Mechas, Nineteenth Century Style

* Brunnen_G still wants to go to Dunedin some day and smell the famous Dunedin Factory Air Mixture.
Brunnen_G: Whisky factory, chocolate factory and coffee factory all in one town.
wintermute: OOhhh... that sounds like my kind of air.
Sundragyn: Wow.
Brunnen_G: When you stand in the middle and the wind blows right, I hear there's nothing better this side of heaven.
wintermute: Although I'd be nervous of any whisky made in a "factory".
Brunnen_G: wm: Unfortunately it's as far away from here as you can get while still being in the same country.
wintermute: BG: Ah, well.
Brunnen_G: Well, distillery then, or whatever they call it.
wintermute: And isn't Dunedin somewhere in Middle-Earth?
Sundragyn: New Zealand is Middle-Earth.
Sundragyn: Or close enough.
Brunnen_G: It's the Scotland of the South, if that means anything to you. A mostly Scottish-settled town way down the bottom of the South Island. It has a castle built by a 19th century lunatic and everything.
* Brunnen_G thinks the Scottish do "eccentric" so very well.
codeman38: - Cal Worthington meets anime. Hilarity ensues.
wintermute: BG: Yeah. Starting with the whole "wearing skirts into battle" thing.
codeman38: (And it has mechas, BG. ;-))
Sundragyn: British Columbia is also home to a castle built by a 19th century Scottish lunatic. :)
* Brunnen_G should probably, some day, actually watch some anime with mechas and see what it's all about.
* Brunnen_G seems to have acquired a reputation as a mecha fan without ever having actually seen one.
wintermute: All of Britain produced some great eccentrics in the 19th Century.
* Brunnen_G likes the idea, though.
Brunnen_G: I love the 19th century.
Mia: Weren't we going to get Mrs. Pas to build us a giant mecha and have Liface pilot it?
Brunnen_G: Yes, that's right.
Mia: Whatever happened to THAT idea?
wintermute: BG: I prefer the 22nd.
* Nyperold wonders what riding in a mecha the folex way would involve.
* Brunnen_G has been trying to get to the exhibition of great Victorian painting at the Auckland Art Gallery for like two months now and hasn't had the time.
Brunnen_G: Nyperold: Like I told him. Screeching away in third gear with the handbrake on.
Sundragyn: .... I have a book somewhere where people shout, "You stupid dupp!" at each other and it always cracks me up but then I always forget what book it is until I read it again.
Brunnen_G: I bet his parents would ground him for using the mecha without permission and ramming it into the garage wall.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Brunnen-G talks about mechas and great Victorian art with no sense of incongruity.' by Brunnen_G.
Brunnen_G: I think I'm sort of weird.
wintermute: Heh. I was just picturing a Mecha as built by James Watt, too.
Brunnen_G: Oooooooooooh.
Brunnen_G: YES
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been removed by Brunnen_G.
Sundragyn: RULE.
* codeman38 thinks it would be hilarious if someone could do a painting of a mecha in Victorian style.
Brunnen_G: With interior design by William Morris.
wintermute: A huge clacky thing, with steam coming out of everywhere :)
Brunnen_G: "Have no mecha in your home which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"
Aragh: And velvet gloves on it's large hammerlike fists.
* Cynthia would prefer an M.C. Escher mecha.
Sundragyn: Picasso.
wintermute: Geiger?
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Giant mechas and the Aestheticism Movement of the late 19th century' by Brunnen_G.
Cynthia: Instead of overpowering your opponent with all that tacky gunfire, force him/her to concentrate on which way is up.
Brunnen_G: Now *that's* a topic I can get seriously into.
wintermute: LOL.
Sundragyn: Bwah.
* Brunnen_G wants a giant mecha with wallpaper by William Morris and some Alma-Tadema paintings in the interior.
Aragh: This conversation has officially gone off the wierdometer.
Brunnen_G: No it hasn't. I haven't even got started on the furniture yet.
wintermute: No, I'd still go for a classic Watt design.
Brunnen_G: wm: But that's only for the exterior and the mechanism.
codeman38: Cynth: Ooh, yes, an Escher mecha *would* rule.
Sundragyn: Maybe a nice bean-bag chair.
wintermute: BG: Well, yes.
Brunnen_G: Beanbags are neither beautiful nor useful.
Brunnen_G: Well, I suppose they can be considered useful if you're comfortable in a beanbag. I'm not.
Sundragyn: But for piloting a mecha, they might be nice.
* Mia just put her hair in two braids. It's mecha-sexy.
Mia: Now I just need the freckles.
Aragh: Maybe if you were surrounded by beanbags.... but then you couldn't appreciate the artwork as you blew things into shreds.
Brunnen_G: Mechas have braids and freckles? This is news to me.
wintermute: You'd want lots of couches, and wrought iron railings.
Mia: Well, no, but it is way sexy, I'm telling you.
Mia: Like mechas. Mechas are way sexy.
Brunnen_G: Are we talking about giant killer LITTLE GIRL mechas or what?
Mia: BG: That would be COOL.
Brunnen_G: wm: Yes, of course.
wintermute: Ohhh... and a Difference Engine in the corner.
* Aragh has a nightmare about Shirley Temple becoming a mecha....
Sundragyn: AIEE.
Brunnen_G: With organic design for the wrought iron. Sunflowers, lilies and green carnations. And Aubrey Beardsley ink drawings, but they have to be in a different from the Alma-Tadema paintings or it wouldn't go.
wintermute: BG: Naturally.
Brunnen_G: A different *room*. Or whatever mechas have.
Aragh: Compartments, I think. This mecha is going to be big!
Aragh: Where are you going to fit the steam powered weapons of mass destruction?
* Brunnen_G so hopes somebody is saving this conversation. Hehee.
Brunnen_G: Aragh: Where they look best.
Aragh: Brunnen_G: Oh, above the mezzanine. I see.
wintermute: More levers! We need more levers!
Brunnen_G: Brass ones. With big crystal faceted knobs on the end.
wintermute: Yes!
Brunnen_G: I *LOVE* industrial-age engineering.
Sundragyn: As far as light fixtures go, I think a beautiful lead crystal and gold chandelier would be nice.
wintermute: Me too. We ought to do more of it.
Brunnen_G: Especially futuristic evil industrial-age engineering.
Aragh: Are we going to put gold plating in the bathrooms?
Aragh: And what about the galley?
wintermute: Aragh: Of course.
Brunnen_G: Did you ever see "Mystery Men"? If I was a male supervillain, I would be Casanova Frankenstein.
wintermute: Gold taps are a must.
wintermute: Casanova Frankenstien ruled.
Aragh: Brunnen_G, who would you want to be if you were a female supervillain?
Brunnen_G: Aragh: There aren't any good female supervillains.
codeman38: Mystery Men ruled.
Brunnen_G: Yet. Mua ha.
* Aragh sinks into deep thought.
* Brunnen_G thinks the only drawback with being Casanova Frankenstein is that folex and Liface would probably be the Disco Boys.
wintermute: For the galley, we'll have 200 square feet of cooking surfaces, and plenty of goose in the larder.
Aragh: Ultimecia.... no. What was that chick's name on He-Man, Master of the Universe?
wintermute: Liface = Tony C!
wintermute: Oh, and lark's tongues. Can't pilot a mecha without a plate of lark's tongues.
Sundragyn: Lark tongues.
Brunnen_G: wm: I need a quotes page for lines like that.
wintermute: BG: Me too. But I'm not going to start one for a while.
Brunnen_G: wm: If Matthew was available, he could do rat curry for us.
Brunnen_G: With larks' tongues as a side order.
* Brunnen_G thinks that the amazing thing about this conversation is that it isn't even *close* to being stupid o'clock yet.
Sundragyn: Stupid o'clock is relative.
wintermute: Wait. Conversatins here get stupid later on?
Brunnen_G: Mine do.
wintermute: Darn. I always must go to bed too early.
Aragh: Stupider and stupider.... until they disappear from sheer exhaustion.
wintermute: I mean, I'd be having this sort of conversation, early eveing back home.
Brunnen_G: Anyway, the mecha will have japanned or lacquered parlour furniture and maybe a folding screen or two.
Brunnen_G: And some peacock feathers and an elephant saddle representing the glory days of the Raj.
wintermute: And a couple of hunting-rifles up on the wall.
Brunnen_G: wm: Man, you are going to love my flat when you get here.
Aragh: Oooooh! Maybe we can have a rhino horn!
wintermute: BG: Your interior decorater is a Victorian?
* Brunnen_G notes that the tiger pelt on the floor with stuffed head and feet still attached will, in fact, be vatgrown cloned tissue, since we DO live in the modern world after all.
wintermute: Ivory caps on the bannisters.
Brunnen_G: wm: No, just somebody who lives in the past a bit too much, ie me.
wintermute: BG: Ah, well. Much the same :)
* Brunnen_G also notes that all this stuff is going to have to be WAY stuck down for when the mecha flies around, right?
wintermute: Of couse. Especially the chinaware.
wintermute: Porcelain teacups are a must.
Brunnen_G: Except for the porcelain teaset it fires at enemies out of the special Fit Of Petulance Arm.
Brunnen_G: I also think it should have Condescension Capability and a small, downtrodden Indian houseboy.
wintermute: Well, I was taking that as read.
wintermute: I mean what Mecha doesn't have a houseboy?
Brunnen_G: He could be called Ranjit Singh, I think.
Brunnen_G: Although we would call him "boy".
Brunnen_G: Or "punkah-wallah."
wintermute: As long as he's not called Kahn Noonien Singh.
wintermute: And he should call everyone "memsahib".
Sundragyn: Ooooh. I'd love to be called memsahib.
Brunnen_G: wm: You want him to call YOU memsahib? Well, whatever.
* wintermute forgets the exact terms. You know what I mean, though.
* Sundragyn knows a certain Jaspreet who bugged her in highschool, and will provide him to be the houseboy, gladly. :)
* Brunnen_G defends wintermute's right to wear a pith helmet with a veil, and carry a lace parasol.
wintermute: Hey!
Brunnen_G: "Sahib" is more what you were thinking of, I imagine.
Sundragyn: Actually, I'll throw in Opinder. He bugged me, too.
* Aragh will appear in coattails, with monocle.
wintermute: Most likely, yes.
wintermute: Anyway..
warlock has entered.
Brunnen_G: Put me somewhere east of Suez, Where the best is like the worst, Where there ain't no Ten Commandments, and a man can live in a flying giant mecha with William Morris wallpaper and a small Indian houseboy called Jaspreet.
* warlock backs away slowly
* Brunnen_G is so sure that's how Kipling *would* have ended that line, with a little more thought.
wintermute: Kipling always avoided giant flying mechas, for some reason.
wintermute: Except in that one "Just So" Story.
Nyperold: Bad childhood memories, I'm sure.
wintermute: "How Tokyo got it's radioactive ash-pits", I believe.
* Brunnen_G just got the most fantastic idea for a website feature.
Brunnen_G: However, I can rewrite the Just So Stories later. Right now I think I should see about some dinner.
* Brunnen_G goes to tell Ranjit Singh to hurry up with the rat curry.
Brunnen_G: Sorry, I meant larks' tongues.
warlock: Lark's vomit?
Brunnen_G: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
Brunnen_G has left.

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