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Grishny: Hiya, :cynthia: !
Grishny: Blast.
coke_can: Hello.
*Grishny* Quick, make me a mod!
RinkChat: User Grishny has been made a moderator by Cynthia.
Grishny: Hiya, (O.O) !
* Cynthia STILL loves that.

BurgerKing: In Canada, Christmas comes one month earlier.

Morris has entered.
Morris: I demand you entertain me.
* Cynthia sings an aria.
Morris: Very good. Now do a jig.
* Cynthia defers to flyingcats for that one.
* flyingcats dances a jig.
Morris: That's not spritely enough.
* flyingcats SPRITELY dances a JIG.
Morris: Very nice.
* flyingcats SPRITELY dances a JIG.
Morris: Thank you all.
Morris: Good night.
Morris has left.

Zullin had just labeled himself "trochee".
* Ellmyruh ponders this: http://www.dictionary.com/cgi-bin/dict.pl?term=trochee
Zullin: Elly: My name is a trochee, that's all. I wish I could be dactylic, like lucky Cynthia.

RinkChat: User Athaleon has been shrunken by Cynthia.
RinkChat: User Zullin has been shrunken by Cynthia.
* Cynthia is now TALL! YAY!
RinkChat: User Athaleon has been unshrunken by Athaleon.
RinkChat: User Cynthia has been shrunken by Athaleon.
RinkChat: User Athaleon has been shrunken by Cynthia.
RinkChat: User Athaleon has had moderator status removed by Cynthia.
RinkChat: User Cynthia has been unshrunken by Cynthia.
Athaleon: AGH.
* Cynthia, at 5'1", TOWERS over you ALL.
Zullin: Giant Cynthia is scary.
RinkChat: User Zullin has been unshrunken by Cynthia.
RinkChat: User Athaleon has been unshrunken by Cynthia.
* Cynthia giggles. That was fun.
* Cynthia doesn't really giggle. It's more like a teehee sort of thing.
Athaleon: The giggle of an evil moderator witch.

* Cynthia passes out asleep on the sgfsodingslign
Leen: hehe
codeman38: "Sgfsodingslign"? I think we need to turn that into an inside joke.
Travholt: Cynthia: The bed is much more comfortable than the sgfsodingslign.

Wes: Sam: It'd be cool if we had away messages in here. Like, if you clicked on "[away]" it would send a private message to you saying the person's away message.
ahmoacah: /away feeping creaturitis
Wes: ... In case you were wondering what I thought would be cool.
Wes is away.
Sam: I have such a feature. It's called /label.
Sam is away.
Wes: But I never use that one.
* Sam has been labeled "eating dinner" by Sam.
Sosiqui: Hehe
Sam is back.
Sam: Tada!
Sosiqui: Bravo.
Morris: Stunning.
* Cynthia claps.
Wes: It's just not the same.
Wes: So much less exciting.
Wes: I had actually completely forgotten that there was a label function.
Wes: For like 3 months.
Wes: And that, my friends, is why Mensa needs stricter requirements than doing well on a test and needing a good credit card.

* Brunnen_G envisages newsgroups as a small room in which Radebur talks to himself forever very loudly.
Morris: Brunnen: Add someone spamming with links to porn sites and you've got it.

Athaleon: That sucks. My brother just got a 24x burner. One CD burns in two minutes.
Morris: Your brother is a rat.
Athaleon: No, I'm reasonably certain that he is some subspecies of the "turd" family.

RinkChat: User Wormwood has been kicked from the room by Cynthia.
Wormwood has left.
Cynthia: Top of the list. Ahhhh.
Wormwood has entered.
Cynthia: Hiya, Wormwood!
Cynthia: I'm so sorry about what 463 did.
Cynthia: I've given him a stern talking-to and it won't happen again.
Cynthia: Honestly.
Cynthia: Kids these days.
Wormwood: Yeah.
Cynthia: 463: You should apologize to Wormwood for kicking him!
* Athaleon apologizes to Wormwood for kicking him!
Cynthia: Awww, that's better.
Cynthia: Now you be a good little dragon now, all right?
Cynthia: And don't muck about kicking people any more!
Cynthia: It's not nice, especially when they haven't done anything to deserve it.

Wes: Then we had a sled fight between me and two of them and I kicked their BOTTOMS.
Morris: You suck, Wes, for filtering yourself. I tested the filter out to see if it would change it to "BOTTOMS", but it didn't, and now I have two green "ASSES" on my screen.
Wes: Sorry Morris. I kicked their lousy ASSES all over ASSville, and the ASSmayor came out and gave me an ASSmedal for all my ASS kicking in ASSville.
Morris: Whatever gets the green away.

* Athaleon's brother just opened a bottle of something that smells like liquid satan in his room. NASTY.

Cake references, anyone?
* Athaleon dumps Liquid Satan into Satans Motor, which consequently kills three sheep and three goats, each of which go to their respective locations. And this would be completed with something related to "Love You Madly", but Ath does not want to mention mad loving and sheep in the same sentence.

Sam: Cynthia => "in yacht"
Sam: Cynthia => "any itch"
Monkeyman: Yeah, well "Cynthiag" is "Yachting".
Monkeyman: That's what Cynthia will be when she marries Kenny G.
Cynthia: Monkeyman: Bite your tongue. I'd marry Brunnen_G first.

Brunnen_G: Sosiqui: I don't care that my laptop looks like that of at least a million others. It's unobstrusive, it takes up no room at all, and it's matte black.
Brunnen_G: People who think any kind of technology looks better if it's made of transparent orange plastic should be shot.

Brunnen-G, on seeing the above enshrined on my quotes page:
Brunnen_G: Ooh. You put my comment about transparent orange plastic technology there. Rule.
Cynthia: I LOVED that.
Brunnen_G: The more places that quote gets put on the Internet, the better chance there is that Mac designers will eventually see it and take note.
Brunnen_G: Like Mac designers care what I think.
Brunnen_G: That's why you should add a footnote saying I'm heavily armed and I have enough money for a plane ticket anywhere in the world.

* Mia eats candy.
Beasty: Mia: You have candy? I'm jealous.
Mia: Beasty: Yes, sirree.
* DemanusFlint read "Mia: You have candy? I'm Jesus."

Sam: But, hey, since the beginning of the year, I've at least gotten back to doing regular RW updates. One step at a time.
Sundragyn: Sam, you could never update again, and we'd still come here because you own our souls.
Sam: Sun: Really? Wow! COOL!

Faux_Pas: Oh, I saw this thing about New Zealand last night on E! Apparently all you people do down there is hurl yourselves off of bridges or other dangerous adventure things.
Brunnen_G: FP: Yep.
* Brunnen_G assumes "E" is a TV station and not that Faux Pas has documentary hallucinations about NZ while high on Ecstasy

Matthew: There are three things to remember for a happy life. Patience is a virtue, ignorance is bliss, and I'll tell you the other one later.

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