RinkQuotes: On operators and such

chrisa: I say - in a previous conversation I was told that a room could have only three ops in it. (BTW: why?) There seem to be four here.
Travholt: Three non-idle ops.
chrisa: Ah. OK. But why?
ahmoacah: Because.
Travholt: I guess because three is enough.
chrisa: Thanks. :-|
chrisa: So how does the system decide who loses op status?
Lindra has left.
ahmoacah: Magic. With some bugs.
chrisa: Heh heh!
ahmoacah: "it's all fixed in the next release"
Travholt: There are greater and lesser ops.
* Travholt = tiny op.
chrisa: What, so a lesser op is less op than a greater op, and a greater op is represented by a captial OP?
chrisa: <g>
Travholt: There's no way to tell who's who, actually.
Travholt: Save observing who loses ops when.
ahmoacah: Assuming the bugs don't kick in.
chrisa: But the system has a full pecking order? And where do moderators and admins come in?
Travholt: Mods are for user-created rooms.
Travholt: Admins are gods.
Gahalia: There *is* a help link...
chrisa: Saw that, but didn't know the full pecking order.
Nyperold: Admins take away all ops, when they're here and not idle.
Gahalia: *shrug* Okey then.
ahmoacah: Pecking order implies pecking.
chrisa: If admins are gods, who sets the rules? The admins themselves? Or is Sam the "high god"?
Travholt: ahmo: Stop pecking on me!
ahmoacah: And a single-file order.
chrisa: ahm: I take it there's no pecking then? Or is there ?
ahmoacah: Trav: I'm not!
chrisa: WHO SAYS?? <g>
ahmoacah: If there is pecking, it has no effect on the order.
Travholt: Hehehe.
Travholt: Kidding, of course. I just had to say it.
Nyperold: Sam and Leen are more powerful than Dave in that they can "Ghost", or be in the room without appearing in the list.
* ahmoacah PECKS.
chrisa: I know! Sam is the impeccable! That's it! I *knew* there was some word for it! :-)
* Travholt is PECKED.
Travholt: Ow.
Travholt: Impeckable.
chrisa: You gotta go Owwwwwwww....
ahmoacah: Trav can go Ow however he wants, because he is higher in the pecking order than you.
Travholt: No, I just gotta go, period.
Travholt is away.
chrisa: Not on The Goon Show you don't...
chrisa: Unless you're the audience of course.
ahmoacah: I don't Goon Show.
chrisa: Neither do I, but Spike Milligna The Well Known Typing Error does.
Nyperold: And Sam is at the top.
chrisa: Which means that not only can Sam say Owww whenever he wants, he can also *not* say it?
ahmoacah: Yes.
chrisa: What a lucky thing it is to be at the top...
Travholt is back.
chrisa: When you can afford to be run over by limosines instead of buses...
Travholt: Gahalia stole my ops.
Gahalia: You can have them back - I'm about to leave. ;-)
Travholt: Hehe.
Nyperold is away.
chrisa: Trav: So I see. Will you automatically steal op status as soon as Gahalia leaves?
Gahalia: Bye all!
Gahalia has left.
Travholt: Bye!
Travholt: Observe.
nomie has left.
chrisa: Apparently... yes.
Travholt: I only became an op because I'm often here when most ops are not.
chrisa: Ah, of course. But why does the system need an op? Wouldn't a moderator do most of the time?
Travholt: Or, more correctly, was made an op.
Travholt: It's the same thing, really.
chrisa: Yes, but I can't become an op unless I'm made one.
ahmoacah: That would be the difference.
Travholt: So what's a moderator, then?
Travholt: Like, the first person to enter a room?
* The horror of it is envisioned by Travholt.
chrisa: According to /adminhelp, admins can give and admins can take away (blessed be the name of the admin?) operator status; no mention of higher or lower ops.
ahmoacah: Trav: Yeah, horror.
ahmoacah: chris: That's a different kind of op.
chrisa: Oh. What kind?
ahmoacah: The higher/lower thing is for automatically granted ops. That is controlled by the person who runs the web site.
chrisa: Ah. So what kind can admins make?
ahmoacah: Uh, non-automatically granted ops?
ahmoacah: If they leave and come back, they don't get the op back, basically.
chrisa: Yes, but what height?
ahmoacah: More analagous to mods.
chrisa: But with all the operator powers?
ahmoacah: Height is irrelevant because it's not automatic, but it might count as one of the three when computing the others.
ahmoacah: Well, yes, that WOULD be the point of being an op, to have op powers.
chrisa: Duh! Shouldn't have asked that, should I?
Rivikah has entered.
Nyperold: Hello!
ahmoacah: Hi.
Travholt: Hi, Riv.
Rivikah: Hihi
Travholt: Riv: Did you try the paperclip yet? :-)
* chrisa notices the chatting suddenly go quiet
Nyperold is back.
Rivikah: I did. it works very nice...though I had to trim it off because only like half fits in...and it seems to shift the range of easy notes to play up a couple
chrisa: Riv: Can you please explain to a poor newcomer what the paperclip was for?
Travholt: Lovely sound though, eh?
Rivikah: muting my tinwhistle...indeed...not quite so *wince* at the top end
Travholt: Yeah.
chrisa: Heh. I play the pen top.
Rivikah: *sigh* I'm tired now. What do I have to accomplish this evening?
chrisa: You poor thing... wondering what to accomplish. Here's a tip - just achieve world peace, and people won't mind what else you don't do. :-)
Rivikah: um...the choices are CS or Algebra?
ahmoacah: Rivikah is no poor thing.
chrisa: Yes. He has evening. I have morning!
ahmoacah: ...
Rivikah: ...
ahmoacah: -.-. .... .-. .. ... / .. ... / -.-. --- -. ..-. ..- ... . -..
chrisa: Playing Morse Code?
Rivikah: ooh....um...
Rivikah: right
ahmoacah: .-.. --- .-..
Rivikah: I agree...but I don't feel like putting it in dots and dashes because that would take all day
ahmoacah: Hehe.
ahmoacah: I know it well enough, but it is still slow.
chrisa: Yes. It's a bit tedious saying LOL in 11 characters (morse) when it can be said in 24 (ASCII)!
ahmoacah: ........................
chrisa: Pardon?
ahmoacah: . .. . . / .. .. .. / . .. . .
ahmoacah: So HA.
Rivikah: slower than normal anyway
chrisa: Back to the slashes! What does slash mean?
ahmoacah: -..-. ..--..
ahmoacah: I wish morse code was run-length encoded. It would cooler.
ahmoacah: *be cooler.
chrisa: Try deflating it.
Rivikah: run-length encoded?
ahmoacah: DeFLATing????
chrisa: Yes, deflating. The compression used by gzip and pkzip.
ahmoacah: Riv: Yeah. So you could have A = . and B-Z = -(something) and B = -. and C-Z = --(something) etc.
ahmoacah: "deflating" is NOT the compression scheme.
chrisa: No, deflation is.
ahmoacah: It's LZ77.
ahmoacah: No, you are confused.
chrisa: WRONG! That's only part of it.
ahmoacah: deflation is an english word.
chrisa: There's two parts to deflation: LZ77 and I-can't-remember-the-name.
Rivikah: ooh...like a circlely thing...I get it....
chrisa: LZ77 recognizes an imbalance in byte usage, and the other looks for duplicate strings.
ahmoacah: Uh... LZ77 and a header?
Loryc has entered.
ahmoacah: Riv: Circlely?
Loryc: ook
Loryc: Oops.
Loryc: Hello.
Nyperold: Hello.
chrisa: Nope. LZ77 and another compression.
Rivikah: recursive.
ahmoacah: Ah. deflate, compress, lzh, and pack.
chrisa: I think not, but might be wrong...
ahmoacah: Riv: Sorta. Decoding is kind of recursive.
ahmoacah: The idea of RLE is that you can make your most common characters short, if you're compressing something like text with an uneven data distribution.
chrisa: No. RLE is straight on bytes. LZ77 is what you're describing.
ahmoacah: Morse code does that, to some extent, but not in the treelike fashion.
ahmoacah: ...
Travholt: ahmo: Ah, but then E would be . wouldn't it?
Rivikah: ok...so you don't necessarily use the letters in alphabetical order?
ahmoacah: What-ever.
Myrth has entered.
Myrth: Hello.
chrisa: E is the most common letter.
ahmoacah: Trav: I was trying to make it obvious.
ahmoacah: Riv: Yeah. The problem is that one of your letters has to be 26 -'s long.
chrisa: Nope.
Nyperold: Hello.
ahmoacah: Oh, whoops.
Rivikah: yes...so hopefully you're french and that letter is K and only used in like 6 imported words
ahmoacah: Heh. I thought W was pretty infrequent too.
chrisa: Morse actually has *three* possibilities, not *two* as in binary compression schemes. The pause between letters is extra information.
Rivikah: but then your next letter has 25 -'s which is still annoying
ahmoacah: One of my favorite signs in France was about "le tramway".
ahmoacah: Riv: Yeah.
Travholt: Heh! I searched for "letter frequencies" on Google, and Fun With Words turned up 3rd!
ahmoacah: As it is, I get into trouble with H and 1, because after too many .'s I lose count.
Rivikah: cool...
ahmoacah: But, after all that, what I said is still true. ;-)
Rivikah: indeed indeed
Rivikah: should I just finish this box of crackers or should I actually make supper tonight?
ahmoacah: Supper!
chrisa: Crackers!
ahmoacah: Are you gonna listen to Mr. Confused?
ahmoacah: I think not!
Rivikah: of course not
chrisa: Which Mr. Confused? Aren't we all?
Rivikah: I'm certainly not
chrisa: Of course not.
Rivikah: ok...I'm going to use duct tape for another little bit and then I'll go cook
chrisa: What's the duct tape for? Or - don't we want to know?
Rivikah: I'm being purposefully enigmatic so I'm not going to tell you
chrisa: Fine. I too will be enigmatic, and not tell you that I want to know.
ahmoacah: Riv, you rule.
Rivikah: thank you.
chrisa: Rule what? Or - don't we want to know? :-)
ahmoacah: We all know but you.
chrisa: Thanks. Then I won't tell you that I want to know.
ahmoacah: Good.