Athaleon: MMmm, can't say I have.
Rabbitlord: Hello, Sarya!
Sarya: Hi Rl
flyingcats: Hey Sarya.
Sarya: Hi fc
Zarniwoop: Oh, come on. There isn't an old Clash vinyl album hiding away in your house somewhere?
Zarniwoop: Command and Conquer - Act on Instinct
Athaleon: Nope.
Athaleon: Beck - Loser
Zarniwoop: That rings a bell somewhere...
Zarniwoop: Come on...
Nyperold has entered.
Zarniwoop: Got it!
* Nyperold HUGS flyingcats and Sarya!
Sarya: Hey Nyp
Rabbitlord: Hey, NyP!
Zarniwoop: That was Mikey Whipwreck's ECW music. I knew I'd seen it listed somewhere.
Zarniwoop: Eh up.
Sarya is away.
Athaleon: Hi Nyp!
Athaleon: EEEEEW. I have "Drowning Pool - Bodies"?
Zarniwoop: Harry Slash and the Slashtones - This is Extreme
Rabbitlord: EEEEEW.
Athaleon: Five O'clock World
Zarniwoop: Nice.
Athaleon: Quake Master
Athaleon: Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican Radio. Hey, that would be good.
Athaleon: (Looking for decent music hiding in my MP3 directory)
Zarniwoop: Green Day - Don't Leave Me
Athaleon: (I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana)
Zarniwoop: Rick Derringer - Demolition
Athaleon: Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Nyperold: Super Mario Jazz Plumber - DJ Pretzel
Zarniwoop: The Who - Teenage Wasteland
Athaleon: (argon_laser.mp3?)
Athaleon: Blur - Song Two
Nyperold: An mp3 of an argon laser in use?
Zarniwoop: Whew. Another three points safely in the bag.
Athaleon: Nyp: Nope. You'd have to hear it.
Zarniwoop: Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World
Sarya has left.
Rabbitlord: This is very interersting conversation.....
Zarniwoop: True.
Athaleon: PUSA - Japan
Athaleon: (Big shiny jet plane in the sky, please drop us off as we fly by)
Sarya has entered.
Athaleon: Yo.
Zarniwoop: Green Day - One Of My Lies
Athaleon: Simon And Garfunkel - Hazy Shade Of Winter
Rabbitlord: You're listing your mp3s, right?
Nyperold: Deep Black Skys - Millennium Mario
Athaleon: RL: Just the ones that I'm currently listening to.
Zarniwoop: I'm doing them as they come up on random playback.
Nyperold: (Skys [sic])
Rabbitlord: I'm listening to random windchimey sounds.
Athaleon: Actually, I'm not sure exactly why I'm calling out names of songs at all.
Zarniwoop: World Wrestling Federation - Cactus Jack
Zarniwoop: Well, it beats sitting around saying nothing.
Athaleon: Yup.
Zarniwoop: This would look so odd in real life.
Athaleon: Yes, it would.
Zarniwoop: A group of people sitting in a square, listening to Walkmen.
Zarniwoop: Every so often, they shout out nonsense and then shut up again.
Zarniwoop: One of them has a big TV and digital box so he can watch Soccer Saturday, then rugby league's Grand Final...
Athaleon: Sounds like a way to spend an afternoon.
Athaleon: And one of them is roasting marshmallows with his breath. :-)
Zarniwoop: And he's shouting a stream of insults at the face that's just appeared.
Nyperold: DJ Seith and Miss Kitty - SMW Level One, Flat Goom-beat
Zarniwoop: Queen - We Will Rock You
Athaleon: Prozzak - Sucks To Be You
Athaleon: I think I hold the position of "Person who has dropped from the room the least." I have the most stable internet connection EVAR.
Zarniwoop: Queen - We Are The Champions
Zarniwoop: And every so often, some people get up and walk off. Others drop through mysterious trapdoors and then fall out of the sky.
Athaleon: The one who is roasting the marshmallows is also soaked with green and red fluid and his hair is sticking up. ALL of it.
* Rabbitlord plays with AIM graphics.
Zarniwoop: The one with the TV is wearing a slightly shiny red shirt with an odd insignia, the Nike tick, white sleeves and "Dreamcast" across the front. He is flipping through a light publication - "The Football Referee"
Zarniwoop: Oh, and Motorhead - Play the Game
Athaleon: The red/green one is wearing clothes which show he obviously doesn't care how he looks - black shirt, blue jeans, no shoes. His feet are very dirty. Barenaked Ladies - One Week.
Zarniwoop: Green Day - J.A.R
* Nyperold fades out...
Nyperold has left.
Zarniwoop: Trapdoor!
* Rabbitlord listens to mp3s too.
Athaleon: The people around don't think this is a very big deal - they simply say goodbye. Some of them pause for a few seconds and then say goodbye after the person has dissappeared.
* Zarniwoop sets down the Football Referee, and reviews his appointments for the coming week.
Rabbitlord: Collective Soul - Simple
Zarniwoop: Argh! Tufnell again.
Zarniwoop: Green Day - Christie Road
Athaleon: BNL - Get In Line
Zarniwoop: The one with the TV immediately begins fiddling about with small items, ostensibly trying to figure out a way of dodging Tufnell.
Rabbitlord: Memory Dean - So Complicated
Zarniwoop: He then scans the list further, and his heart begins to drop to somewhere in the vicinity of the outer core of the Earth.
Silon has entered.
Rabbitlord: Ahoy!
Silon: Hi.
Athaleon: Hey hye
Zarniwoop: *muttermutterTufnellcheating*****onlyforthemoneygrousegrouse*
Zarniwoop: Eh up.
Sarya has left.
Zarniwoop: Question for the room - Given that 'KTB' = Kentish Town Boys, "K.X.B.C.U" = ?
Zarniwoop: Green Day - Haushinka
Rabbitlord: Kentish Xenophobic Boys of Cracker University.
Rabbitlord: Collective Soul - Shine
Athaleon: The reddish/green one suddenly becomes translucent and immobile
Athaleon is away.
Zarniwoop: Green Day - Warning
Zarniwoop: The one with the TV puts a kettle on.
Rabbitlord: What are you talking about?
Zarniwoop: What RC would be like in real life.
ChaosJedi has entered.
Rabbitlord: Ohhh!
Rabbitlord: Hey, CJ!
ChaosJedi: Yo.
Zarniwoop: Eh up.
Zarniwoop: The one with the TV makes a cup of tea with the assistance of a fridge that appears out of the ground and a massive box of teabags.
Athaleon: He becomes translucent again with a bowl of cereal.
ChaosJedi: I don't even.
ChaosJedi: Want.
ChaosJedi: To know.
Athaleon is back.
ChaosJedi is away.
Rabbitlord: No, you don't.
Athaleon: *opaque, not translucent
Athaleon: THWAPP
Zarniwoop: The Jam - Going Underground
Athaleon: Hehehe. Which, I believe, was the first song you posted.
Zarniwoop: Well, I had to restart in the middle of the cycle, so it's got a new one now. ;-P
Rabbitlord: Bush - Machinehead
Athaleon: Ah.
Zarniwoop: That explains a lot, Rabbit.
Zarniwoop: ;-)
Rabbitlord: Grrrrr.
Athaleon: *doesn't want to even THINK about the possible meanigns of that*
* Zarniwoop just could not resist.
Zarniwoop: Green Day - 409 in your Coffeemaker
* Zarniwoop does try not to make those cheap jabs, but sometimes they're just too good an opportunity to pass up...
Athaleon: (Work it harder make it better do it faster makes us stronger)
Athaleon: "Daft Punk is great because the songs are great, but you can extract no meaning from them."
Rabbitlord: (Old one) Styx - Renegade
Zarniwoop: Command and Conquer - God is God
Athaleon is away.
Caidreabh has entered.
Zarniwoop: Eh up.
Athaleon: I believe you're correct.
Rabbitlord: Indeed.
ChaosJedi is back.
Rabbitlord: Why don't you leave and reenter?
ChaosJedi: Not true.
ChaosJedi: When a man is hungry, he must get food.
Zarniwoop: Well, in the words of the Crippler, Chris Benoit, "Just prove me wrong!"
Caidreabh has left.
Rabbitlord: Live - Selling the Drama
Zarniwoop: Michael Hayes - Mr. Bang Bang
Athaleon: I feel like A RAEL MNA now. I removed a transmission at 2 AM. I am now  and will attract all the draggy chicks.
Rabbitlord: 7 Mary 3 - Cumbersome
ChaosJedi: What is this, Name that Tune?
Athaleon: CJ: We're naming what song is playing, I guess. Smoother - East Side
Zarniwoop: No, Shout Out What's Just Come Up On Your MP3 Player.
Athaleon: CJ: It's a great game! It requires no skill, and it can be played for EONS and EONS and EONS.
Zarniwoop: It doesn't even require a taste in music to play!!!
Rabbitlord: As you can see.
Athaleon: Yes. For example: Drowning Pool - Bodies
Zarniwoop: In fact, it's beter if there's someone who likes really bad music, like Britney Spears and Steps, they can have fun poked at them.
Zarniwoop: They Might Be Giants - Doctor Worm
Athaleon: w00t! 233 MP3s!
ChaosJedi: C&C: Act on Instinct
Athaleon: I will probably need to go pretty soon.
Athaleon: Like, now.
Athaleon has left.
Zarniwoop: [CJ] I've got that one too.
ChaosJedi: Is it the one with voice-overs?
Zarniwoop: What, with "We are going to have to ask...if we want to live in a different world" and so forth?
ChaosJedi: Yeah, the Sega Saturn version.
Zarniwoop: Ahem. And PlayStation.
Zarniwoop: Green Day - Panic Song
ChaosJedi: THe only thing Playstation has going for it is DDR and Squaresoft.
Zarniwoop: Actually, this kind of sucks right now. Next!
Rabbitlord: Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels
Zarniwoop: Yes!
Zarniwoop: The Who - My Generation
MrMagic_rocks has entered.
ChaosJedi: Are any of you using the Winamp3 beta?
Rabbitlord: CJ: Nope.
Zarniwoop: Don't think so.
ChaosJedi: It rocks, you should give it a try.
Rabbitlord: Hello, Magic!
ChaosJedi: It hasn't got all the bells and whistles on it yet, but it does have one thing I love: cross-fading between songs.
* flyingcats goes.
Zarniwoop: I'm not too fussy, all I want is something that'll play the bleedin' music.
flyingcats: Bye!
Zarniwoop: Eh up.
Zarniwoop: Bye.
flyingcats has left.
Rabbitlord: Bye!
Rabbitlord: Dang.