RinkQuotes: Culture for the Geek

I really put my foot in it this time!
Sam: You and ChrisA can be study partners. (21:24:51)
ahmoacah: :-> (21:25:03)
Sam: ChrisA: Identify "Harrison Ford" please. (21:25:03)
* ChrisA passes. (21:25:17)
Sam: Kaz: See? (21:25:23)
Kaz: I heard that name before! I don't know where or from what, but I heard it before! (21:25:30)
ChrisA: Why do I need to know about popular culture? (21:25:40)
TOM: So you can talk to people about it? (21:25:50)
Sam: Because you're not better than us. (21:25:53)
ChrisA: TOM: Why would I want to talk to people about it? (21:26:05)
Nyperold: Indiana Jones, and Han Solo. Among other roles which I can't think of. (21:26:06)
Sam: Wait, I didn't say that. (21:26:08)
ChrisA: Sam: ? (21:26:13)
Kaz: Sam: Yes you did! :-D (21:26:20)
TOM: Chris: Because people like talking about movies and stuff. (21:26:25)
TOM: Thusly, conversations with other people about said things are enjoyable. (21:26:38)
Wormwood: ChrisA: Your knowledge of popular culture is what defines your worth as a human being. (21:26:43)
ChrisA: TOM: "Then it is my extreme privilege not to be a man." (21:26:47)
ChrisA: Ww: Same. (21:27:01)
Sam: ChrisA: You don't, frankly, but if you don't even recognize *some* percentage of ubiquitous names and titles and phenomena of the modern age, you are unhealthily disconnected with the society in which you live. (21:27:08)
ahmoacah: How can anyone want to not be a person? And if not, why are you here? (21:27:18)
TOM: What? I'm talking about being able to have a light conversation with the average person. (21:27:22)
ChrisA: Sam: That's all quite acceptable except for the two letters 'un' in front of the perfectly good word 'healthily'. (21:27:40)
Wormwood: Yeah. I'm all for not being a pop freak but there is such a thing as being too disconnected. (21:27:40)
ChrisA: ahmo: It's safer not to be a person. (21:27:52)
ahmoacah: You are an idiot. (21:28:03)
ChrisA: Ww: TOO disconnected is when you lose your LAN wire and/or internet connection. (21:28:15)
ahmoacah: You can't PRETEND NOT BE TO A PERSON BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE (21:28:16)
ChrisA: ahmo: Thank you. Any further compliments of the sort can be sent to /dev/null. (21:28:33)
TOM: ... (21:28:44)
Kaz: Sam: I think you have a point there. Personally, I think that as far as social interaction is concerned.... well, the majority of mine actually came with the internet. I just never was that much of a social person in person. (21:28:51)
ahmoacah: I'm sorry, /dev/null filled up, and that one escaped. (21:28:53)
ChrisA: ahmo: What? Empty the bit bucket! (21:29:22)