Wes Never Killed a Baby

flyingcats has entered.
* flyingcats just saw Sweeney Todd.
* flyingcats is so not ever having her neck shaved by a barber.
Zullin: How was it? I worked as an electrician for a production of it once, but I never got to see it.
flyingcats: I thought it was very good.
flyingcats: It was very very dark.
flyingcats: Morbid as all hell.
Wes: Did they kill a baby?
flyingcats: Nope.
Wes: Cause that's morbid
flyingcats: Not that morbid, I suppose.
flyingcats: I thought they were going to kill a little girl at one point.
flyingcats: She had an ice cream cone.
Wes: I never killed a baby
flyingcats: But they didn't.
flyingcats: Thankfully.
Wes: I would kill her to get her icecream cone
flyingcats: I think it was chocolate.
Zullin: Maybe they killed a baby in implied offstage action, and you didn't pick up on it.
Wes: Oh yeah, in that case she'd be very dead right now.
flyingcats: Definitely possible.
Wes: I never killed a baby.
Zullin: Being a barber would make me crazy.
flyingcats: Don't be a barber.
flyingcats: Don't make meat pies, either.
Zullin: Roger that.
flyingcats: I'm never eating meat pies now unless I kill whatever animal it is myself.
Wes: I never killed a baby.
Wes: I swear.
flyingcats: Hush.
Wes: Sorry. It's just that I didn't.
flyingcats: I'm glad to hear it.
Zullin: No one's saying you did.
Wes: They better not be.
Zullin: Except for that disembodied infant voice that cries to us for justice from beyond the grave.
Wes: I don't know what diembodied infant voice that cries to me for justice from beyond the grave you're talking about.
Wes: Because I never killed a baby
Wes: Seriously.
Morris has entered.
Zullin: I don't like babies that much myself, come to think of it.
Morris: I love meat pies.
flyingcats: Babies are annoying.
Wes: Really?
Wes: Would you like someone if they... Like... Killed a baby?
Zullin: Yeah, meat pies are way better than babies.
Zullin: Wes: No.
Wes: ... Good. Me either.
Wes: Unless they had a good reason.
Zullin: Oh, sure, self-defense would make it OK.
flyingcats: Yeah, you know how tough those babies are and all.
Zullin: Or if we were at war with babies, then maybe it would be all right.
Wes: Yeah
Wes: Or, like, if someone just felt like it. That'd be fine too.
Wes: ...
Wes: lol j/k
Cynthia: Zullin: The original Zullin wasn't a baby, was he?
Zullin: Cynthia: No, he said something about having been grown in a vat.
Cynthia: Oh, well, that's all right then. No one said anything about not killing things that were grown in vats.
Morris: Actually, if I recall, no one technically said anything about not killing babies.
Cynthia: Except for that disembodied vat-grown Zullin voice that cries to us for justice from beyond the grave.
* Cynthia goes to bed now. Night night.
* Cynthia expects to sleep perfectly well and not have scary dreams about dead baby Zullins in a vat of ice cream.
Cynthia has left.

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