Renaming Brunnen-G

Brunnen-G doesn't like her real name. So we decided to be helpful.

Cynthia: BG: I have just consulted with a friend of mine on what your name should be based upon what you look like. She says you are an Alexandra.
Stephen: I once had a dog named Alexandra.
Brunnen_G: LOL. That name is in my family. There are two Alexanders and an Alexandra among my immediate relations.
Stephen: I thought it was a particularly regal name and would as such be ill-suited to Carrie.
Brunnen_G: Stephen: LOL
Stephen: I think a better name for her would be, "Zardul."
Brunnen_G: Zardul?!
Cynthia: BG: Lucretia says that "Sara" might work, too.
Brunnen_G: Cynthia: I would be happy enough with that.
Stephen: With a sufficiently cool suffix. Like, "Zardul, Plague of Many Worlds." Or "Zardul, Roamer of the Stars."
BurgerKing: Zardul, the Naked Wanderer.
Cynthia: O_o
flyingcats: BG/Cynth: That one would be weird.
Sundragyn: BK ACK
Stephen: Pronounced "Zar-duhl" with the emphasis on the second syllable.
RinkChat: User BurgerKing has been kicked from the room by Brunnen_G.
BurgerKing has left.
Brunnen_G: No. No. No.
BurgerKing has entered.
Sosiqui: O_o
Brunnen_G: Where on EARTH did you get that from, BK?
BurgerKing: B-G: I thought it up with my huge brain.
Sundragyn: Or wanderers either. Bah.
BurgerKing: There should be.

So then Stephen started bestowing names on everyone, a complete list of which, including sound files of his pronunciation of them, can be found here.

* BurgerKing will take Zardul, since no one else seems to appreciate it.
Stephen: BK: That's a chick name, dude.
BurgerKing: I don't care.
BurgerKing: MINE.
Stephen: BK: All right, whatever.
Stephen: Then Carrie needs a new name... hrm...
Sundragyn: :O
Stephen: BG's new name is "Faranadul the Explorer."

Brunnen_G: BK: Wait a second, you WANTED to be Zardul the Naked Wanderer? You're weird, dude.
BurgerKing: I think it would be freeing.
Sosiqui: I think it's scary that all this only makes me want to meet you all MORE.
Brunnen_G: I can't help noticing that Stephen hasn't given himself a name yet. I suggest Zytomexion the Star Toad of Thloss.

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