and BurgerKing each get a point.
Monkeyman: conquer
Zarniwoop: invade
Zarniwoop: order
TOM: We haven't already? ;-P
Cynthia: BK: You mean Canada's not a state?
BurgerKing: :p

Miraculously, it WASN'T BUZZBOT!
StateBot: TOM wins!
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Yes. I won *again.*' by TOM.
Sam: It's easy to beat TOM if you know the secret. That secret is, summon WordBot.

WordBot: Sam wins!
Xavier: Sam hath dominated all. not even the wrath of gremlinn, lord of WordBot can resist.

Everybody was KUNG FU BOTTING ...
WordBot: Question: Words with all these letters, in order: b, y, c, e.
Randy: beyonce knowles
Cynthia: LOL Randy!
Randy: Cyn: I am bootylicious

At the end of a game of Werewolf:
* Zarniwoop rises up and KILLS U ALL. HA.
Cynthia: YAY
Sosiqui: Of course, Cynthia and Zarniwoop are the essences of evil.
Sosiqui: You needed someone to TELL you that?
Cynthia: Hahahahaha.
Zarniwoop: Muahahahaha.

folex: If you take out the first M in madam, it's my name. WEIRD!
Morris: If you take out the first M in TOM, it's the fifth and sixth letters in my middle name. WEIRD!
folex: Morris: If you take out the first 5 letters in your name and replace them with jackas, you get jackass, you jackass.

Counterpoint has entered.
* Counterpoint is getting really *creeped out*.
nomie: Why?
Mary: Why?
Counterpoint: Every time his peripheral vision flashes over a certain part of the room, he thinks he sees a person standing there.
Counterpoint: OOPS.
Counterpoint: Third-person mode. O:-)
Counterpoint: Might as well finish it off ...
Mary: Talking in the tird person AND hallucinating? Well...
Counterpoint: But when he looks directly at it, all he sees is the normal stuff.
* Counterpoint is NOT TALKING IN TURD PERSON, thankyou.

BurgerKing: I found a monkeyman, but then he got hit by a bus. If anyone was wondering.
BurgerKing: Oops. Hit ON by a bus. They're happily married, now.

* Rabbitlord has discovered the most boring book dedication in all history.
Rabbitlord: "This book is dedicated to my parents."
Rabbitlord: Whee. Lame.
wintermute: RL: The dedication isn't meant to be exciting.
Counterpoint: Someday, I'd be interested to see this: "This book is dedicated to myself."
Rabbitlord: Yeah, but it's usually more interesting than THAT.
Rabbitlord: Like "Dedicated to my parents, for their love and neverending support." Or SOMETHING.
Sundragyn: I saw "This book is dedicated to the doctors at the hospital in <city> who saved my life."
Counterpoint: "...because MY collarbone is 1.5 cm. I measured it with a ruler."

Ellmyruh: Ahem. O:-)
Beasty: Elly: Calm down! Breathe!

* Ellmyruh opens another window.

* Sundragyn bought SimEarth and Populous together for about $6 each, today.
nomie: What do you do in SimEarth?
Sundragyn: Control a WHOLE PLANET.
Sundragyn: Right now, I am waiting for molluscs to evolve.
Brunnen_G: Sundragyn: I .... uh ... yeah ... I always hate that. Uh.

Faux_Pas: Look at the time. And me with all these baby seals to club.
Faux_Pas has left.

* Cynthia is taking History of Civilisations: 1500-Present.
Counterpoint: bleeph: Heh. I'm taking History of the World. Ancient Sumerian-WWII.
Counterpoint: Um.
Counterpoint: OOPS.
Counterpoint: *Cynthia. Not bleephia.
Rabbitlord: Bleeph?
DemanusFlint: bleeph
TOM: bleep?
DemanusFlint: How in the hell.
* TOM gets it.
Cynthia: LOL LOL. That is BEAUTIFUL.
wintermute: Oh my goodness....
Counterpoint: DF: It's what happens when your finger misses the Y key and gets filtered.
* DemanusFlint doesn't get it.
DemanusFlint: bleephia.
DemanusFlint: HA
DemanusFlint: That's incredible.
wintermute: So many times LOL!
* Cynthia is collapsing laughing.
wintermute: That RULED!
* Counterpoint is given a badge reading "Best typo EVAR!" by wintermute.
codeman38: Bleephia's reaction herself.
* Cynthia dies again.
* Cynthia loves her name.

The moral of the story, kiddies, is to be careful when you type my name. ;)

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