RinkQuotes: The One True/False God

Just before this, Stephen had told us about the way the One True God and the One False God had been merged. This part of the conversation was lost, and all that's left is:
* TOM puts ChrisA into the box. (21:11:15)
Liface: fine i'm dead (21:11:17)
Liface has left. (21:11:18)
ahmoacah: Into the box with him! (21:11:19)
Stephen: Huh. (21:11:22)
* ChrisA panics, then falls limp. (21:11:28)
Stephen: I wonder if he's dead or alive? (21:11:36)
Stephen: Until we check, I guess he's both. (21:11:42)
* ChrisA is totally limp. (21:11:45)
* Stephen fires a shotgun into the box several times. (21:11:50)
* ChrisA is dead, now. (21:11:58)
ahmoacah: I think we need another box now. (21:11:59)
Stephen: ahm: Yeah, for TOM? (21:12:08)
ahmoacah: Yup! (21:12:13)
TOM: Hey, there's a box under the couch here... (21:12:16)
Stephen: I'm all out of boxes. (21:12:21)
* ahmoacah STUFFS TOM in. (21:12:30)
ChrisA: Use mine! (21:12:31)
TOM: It's the One True/False God! (21:12:33)
TOM: You think they'da hid it somewhere better. (21:12:50)
* TOM, being stuffed into the box, is forced to look upon the God. (21:13:05)
ChrisA: Hmmm.... how come I can talk when I'm dead? Have to talk to the chat engine about this. (21:13:08)
ahmoacah: Well, it's ok. Because now you're in the box, so if you observe the state, it doesn't matter, since we can't observe you observing it. (21:13:08)