RinkQuotes: The Crazy French

NormalAsylum: Man, I can't wait to get my hands on some "freedom fries". What a load of bull. The U.S. is retarded. (18:24:11)
nomie: ? (18:24:48)
NormalAsylum: Who came up with that? (18:24:55)
nomie: Freedom fries? (18:24:57)
ChrisA: NA: I don't think it was someone in government. (18:25:23)
ChrisA: I think McDonalds in England made the change already. (18:25:36)
* nomie is confused. (18:25:56)
* ChrisA isn't surprised. (18:26:10)
NormalAsylum: nomie: Some people want to change the name of french fries to freedom fries and other french things. Just to get back at the French or something. (18:26:36)
ChrisA: nomie: There's a forum thread on the subject. (18:26:56)
nomie: Hmm. French fries were never french to begin with though, so it wouldn't work very well. (18:27:04)
nomie: If anything, the French would THANK us for getting rid of the connotation. (18:27:18)
NormalAsylum: ChrisA: The U.S. is retarded anyway. (18:27:37)
ChrisA: Only I don't think "Freedom Fries" will take on. (18:27:51)
ChrisA: *catch on (18:27:55)
ChrisA: NA: Yup. I think so. (18:28:02)
DemanusFlint: FREEDOM KISSING (18:28:03)
nomie: What are they going to call French bread? (18:28:25)
ChrisA: NA: What country are you in? (18:28:26)
NormalAsylum: Lol DF! (18:28:31)
NormalAsylum: ChrisA: The U.S. (18:29:14)
gremlinn: I'm sure they're thinking of bigger and better ways to punish France. (18:29:26)
Rivikah: frenched fries are just frenched 'cause that's what you call it when you cut things in strips (18:29:42)
ChrisA: NA: I'm Australian, and therefore have many more reasons to rubbish the Yanks. (18:29:48)
NormalAsylum: Freedom bread, I guess. (18:29:49)
NormalAsylum: ChrisA: Ah, I can imagine. To tell the truth, I'd much rather be there than here. Australia is cool. (18:30:55)
ChrisA: NA: Heh heh. An American who actually knows there are other countries in the world! (18:31:29)
NormalAsylum: ChrisA: Among the people I know (15-16 year olds), most think Canada is looking pretty good right now. Funnily enough, the one thing I think is wrong with Canada is the French, though for unrelated reasons. (18:34:24)
Rivikah: there's nothing wrong with the French (18:34:54)
ChrisA: Hmm.... sure? (18:35:02)
Rivikah: not this year anyway (18:35:21)
NormalAsylum: *one thing; I'm sure Canada has problems of it's own. (18:35:27)
ChrisA: Riv: Why is this year different? (18:35:46)
Rivikah: um...it's not...just some years they make trouble you know... (18:36:10)
ChrisA: Riv: Oh. And this year *isn't* one. (18:37:06)
Rivikah: actually it's been a few years suince there was any such troubles (18:37:36)
Sundragyn: They're not trying to leave, lately, at any rate. (18:37:58)
gremlinn has left. (18:38:09)
ChrisA: grem is! (18:38:15)
Rivikah: and they're like...happy and stuff...or at least quiet. (18:38:45)