ChrisA's RinkQuotes page

Anyone who knows RinkChat will know that Sam has archived some interesting chat sessions. Unfortunately he seems to do this less and less now - so loyal RinkChatters have taken up the task. It is in their footsteps that I follow.

These quotes pages were converted into HTML by Ciaran's RinkChat HTML-iser. Note that my nick changed from 'chrisa' (my email address) to 'Chris' (my first name) and finally to ChrisA. (This last nick should stay I think!) I now frequent RinkChat under the nick ChrisA.

Sam: I JUST SUCCESSFULLY OPEN-SOURCED THE GNU PUBLIC LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam: I AM SO 733T.

Darien: It's a race. We're trying to see which one of them can corrupt your soul first. Neither of them gets any points if your soul gets eaten by Emacs, though.

Rabbitlord: "The sun is over 3 billion years old, and scientists predict that it will continue to get older for many years to come."
TalkingDog: English was based off of, what, French, Latin, Greek, and German, right??
TalkingDog: How'd that extra ? get there?
ChrisA: TD: English now is based on everything - and vice versa.
Cynthia: TD: The English stole two things from everyone: land and words.

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