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Athaleon: There aren't any annoying girls on the internet.
* Counterpoint would name a few, but he doesn't feel like insulting anyone, so he'll just say, "Yes, there are."
Cynthia: Cp: You can go ahead and say Wes. We all know.
Kaz: Athaleon: Well, I have to agree with Cp. See Wes for.... Geez. And Cynthia beat me at that. Why am I not surprised?
Cynthia: Because I'm inherently more evil than are you, dear.
* Counterpoint thinks that "dear" just perfects Cynthia's statement.
Cynthia: Why, thank you, Counterpoint.
Athaleon: Appending 'dear' or 'dearie' perfects anything. Anything that Cynthia says, at least.

From a discussion of Moxie, a "soft drink" which I had earlier described as tasting like turpentine smells:
Rabbitlord: Matthew: What did it taste like?
famous: I think Moxie is hideous. But I would drink it again. Just for fun.
Matthew: Rabbitlord: Have you ever tasted pure evil?
Rabbitlord: Matthew: Once, I think.
Matthew: I don't mean something that tastes evil. I mean actually tasting pure evil.
Rabbitlord: It was somewhat tangy.
Matthew: If you were to find a nugget of evil in its natural form, and suck on it.
Matthew: Until your tongue had become thoroughly corrupted by it.
Matthew: And the evil enters your bloodstream via the quickest route possible outside of a syringe.
Matthew: Within 15 seconds it's in your brain.
ahmoacah: Oh, it was not THAT evil.
Matthew: And for the briefest of moments, you experience Hell.
Matthew: Mind-boggling insanity that makes you want to claw at your soul.
Rabbitlord: Hmm. I guess I'll have to get a bottle, then.
Matthew: Now imagine that, but give it a slightly fruity flavour.
Counterpoint: So, you all got a taste of a Bag of Hell?
Cynthia: And I thought my description was extreme.
ahmoacah: Cynthia's description was fairer. :)
Matthew: It's tasty stuff.
Matthew: It's just probably best not to try it if you have religion.

Just a typical RinkWorks greeting ...
Zullin has entered.
Ellmyruh: Zullinacide!
Zullin: Is Zullinacide a crime, a criminal, or a means of killing Zullins?
flyingcats: Zullinacide sounds like a pesticide to me.
TalkingDog: I think it's the mass elimination of Zullins.
flyingcats: Not that you're a pest.
Zullin: Well, that settles that, then.
Ellmyruh: There is more than one Zullin?
Cynthia: Ell: Well, there's Zullin, and there's Zullin's killer ...
TalkingDog: The Zullinator.
Ellmyruh: Oh, Zullin killed Zullin?
gremlinn: Who we call Zullin for short.
gremlinn: It's a bit confusing, I admit.
Zullin: Sometimes I hold the corpse's fingers and make it type.
gremlinn: How sweet of you.

gremlinn: And the All-Star game has ended in a tie. Second time in 74 years.
Ellmyruh: Yay All-Stars!
gremlinn: The fans were booing the decision to end it.
Ellmyruh: grem: How long did it last, in terms of time?
gremlinn: Hmm, I don't know.
gremlinn: I didn't really notice when it started, but maybe 4 hours.
gremlinn: *73 years.

* htaeD melts his old mother board
* gremlinn, bored, melts his old mother.

Ticia has entered.
TalkingDog: Hey, Ticia!
TalkingDog: How's @-`-,--`,--`-,--?

After being idle for a while, Mensekemeser contributed something to the conversation, leading to:
TalkingDog: Mense! Where did you come from?
Mensekemeser: TD: Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much...

Maryam and Matthew, sharing a keyboard so nicely and adorably.
Maryam: That was Matthew talking.
Maryam: You can tell, because it has a typo.
Mia: And you NEVER typo. ;-P
TalkingDog: Matt: Type (Matthew) at the beginning of your posts, so we can tell it's you.
Maryam: (Matthew): It wouldn't if your keyboard wasn't one inch to the left.
Maryam: My keyboard is a perfectly normal keyboard.
Mia: hehehehehe
Maryam: (d00d): We've been through this before.
Maryam: And you're still wrong.
Mia: Matthew/Maryam: You two are too cute.
Cynthia: Mia: Aren't they just?
Mia: Cynthia: Totally. Almost as cute as you and that kid you like so much. ;-)
* Maryam and Matthew stamp on kittens.
Mia: CUTE!!!
Cynthia: Mia: :-P
Mia: Cynthia: heh heh heh.
* Maryam feeds the remaining kittens to something nasty.
Mia: Maryam: That's so sweet!
* Maryam stamps on that, oo.

Okay, so I, your hardworking Bloodmopstress and quote gatherer, am /away with the label "wr0king on teh SIET," adding links to all the quotes pages to reflect the presence of a new page. And I glance at chat and see:
Lirelyn: Prediction: Orange Coke will be on the market within five years.
Mensekemeser: Prediction: Vanilla Coke sucks.
Mensekemeser: Hey, it came true!
* Mensekemeser stops.
Cynthia: d00000000000000d, Mense.
Ellmyruh: Uh oh. Now look what you've done, Menseke.
Sosiqui: SIET?
Cynthia: Okay, so I put in all this work on my quotes page, only to have you people mocking the thing that fuels the work.
Cynthia: Maybe I just won't put up page eleven.
Nyperold: Vanilla Coke is what fuels the work?
Cynthia: Nyp: Ohyes. Caffeine is important.
Lirelyn: Vanilla Coke fuels the world. Or didn't you know?
* Sosiqui wants the quotes page
* Sosiqui will buy Cynthia Vanilla Coke if she uploads it
Cynthia: w00000000t!
* Cynthia hurries.
* Lirelyn spent waaaay too much time trying to figure out what Cynthia Vanilla Coke was.
gremlinn: Vanilla Coke with blood freshly squeezed from a mop.

Sos, I'm holding you to the Vanilla Coke offer. ;)

RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Something dark and evil.' by Morris.
htaeD has entered.
Morris: Wow, nice timing.
htaeD: i was just wating i nthe lobby

Rivikah has entered.
Rivikah: hmm...I think I'll make my computer crash just for fun. be back in a few.
Rivikah has left.
Mary: *blink*

Morris: Cyanide isn't an element.
* Nyperold read for a moment: "Cynthia isn't an element."

There was a typo in the topic. Neither Ell nor I could let it go. So when two ops idled, giving us both ops simultaneously:
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEYLAND (and air conditioning)' by Ellmyruh.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISNEYLAND (and air conditioning)' by Cynthia.
Ellmyruh: THERE.
Sosiqui: LOL
Cynthia: LOL
Ellmyruh: LOL!
Sosiqui: AH
Sosiqui: STOP THAT
* Ellmyruh high-fives Cynthia!
* Cynthia high-fives Ellmyruh!
Cynthia: Ell: If we keep this up, Monkeyman will be back to his "Cynthia is an alter ego of Elly's" theory.
Ellmyruh: Cynthia: Ooooh.
Monkeyman: Cynthia is an alter ego of Elly's. I just have to work really hard to ignore photographic evidence to the contrary.

flyingcats: Yes, I hope gremlinn wouldn't not kiss me the same day you drank code's blood.

* TBG notes that he is good at killing chat.
Sundragyn: Ahhhhhh, Monty Python.
* codeman38 combines two threads of conversation: you sure the chat isn't just pining for the fjords?
TBG: No. It's dead. You see the only reason the chat was still up, is because Sam nailed it to the webpage.

Zullin has entered.
Cynthia: Hiya, Zullin!
Mary: Hey Zullin.
Zullin: Hey.
LuckyWizard: Hi Zullin!
gremlinn: Hey Zullin.
TBG: It's Zullin!
Wes: Hey Zullin.
Wes: If this was a scratch off lottery ticket we would win, since there are three "Hey Zullin."s

Brunnen_G: If you're not getting things broken or damaged or whatever on a regular basis, you're not living hard enough.
Maryam: BG: I've never had a broken bone, yet I've blown up a car. Analysis?
Brunnen_G: Maryam: You're the coolest person on earth.
Maryam: Ruling.
Stephen: Maryam: Wow. You're James Bond.
Stephen: WAIT
Stephen: I SEE HOW IT IS
Stephen: YOU'RE A BOND GIRL!!!
Stephen: SWEET!!!
Maryam: Only I'm the cool one.
Brunnen_G: Yes! Maryam is a Bond girl!! RULE
Maryam: HEY
Brunnen_G: Wait wait. Matthew is James Bond, then?
Stephen: BG: Apparently.
Stephen: He hides it well.
Stephen: It's the only logical conclusion.
Brunnen_G: That's beyond cool.
Stephen: Last I checked, they weren't letting American women become Bond.

Immediately following a round of people posting sound files of themselves talking:
Monkeyman: OK, Cat is FREAKING OUT and I DON'T KNOW WHY.
Sosiqui: Mm: The weird people talking to him, of course.
Wes: Except for Cynthia. Cynthia sounds likable when she's talking, which I suppose is very weird, considering who it is I'm talking about.

flyingcats has entered.
Counterpoint: Inspired by fc's arrival, I was playing with smileys. This is interesting; it looks like some elderly lady taking a photo with her beloved kitty: :-*:cat:
Sundragyn: That kitty doesn't want to be photographed.
Fuzzpilz: Cp: I thought the term "little old lady" was meant relative to other humans.
Counterpoint: Fp: Okay, she's also taking it with her angry grandson: >:-|:-*:cat:

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