Rinks R Us

friendozaffel has entered.
friendozaffel: zaffel comes to this place? what is this place?
friendozaffel: rink?
friendozaffel: whats a rink?
BurgerKing: They play hockey in them.
Mensekemeser: RinkWorks. We're a site that specializes in skating rink repair and maintenance in the New England area.
TBG: We also talk about what we repair.
friendozaffel: wow
BurgerKing: We discuss zambonis, as well.
gremlinn: Our motto is "We make sure the rink works."
Mensekemeser: Hence our name.
friendozaffel: hypnotic zambonis are
Mensekemeser: The creator of RinkWorks has been featured in several radio interviews and news articles, as well.
friendozaffel: i never knew zaffel dug rinks or zambonis weird
Mensekemeser: RinkWorks is well known for its innovations.
TBG: Yep. He's a big buff. He knows quite a bit about that stuff.
friendozaffel: like?
gremlinn: Yeah, he's a real rink addict. Especially ones with lots of extra ice.
Mensekemeser: And we try to maintain as friendly an online presence as possible.
Mensekemeser: Hence the chat rooms and forums, to encourage customer interaction.
friendozaffel: he hates the heat
BurgerKing: friend: The horizontal belt sweepers are a big one.
Sarya has entered.
Nyperold: Hello!
BurgerKing: Revolutionized the business. Though his competitors would have you beleive otherwise.
friendozaffel: has no idea what a horizontal belt sweeper is
BurgerKing: But we don't think much of those types around here.
Mensekemeser: A lot of people rip us off.
Mensekemeser: Mr. Stoddard's pioneering work is often shamelessly copied.
gremlinn: Oh yeah. Like those snotty "Rinks R Us" people.
friendozaffel: wow im sorry but i never knew sites for and about rinks were around let alone that zaffel like frequented them
friendozaffel: but he left his comp on haha
BurgerKing: zaffel's quite new, but he's a fairly ardent enthusiast.
TBG: Hello Sarya. Sarya is a marketing manager of Zambonis.
friendozaffel: all zambonis?
Sarya: Hello
BurgerKing: Just RinkWorks zambonis.
TBG: Yes.
Sarya: TGB: Huh?
Mensekemeser: If you ever see one operating in our area, look for our logo.
friendozaffel: oh i see but why would zaffel have anything to do with rinks and zambonis we live in texas and dont skate
[Mensekemeser->Sarya] RinkWorks. We maintain and repair rinks in the new england area. *cough cough*
friendozaffel: play ice hockey
gremlinn: He might be planning on moving out here.
Nyperold: *blink*
friendozaffel: he told you that?
Mensekemeser: Also, like I said, RinkWorks provides more than just a faceless web page to promote us. We provide something approaching an online community to really make people feel appreciated.
gremlinn: Just speculating, no idea really.
friendozaffel: hes hitting the road soon but he didnt say anything about living anywhere
friendozaffel: zaffel feel appreciated? <laughs uproariously>
Mensekemeser: Well, I hope you enjoy your stay at the site.
friendozaffel: oh well i should get off his computer i think is an invasion of privacy or something
TBG: So, have any of you checked out the new "K" Series Ice Buffer?
friendozaffel: nice meeting you all please dont tell him i was here or was on it he'll kill me
TBG: That thing is amazing!
Mensekemeser: If you have any questions about what we do, you should ask those who are labelled [op] or [admin] at the right.
TBG: Ok.
Mensekemeser: They're specially appointed to handle those sorts of things.
friendozaffel: doesnt dig rinks as much as zaff may
Sarya: Just don't ask me. I am working on some high tech marketing things right now and don't have time for silly questions.
friendozaffel: bye!
TBG: Bye.
Mensekemeser: Goodbye! Thank you for visiting RinkWorks!
Sarya: Goodbye
gremlinn: Bye! If you ever do get interested in rinks, shop here first!
friendozaffel has left.
Darien: Rats. He left. I was goign to give him a complimentary mouse pad.

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