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Matthew: I just found out was the thing I'd been poking at and playing with with my feet was.
Zullin: Was it alive?
banana: And it was?
Matthew: It was a live electrical outlet without any covers.
htaeD: lol
Matthew: As in, a hole in the wall with a socket hanging from wires.
Zullin: Wow, shocking.
Matthew: Bad Zullin.
Matthew: Go to your corner and think about what you've pun.

After a particularly, ah, colourful post to the hints forum:
* Zullin gives up reading the hint forum permanently.
Ellmyruh: That latest double post?
Zullin: Yeah. And, well, all the other posts.
Matthew: I never read the hint forum. I've only taken French and German.#

Brunnen_G: Darien: You rule the world. I believe I've told you this before.
Darien: I don't think so. You told me I was God once.
Darien: Which is sort of the same.
Brunnen_G: Yeah.
Brunnen_G: I've told various people they're God, though, so I guess I have one of those religions with lots of gods.
Brunnen_G: Which seems about right, based on the Greek model where all the gods are basically shouting U R TEH SUCK EAT CRUD!! BURN!! at each other all day long.

Brunnen_G: It's quite funny. Thinking about meeting Cynthia, I'm all "Wow, COOL I GET TO MEET CYNTHIA" but thinking about meeting Darien is crazy. It's like meeting somebody you don't seriously think of as existing in the real world. Like ... I don't know, Arnold Schwarzenegger or somebody.
* Brunnen_G re-reads that and finds it hilarious for all kinds of reasons.
Brunnen_G: I guess because Darien's one of these ancestral legendary figures around here.
* Darien insists that Cynthia put that on her quotes page, since it is the only time he will ever be associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So then, a little later I posted a link to the freshly-uploaded Page Twelve, which BG had BADGERED ME MERCILESSLY to put up.

Cynthia: BG: I hope the new page hasn't disappointed?
Brunnen_G: Cynthia: Most excellent.
Brunnen_G: It would be funnier if it was spelled ARLOND SCHWARTZANDEGGAR.
Darien: Wouldn't it? I particularly liked the "Arlond" part. Especially because I did that by accident. :-}
Brunnen_G: "Arlond" sounds like an elf name.
* Brunnen_G tries to imagine an elf Schwarzenegger. It does not work.
Darien: I'm going to name my first child "Arlond." Male or female.
Darien: Hell with it. I'll name the first six "Arlond."
Brunnen_G: I thought it was going to be named after some random anime character.
Darien: Nah. That would only happen if the wife had any say.
Brunnen_G: LOL
Darien: "Hey, we should name our firstborn child Hino Rei Asuka Ryoko Chi-Chi! We could call her HRARC for short."
Darien: That's it. The next six kids all get named "HRARC."
Cynthia: LOL
Brunnen_G: Yeah!
Darien: "Have you met my children? Arlond, Arlond, Arlond, Arlond, Arlond, Arlond, HRARC, HRARC, HRARC, HRARC, HRARC and little HRARC."
* Brunnen_G dies.
* Brunnen_G copies that line, for use in case anybody ever asks "So, how would you describe this Darien guy?"
Darien: Oh my word. :-}

gremlinn has entered.
TalkingDog: The world doesn't even have flying walruses.
Rivikah: flying walruses?
Sundragyn: I prefer not having to dodge flying walrus poop.
gremlinn: Was I kicked for being idle?
BurgerKing: Sun: I don't think the poop would fly. Just the walruses.
Cynthia: grem: No, you were a victim of a Darien Mass Kick.
Fuzzpilz: No, Darien just kicked everybody except BG.
gremlinn: Ah, okay.
* Brunnen_G thinks flying walruses would be ... HEY! He *did* leave me out. That's so sweet.
Brunnen_G: Or more likely it was because he couldn't kick another op.
* Fuzzpilz needs an ISP that allows him to say things before other people do.

Faux_Pas: The strangest thing in this news article about a teenager who killed someone to become an immortal vampire is this one paragraph: The murder sent shockwaves through the tourist village of Llanfairpwll PG, best known for having the longest place name in Britain. Its 56-letter full name -- Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysiliogogogoch -- is so long that locals abbreviate it.
Faux_Pas: Blood, blood, gore, ritual slaying, longest place name in the world, blood, gore, human bits.
Mousie: Huh.
Ticia: heh
Faux_Pas: That's how the article read.
Mousie: Everyone's gotta have an angle, I guess.
Ferrick: More bits, please.
Counterpoint: Go-go-goch? Sounds like something a cartoon character would shout.
Lynette has entered.
Faux_Pas: Lynettewllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysiliogogogoch!

Faux_Pas: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysiliogogoGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!
Faux_Pas: The Welsh soccer team scored.
Ferrick: Faux_Pasewllgwyntopogigiodedoodoodoodedadadaboutrosboutrosghali

famous: Goodnight everyone. Time for bed for me.
Ellmyruh: Godo night!
Ellmyruh: *Good
famous: Bye!
famous: hehe
famous has left.
Ellmyruh: Frood Baggins.
htaeD: hey, the side of my head just got really cold
gremlinn: You've been cursed by a wraith.
htaeD: perhaps
Matthew: Sure it's not your arm?
gremlinn: Or even a Ringwraith. I'll bet just mentioning Frodo Baggins brought them.
Ellmyruh: Oooh. F33r my l33t pow3rz.
gremlinn: That would make Elly the Dark Lord.
Cynthia: Whoa.
Ellmyruh: Hm.
Ellmyruh: Layla means "dark as night."
gremlinn: Whoa.
flyingcats: Laaaaaaaaaaaaayla
Ellmyruh: And that certainly can't refer to my coloring.
Ellmyruh: hehehe
gremlinn: *Dark Lady, I suppose.
htaeD: it still feels cold
gremlinn: That doesn't sound as menacing though.
Ellmyruh: Yeah, I don't think I'm a Lord.
flyingcats: Lordette.
flyingcats: Lord33t3.
Ellmyruh: Lord3tt3.
gremlinn: L00rd3tt3.
flyingcats: Yeah, that.
flyingcats: L0rd3tt3.
flyingcats: 70rd3tt3.
Maryam: d00d3tt3 of the |)4R|<
flyingcats: Nice.
* gremlinn hopes one day to become a |)4R|< d00d. For now he's just a gR3/\/\L1nn of the gR1/\/\y gR0tt05.
* gremlinn ousts g0llu/\/\.
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL
gremlinn: Evil master, I have found the One Rink! I will return it to you, yessss.
Ellmyruh: Yes, the RU is going to rule.
Maryam: RinkWraiks.

BurgerKing: I want Creed to stop singing.
El_Diablo: BK: Change the song/channel
BurgerKing: Or whatever they're doing with their vocal cords.
BurgerKing: El: Then I couldn't complain about them.
El_Diablo: BK: Then it looks like you'll have to suffer
BurgerKing: And it's MY radio. Why should I have to change the station for them? I'll just send them some letters asking them to stop.
BurgerKing: Eeep.

This took place while Matthew was visiting Maryam.
* Cynthia went to bed early, only to find herself wide awake three hours later.
Matthew: Cyn: Me too.
Matthew: Only I didn't find you awake. I found me.
Matthew: Which is quite something, I can tell you. It was very weird.
Cynthia: Isn't it, though?
Matthew: Most people have to go to India or something before they find themselves.
Matthew: ...Oh, darn. I'm not at home.

flyingcats has entered.
Zullin: Hello, flyingcats.
flyingcats: Hello, Zullin.
flyingcats: I thought of you today.
flyingcats: I was making a grilled cheese sandwich.
Zullin: Why?
flyingcats: (It was very very good.)
flyingcats: And I was tossing this spatula around.
flyingcats: And I was thinking that I should add that skill onto my cooking resume.
flyingcats: Because it's quite a talent.
flyingcats: And then I thought of you because I'm going to cook for you someday.
Zullin: Oh, yeah.
flyingcats: And then I thought of grem, because he was tossing around those little red things in that one restaurant the same way I was tossing the spatula.
flyingcats: I hope "tossing" isn't some crazy slang for something dirty, too. Ohmy.
Zullin: I wouldn't know. Cynth?
flyingcats: Yeah, I figured she'd have piped up by now, but I guess she's busy.
Cynthia: LOL! Why does everyone ask me what's dirty?
Cynthia: O:-) See?
flyingcats: Here, ma, look what I found.
flyingcats: PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL: http://flyingcats.tripod.com/hornhalo.html
flyingcats: I should buy you that, since we couldn't find that magnet.
Cynthia: LOL
Cynthia: The magnet she was going to buy me said "I think I feel a sin coming on."
Zullin: Ooh, nice.
flyingcats: Did it even say "I think"?
flyingcats: http://www.fridgedoor.com/fridgedoor/sincomingon.html
Cynthia: Okey, yeah.
Zullin: That would make a better t-shirt or something than a magnet. It sucks to only be able to sin in the kitchen.
flyingcats: You can put magnets lots of places.
flyingcats: I'm sure.
* Cynthia coughs politely.

Brunnen_G: Aargh. I'm so tired I think I'm turning into a mutant but I want to stay up.

Brunnen_G: Sam and Leen aren't letting me leave America until I have chronic diabetes, it seems. Your food is like a ninja.
Sundragyn: A sweet and sugary ninja?
* Brunnen_G realises that statement makes no sense, but has ingested too much sugar in the past week to care.

MattH has entered.
MattH: Hey!
Cynthia: I'm very sorry, we've reached our quota on Matts and Matthews; you'll have to come up with another nickname. ;-)
TOM: :-P
MattH: Amen!
Zarniwoop: YES U CAN
MattH: yeah--- Boo Zarni
Matthew has entered.
Matthew: You so can have too many Matthews.
Matthew has left.
Cynthia: Matthew's just bitter because he's the original.

Mina's label at the time was something about doing laundry, and she'd been idle a long time.
Mina has left.
Kaz: Ah phooey. Now I can't tease Mina about how long it was taking her to do her laundry.
Zarniwoop: About as long as it takes you to construct your average sentence.

* BurgerKing misses Wes.
BurgerKing: Come baaaaaack.
Randy: Really?
Zarniwoop: That's a good one. You had me fooled for a moment.
BurgerKing: Actually, yes.
BurgerKing: Usually wasn't boring when he was around.
* Randy missed Wes. Then he backed up and got him on the second try.

Mensekemeser's comment after Sam updated the archives:
Mensekemeser: [Welcome to Hell] :-#

* BurgerKing BITES TOM.
BurgerKing: Rar.
TOM: Dangit.
* Cynthia climbs a tree.
TOM: You jerk.
BurgerKing: GNARSH.
Cynthia: :-P
* BurgerKing BITES the tree.

BuzzBot: Sosiqui has been given a buzzword.
Sosiqui: a game of football, European-style, is called a _____
gremlinn: ZARNIBALL

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