Burning Things and Wobbling Squirrels

One little comment, and this grows from it. God love RinkChat.

* Fuzzpilz meets lots of trolls on message boards.
* Nyperold sees trolls on keychains, occasionally.
Cynthia: Nyp: What are you on?
Cynthia: ;-)
Sundragyn: I used to have a troll on a necklace. It was nekkid.
BurgerKing: Sun: When I was little, that's why my mom didn't want to buy one.
Help: I think I may have burned one.
Brunnen_G: You burned a troll?
Nyperold: Cynthia: A chair.
Sundragyn: I wrapped a bit of string around my trolls until they were covered....
Help: BG: Sure, I won it a May Day
BurgerKing: Help: Bet they burn nice. The hair, anyway.
* Sundragyn thinks she still has a troll somewhere and is tempted to go seek it out and burn it.
BurgerKing: Anyway, any D&D geek knows that's the only way they can be killed.
Help: BK: The hair burns good, but hte body just melts and then reeks.
Brunnen_G: Ew, yeah, I bet it does. Burning plastic is disgusting.
LesiSputnik: it's fun to burn ping pong balls, though. those are cool.
Sundragyn: I've never burned ping pong balls. I've dented lots, though.
DemanusFlint: Will they explode?
Cynthia: I was at a party a couple of weeks ago where we threw a soda can into a campfire.
Rivikah: ping pong balls are extremely flammable
LesiSputnik: no, but they burn practically instantly and then just sort of collapse. it's really fun to watch.
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Help: Whenever my family goes camping, we always find beer cans in the fire ring from the previous campers.
Sundragyn: What a waste of beer.
Sundragyn: I hope they drank it first.
Rivikah: likely. I can't imagine anyone throwing full cans of beer into the fire unless they had already had more than their share
* Brunnen_G thinks exploding beer cans are the best use for them. Eugh, beer.
Help: Sun: Yeah, but I did see some squrriels kinda wobbling around.
Cynthia: LOL LOL!
Brunnen_G: I just can't imagine anybody drinking anything which tastes like beer smells.
Rivikah: but then everything would smell like beer
Help: BG: Shooting them with a pellet gun is another good use.
Brunnen_G: Oh, I *love* that squirrel image there.
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Brunnen_G: I get to see squirrels in another few days. Wow.
Brunnen_G: Squirrels are hilarious.
Brunnen_G: I wish we had them here
LesiSputnik: reminds me of those carnival games where you chuck baseballs at the little cardboard-like cats.
DemanusFlint: You don't have squirrels?
Brunnen_G: No, the first time I'd ever seen them was when I was in the USA last time, years and years ago.
Brunnen_G: I saw one in Japan last year, though. That was the most recent squirrel I have seen.
Mary: Wow. I can't imagine just not having squirrels.
Mary: Is there anything you havejust running around down there?
robbak: No squirrels here, but some possums cause trouble
LesiSputnik: I think we have squirrels in the mountains...outside of that, the only time I've seen squirrels is in NJ.
Brunnen_G: Everybody thought I was insane last time I was in the States, getting all excited about seeing squirrels, which apparently is like getting excited at seeing sparrows.
Brunnen_G: Mary: Not naturally. All the animals in NZ were imported here by settlers. We only have birds and reptiles and stuff naturally.
robbak: BG - and you'd rather extradite all the ringtails back to us?
Brunnen_G: Heheh. Yeah. I think the idea of a possum airlift is hilarious. Possum Aid For Australia.

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