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Ellmyruh: Blah. Who invited Mr. Paperclip into my Word document?
Morris: The Prince of Darkness.

Zullin: Are there a lot of Bible verses about strippers?
Morris: Depends on whether Adam and Eve count.

* Monkeyman has been trying to kick his BG habit for months.
Brunnen_G: Monkeyman: It's strangely inspiring to know that if I stay out of chat long enough, you guys start getting headaches and seeing invisible spiders all over your arms.
Monkeyman: Dang. I have to go make sandwiches now, then go to bed.
Monkeyman: BG: And when you're here, I get the munchies.
ahmoacah: Dude, now I want Monkey-bread.
codeman38: Monkey-bread? Is that anything like nekopan?
ahmoacah: I want the recipe!
Sosiqui: Monkeyman's Manly Bread.
Brunnen_G: I don't want any recipes for any food associated with Monkeyman.
Sosiqui: It's not all rotten.
Mia: Mm scares me when he cooks.
Brunnen_G: They probably all end "Leave in a warm damp place for six months and then serve"
* Monkeyman still has trouble telling his brain that ahmoacah ACTUALLY knows what Monkeybread is like.
ahmoacah: I wouldn't have said that either, but it IS yummy. The bread.
Mia: He's worse than Dave.

Ellmyruh: I'm downloading a SPEAK AND SPELL simulator.
Ferrick: So you can phone home!
Owen: Ell: Which is?
Ellmyruh: I AM OLD!!!!
Ellmyruh: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
* codeman38 had a Speak and Spell as a kid. Ah, nostalgia.
codeman38: Wow, this is making me feel old. Ack.
Ferrick: Ell: Make it speak spanish.
Owen: Oh... one of those things?
Cynthia: d00d I AMS TEH OLLLD TOO
Matthew: Click here 4 romz. R-o-m-z. Romz.
* Zarniwoop doesn't know what speak and spell is either.
codeman38: http://www.yesterdayland.com/popopedia/shows/toys/ty1074.php
Ellmyruh: IT'S TALKING!!!!!
Ellmyruh: http://sass.retrogames.com/files.html
Matthew: People can't know what Speak and Spell not is.
Matthew: It's just wrong. Go away and come back when you were born earlier.

Nyperold: Hellol.\
Nyperold: Blah.
TalkingDog: LOL
TalkingDog: Sleepy, Nyp? (-:
* Nyperold gets a keyboard with all the keys an inch or more away from each other, and smashes this one. Not really.

The topic was, "Congratulations, Elly!"
* gremlinn wonders about the topic.
folex: What's the congrats for?
Sosiqui: Elly is a graduated person.
folex: Nice!
gremlinn: Not a graduated cylinder?

Cynthia has entered.
Zarniwoop: Eh up.
* gremlinn always imagine Zarniwoop belching that greeting.
* Sosiqui gives gremlinn a weird look
* Zarniwoop always imagines that grem will be in the loony bin within a few days.
* gremlinn accepts the weird look and puts it in a picture frame.

Mia: I am becoming a dental hygienist.
ahmoacah: Nice steady job, no weird hours :-)
ahmoacah: (not that I know if your other job(s) had weird hours)
Sosiqui: Lots of sucking.
Mia: heheh
* Sosiqui ducks.
ahmoacah: Sosi: I don't know what dentist you go to, but at mine, a machine does the sucking.
Mia: What is THAT supposed to mean, Sosi?
Sosiqui: I know, but the hygenist runs the machine.
Mia: After all the trouble I went through to defend you to Stephen.... :-(
Sosiqui: At least at my dentist. The assistant person uses the sucky instrument.
* Sosiqui is not being bad. She was just saying that Mia will get to use the sucky instrument thing that she doesn't know the name of, as part of her job as the best Dental Supreme Hygenist Dictatoress Ever.
Mia: Right.
Sosiqui: What is that thing called, anyway?
ahmoacah: The drool-o-vac.

Ellmyruh: gremlinn, you have hindered my abilities to read. I just read "germline" as "gremlinn," and got very confused.

gremlinn: Another good idea is that we should have these bar codes grafted on our skins. The biggest advantage, of course, would be to curb jaywalking.
gremlinn: When are they going to get around to implementing that?
Ellmyruh: Was "curb jaywalking" an intended pun?
gremlinn: Nope.
Zullin: It might cut the murder rate in half, too.
gremlinn: It will rule when I can get one and use it to shop in stores without having to bring my wallet. I'll be a human credit card.
gremlinn: They'll just ring up my purchases and scan my arm.
htaeD: itll rule when the govement knows EVERYTHING about you
gremlinn: Yeah, it will.
gremlinn: Because they'll know everything about terrorists, too.
gremlinn: And I have no bad secrets to hide.
Ellmyruh: Except for that one.
gremlinn: Sorry about interrupting the driving talk.
Ellmyruh: Way to go, gremlinn. Redirect the conversation to your faultless self.
gremlinn: I just like hypnotism and controlling people.
Marvin: Sorry. It's my fault
Ellmyruh: WHOA. It worked. You're good.
gremlinn: :-}
* Ellmyruh is now worried about the RU.
Marvin: It was me who brought up hypnotism
gremlinn: You sound like you have some dark secret to hide.
Ellmyruh: grem: No, I 'm just afraid that ~20 people are going to spend the rest of their lives muttering under their breath, "gremlinn is God" over and over again.
gremlinn: But I'm a benevolent God.
gremlinn: I wouldn't hypnotize them to say that, because it would deny their free will.

Sundragyn: I just saw an anti-drug commercial. "DRUG MONEY SUPPORTS TERRORISM."
Sundragyn: And there's all these teenagers saying stuff like, "I gave the terrorists their fake passports" and "I help blow up buildings" and it is BLATANT PROPOGANDA and yuck.
htaeD: and that is why i grow my own drugs

Randy: We STILL have to learn Cobol here.
Wormwood: Randy: Where? 1970s Timewarp School?
MutantHamster: at school, i always ask people if they know any programming and i know they lie cuz when i ask them what langauge they say "english", and sometimes even like "french"

* coke_can is too hot to be sitting in a chair typing things.
* Brunnen_G is too cold to be sitting in a chair typing things. Stupid spherical planet.

Marvin: Who DOESN'T have some deep, dark secret they're hiding?
Zullin: My secrets are all shallow and sparkly.

* Brunnen_G thinks a/s/l should be finleteed to "Hello! I'm a weirdo who came in here to hit on people."
* Brunnen_G also thinks "filtered" should not be spelled like that. Er.
codeman38: LOL!
Mary: finleteed! I didn't even notice! LOL!
whitehelm: me neither
Ellmyruh: How on EARTH did you type "finleteed"?
whitehelm: best typo ive ever seen
codeman38: Same here. Must be getting tired when I don't notice things like that. Heh.
* Zarniwoop noticed it, and he's been up all night.
Brunnen_G: Ellmyruh: I have no idea. Except that my fingers are very cold and I've been outside in a wind that's straight from Antarctica for the last 13 hours.
Mary: LOL, if codeman didn't notice, we're all in trouble. ;)

* Lindra loves Australia. Go inland beyond a 100 miles and you have miles and miles of land that has hardly been touched. Beautiful.
* gremlinn read that as "hardly been torched".

For the record, there are exceptions to the "people Rinkies know in real life" rule, and those exceptions are very nice people. But they're still exceptions. At least I censored the IP address.
RinkChat: ip:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx has been banned from RinkChat by Cynthia.
sadhighelf has left.
Mary: *Relieved Sigh*
* Cynthia should just have started with the IP ban.
Counterpoint: Mary: You're probably going to hear ALLLLL about that tomorrow.
Travholt: Woohoo! Action! Kicks! Bans! Use of 733T op powers! RinkChat has it all!
Mary: Yep. Arrgh.
Mary: LUCKILY, tomorrow's the last day of school.
Cynthia: Mary: You mean you attend school with that?
Counterpoint: "That"?? Hehe.
Mary: You bet.
Cynthia: Mary: I'm so sorry.
Mary: He saw me playing MR at school. I've learned my lesson.
Travholt: Now, the novice RinkChatter might think that Cynthia is sorry she banned a person another Rinkie knows, but knowing Cynthia, that's not the case.
Christopher: TTFN
Christopher has left.
Cynthia: Travholt: It seems to me that people Rinkies know in real life are worse than the average lamer.
Mary: You kidding?? I'm THRILLED about it. Cynthia should feel no different.
Travholt: Taunt The F****** Newbie?

coke_can has left.
coke_can has entered.
* coke_can hates it when flames spurt from the ceiling.
gremlinn: That happens in my kitchen sometimes.
gremlinn: I used to think it was bad, but now I just call it an "interesting feature."
gremlinn: Sometimes we gather around with marshmallows and try to get them up there quick enough to roast them.

* Cynthia locates several pieces of jewelry that were extremely stylish a few years ago.
Cynthia: The rose quartz karma bracelet is still really pretty, though. I think I'll keep that.
Cynthia: If I remember correctly, the karma bracelets were all associated with some good thing, depending on the type of stone.
* Cynthia goes to find out what rose quartz and turquoise meant, as she has one of each.
Cynthia: http://blue.butler.edu/dawgnet/000302/fea-karma.html
gremlinn: WUV
Zullin: PEAS
* Cynthia was apparently such a hippie then.
Cynthia: The rose quartz one is still really pretty, though.
Zullin: It would be hardcore if they had ones for "Indifference To The Suffering Of Others" and "Senseless Violence" and things like that.
* Cynthia wants one for "Unlimited Access to Mom and Dad's Credit Cards."
gremlinn: "Philosophical Angst"
coke_can: I want one for "Being the smartest and prettiest person in the world."
* gremlinn bets that two different people split that title.

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