RinkQuotes: Weather

This is slightly edited - in between these lines were a few entrances and greetings.

Rivikah: would anyone care to attempt to explain the weather to me? (15:15:53)
Brunnen-G: Rivikah: I can do that. (15:16:02)
* Brunnen-G is good at explaining things. (15:16:08)
ang: This I'd like to hear. (15:16:33)
* Monkeyman isn't, but is willing to give it a shot. (15:16:35)
Brunnen-G: You get weather because the earth turns around and makes things swirly. (15:16:36)
Nyperold: Remember that without computers, you don't have contact with most of us. I leave it to you whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing. (15:16:38)
Adara has left. (15:16:47)
Rivikah: ok...Today: minus 31 with windchill...cold enough that breathing causes an instant icecream headache... (15:17:02)
Brunnen-G: When the sun rises, the ground gets warm, so it gives off warmness rays. Things like people, trees, frogs and toaster ovens like the warmness rays, so they get happy, and that makes the wind blow. (15:17:21)
Brunnen-G: Oh, you mean some specific weather where you are. (15:17:34)
Rivikah: tomorrow (24 hours later) +3 and melty. (15:17:37)
Brunnen-G: Sorry, can't help there. (15:17:40)
Morris: +3 is melty? (15:17:58)
Rivikah: yes (15:18:07)
Rivikah: it's above 0 so it's melty. by definition. (15:18:22)
Morris: How? I thought things didn't start melting until 33. (15:18:22)
Morris: Ohhh. Forgot about that. (15:18:29)
Brunnen-G: Anyway, the wind blows because when the trees get happy they wave back and forth. (15:18:33)
ChrisA: Morris: F or C? (15:18:37)
ChrisA: BG: Errr... who are you telling this to? Your mother or us? (15:18:57)
Morris: Chris: Yes, that's what I forgot. (15:19:03)
Brunnen-G: But then when it blows too much, it blows away all the warmness rays that come out of the ground, which is why we get winter. (15:19:05)
Brunnen-G: ChrisA: Posterity, I think. (15:19:17)
Rivikah: hmm...right...but the trees can't push much air around in winter withour leaves? (15:19:31)
Selah: BG: I LOVE this - I wish my meteorology teacher had explained things this way, instead of going into all that mess with isobars and Coriolis force and such. This rules. (15:19:45)
Rivikah: so we get spring again? (15:19:48)
Snowflake4u2004: this is getting way to technical for me (15:19:51)
Brunnen-G: Riv: Yes, that's why winter doesn't last all year. The trees get tired. (15:20:03)
ChrisA: BG: You're on candid camera! (15:20:36)
Rivikah: and hmm...we cut down some trees so it gets warmer? but but...why was it -31 today? (15:20:49)
Brunnen-G: ChrisA: What are you talking about? You're weird. (15:21:16)
Snowflake4u2004: but tres give us oxygen (15:21:39)
ChrisA: I know I am. What I meant is, I'm archiving this. (15:21:45)
Marvin: Cutting down all the trees would be bad. (15:21:48)
Marvin: At least, the last time I checked it was (15:21:59)
Rivikah: oh...um...but but...Summer? (15:22:00)
TOM: So do sea algea. (15:22:02)
TOM: Damn you lag. (15:22:07)
Snowflake4u2004: are you all biologists or something (15:22:26)
Brunnen-G: Snowflake: Yes. (15:22:34)
ChrisA: Sf: Most certainly not. (15:22:41)
Marvin: If you want to have summer all the time, just alter the planet's rotation so the earth is laying on its side (15:22:42)
* ang is a marine biologist. (15:23:00)
Selah: Snow: Um... this looked highly scientific to you? Happy warmness rays? O_o ;-) (15:23:01)
Monkeyman: POW! I had a witty comment six minutes ago, but work interrupted me! (15:23:02)
Rivikah: cutting down trees sounds easier (15:23:02)
Brunnen-G: Marvin: That only works if it's shaped like a wedge of cheese. (15:23:06)
ahmoacah: Laying on its... side? (15:23:07)
Nyperold: Ah, the "perpendicular Earth" idea. (15:23:08)
* Selah is a Comm. student. No bio here. (15:23:13)
Brunnen-G: And it has to be Swiss cheese so the sun can shine through the holes. (15:23:15)
Marvin: BG: Then we make the earth into a wedge of cheese (15:23:19)
* James is a naval biologist. (15:23:26)
* Marvin casts Bio2 on everyone (15:23:41)
* Monkeyman is a navel biologist. (15:23:45)
Selah: I'm no fun. Next time I'll make up something, I promise. (15:23:48)
Myrth: Selah: Communist student? (15:23:50)
Monkeyman: I have quite an ecosystem going on in my navel. (15:23:59)
Selah: Myrth: :-P (15:24:01)