It's Tapioca in Here

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flyingcats: I think you need a different word, Ell. Looks like horny.
Brunnen_G: LOL
* Cynthia is with fc.
Ellmyruh: Goodness me.
Brunnen_G: Oh, I see.
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Zullin: I read "homy" as "horny" the first time, laughed about it, then did exactly the same thing when BG said it.
Ellmyruh: Whoa.
Zullin: I thought it was homey.
Cynthia: Bowchicka.
Cynthia: It had to be said.
Zullin: Wait, did you move already?
Morris has entered.
Brunnen_G: Even now that I know what you meant, I still don't understand it.
Ellmyruh: Zullin: Maybe. I packed my dictionary, though.
Ellmyruh: Zullin: Nope. In one week, I'll be in my new place, though.
Brunnen_G: OHHHHHH your house. Moving.
Ellmyruh: Yeah.
Brunnen_G: I thought you meant the chatroom.
Darien: HOO HAR
Ellmyruh: Hello Morris.
Darien has left.
Zullin: Elly: It's either, as it turns out.
Zullin: And you PACKED your DICTIONARY?
Ellmyruh: Ohhh. Sorry. I was helping Nessa move for the past several hours, then I came home and loaded up my car with more clothes and boxes. I'm a bit worn out.
Ellmyruh: Zullin: Yeah. I need to get my desk cleaned off so it's ready to be taken apart.
Ellmyruh: I'm hoping I can figure out how to TAKE it apart.
Ellmyruh: Or else my landlords will have a larger doorway in their apartment.
* Brunnen_G sympathises, having done all that far too many times recently
Ellmyruh: But the good thing is that I went through piles of papers that were needing to be sorted, filed, and/or thrown away, and I redid my files at the same time. I found some awesome stuff.
Brunnen_G: Yeah, I sometimes think if I never moved house I'd live in a colossal mess.
Ellmyruh: Exactly.
Brunnen_G: The only time I ever sort, file or throw things away is when I move.
flyingcats: That's what my problem is. I need to move. That'd clean up my room.
Brunnen_G: And every time I do it, I seem to throw away virtually everything I own, and then the next time I move it might only have been six months but IT HAS ALL COME BACK MYSTERIOUSLY.
Ellmyruh: YES
Ellmyruh: Where did all these shoes come from???
Zullin: fc: You can live here if you improve your tapioca.
Ellmyruh: Oooh.
Brunnen_G: LOL
* codeman38 was also wondering why the chat room would be less hom(e)y.
Brunnen_G: I thought that was so funny.
flyingcats: Zull: Normally, my tapioca is fine.
* Ellmyruh goes to enlighten herself about tapioca.
flyingcats: Ell: Here, you can have the rest of this cupful. It's so nasty. Blah.
Ellmyruh: I don't eat pudding.
Zullin: I'm not sure I've ever had tapioca, actually. I probably have, but just don't remember.
* Brunnen_G has never had tapioca.
Ellmyruh: And I've certainly never tried tapioca. It looks gross.
flyingcats: SEE. Everyone hates it.
flyingcats: Well, one of you. Kind of.
flyingcats: I rest my case.
Morris: It's DISGUSTING.
flyingcats: TWO.
Morris: It's a communist tool of the devil.
flyingcats: You are SO not cooking, d00d.
Ellmyruh: Wow.
Ellmyruh: That makes me want to try it.
Brunnen_G: LOL!
* Brunnen_G can't wait to meet these people.
flyingcats: Ell: SCORE.
Zullin: It sounds pretty good to me.
Ellmyruh: "Warning: Eating this product will turn you into a Communist."
flyingcats: It's just pudding with little tiny round squishy round things in it.
flyingcats: That probably didn't help any.
Brunnen_G: Eeewww....little tiny round squishy round things?!
Brunnen_G: No, it didn't.
flyingcats: Your sense of adventure is failing you again.
Cynthia: fc, no, that's just her sense of self-preservation stepping in.
Brunnen_G: I don't really have a sense of self-preservation.
flyingcats: Cynth: NYAH.
Zullin: Yeah, you're supposed to be living hard, BG. You can't live hard without tapioca.
Brunnen_G: I think I used to but it left me for someone who would treat it better.
* Ellmyruh will stick to berries and antelope, KTHX.
Brunnen_G: Zullin: What about living squishy?
Brunnen_G: I don't think living hard goes with something as squishy as tapioca.
* Brunnen_G will too.
Zullin: Well, maybe not. I want to try it now, though.
flyingcats: Zull: So does that mean I can move over there?
Zullin: fc: I guess so. You can't bring any cats, though.
flyingcats: Zull: That's okay. Mine have been tearing me up lately. Why not, though?
Zullin: They're not allowed, for one thing. And I like cats all right, but wouldn't really want to live with one.
Zullin: One that didn't fly, anyway.
flyingcats: Oh. Apartment or something?
* Zullin starts thinking of ways to explain fc to the neighbors.
* Brunnen_G will have the cats if Zullin doesn't want them. If they're cute, and of course they are, because they're cats.
Zullin: Yeah.
Ellmyruh: Oooh, I want to hear this.
Brunnen_G: Heh, me too.
Zullin: My side of the conversation will go like this: "She's my live-in cook." "Fifteen." "Of course not, you sicko." "She COOKS for me." "No, NOT like that." "Goodbye."
Brunnen_G: LOL
Ellmyruh: LOL!!
flyingcats: LOL OHMY
flyingcats: I'll be sixteen soon.
flyingcats: Eventually.
Ellmyruh: I'll be Two Dozen soon. Eventually.
Zullin: fc: I'll be sure to mention that to Mrs. Blaskewicz.
Brunnen_G: I think it might be a good idea to change that topic up there. Heheh.
Zullin: I'm sure it will help.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'It's homy in here.' by flyingcats.

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