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gremlinn: How many possible states of a chess game are reachable?
gremlinn: Has anyone ever tried to estimate it?
gremlinn: Certainly less than 10^50, I'd guess.
Mensekemeser: grem: It's been estimated that the number of possible chess moves is greater than the number of particles in the universe.
Mensekemeser: I don't remember which kind of particles they were talking about, though.
Mensekemeser: I think atoms.
gremlinn: We need a bigger universe.
coke_can: I don't think thats possible.
gremlinn: I don't care about possibility, Mr. Scott, get me that bigger universe!
LaZorra: Chess is fun, as long as I win.

* Cynthia ducks!
* ahmoacah penguins!

Monkeyman: If you were a child in the eighties and did not have a Spirograph, your parents were EVAL.

* Mensekemeser thinks there should be a BlitzMathMoleBot.
Brunnen_G: Rinkchat: User Mensekemeser has been whacked with the capitals of European nations by Brunnen-G. What are they, and what's the square root of the total number of them?
ahmoacah: But MathBot doesn't like non-integers.
Sam: European Nation capitals? I'll put that in.
Mensekemeser: But seriously, I think it would be funky to get bonus points by having someone pop out of the ground while you're in the middle of another question. =)
Nyperold: Brussels sprouts up out of the ground!
Marvin: RinkChat: User Marvin has popped out of the ground with the sign "Name 2 of the world's oceans" on his head.
Wes: "Name (The number of different prime factors for 56) of the world's oceans"
* Sosiqui rule-sixes Marvin with a sack of wet mice while yelling "Pacific and Atlantic!" Score!
Brunnen_G: Or Northwestern countries, I suppose I should say, since that's where they are to me. Funny how we still say "Far East" here.

Wes: It's not my fault. It's cold up here in Pennsylvania.
* Rivikah usually thinks of Pennsylvania as down
Wes: Rivikah: That's because you're a polar bear.
* Rivikah is not. It's not even winter here yet. I live in a mild weathered place
Wes: Rivikah: Polar bears can't type. Who are you getting to type for you?
* Rivikah eats Wes 'cause he's pretty small and polarbears do that kind of thing and she wouldn't want to dissappoint even though she's NOT A POLAR BEAR

folex has entered.
folex: Word.
Sosiqui: Yoha
flyingcats: Hi folez.
flyingcats: folex.
flyingcats: fo!olel!ex!e!ELx!elEL!
Sosiqui: Now that is undeniably a yodel.

* BurgerKing hears "Ow! My ovaries!" from right outside his door.
Sosiqui: BK: Uh... O_o
Liface: ARe you in a college.
* Wes says that sometimes.
BurgerKing: Liface: Yup.
Cynthia: ROTFL, BK!
BurgerKing: Wes: This was a gal, though. Which is weirder.

* Mensekemeser thinks gremlinn should have to play MathBot blindfolded, handcuffed to his chair that has been pushed down onto the floor, in a room somewhere in a developing third world nation without a computer. That would be fair.

* Cynthia 's favorite pizza is one with mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, and sausage.
* Dave decides to marry Cynthia

A RinkUnion II haiku ...
Cynthia: kids in the river / you want I should flush 'em out? / we do not know them.

Brunnen_G: MM: I told Sam the other day, he needs a feature in chat which reads out what everybody types, and sounds an alarm whenever somebody cool comes in, and stuff like that, so I can chat and sleep at the same time.

From a Star Trek discussion ...
ahmoacah: Ohhhh, I see. From the ship, some gigantic as-yet-unknown force is applied over long distances without loss to rearrange atoms? Got it.
gremlinn: I think they must just have some special machines called "plausibility modulators" which make whatever other devices they have on board plausible.
Dave: ahmoacah: YES. Of course. Jeez. What took you so long?
ahmoacah: What took me so long? You started talking about physics. So I did too.
* ahmoacah MINORED in physics.
Dave: ahmoacah: No. I was using techno-babble. You merely mistook it for physics. CHIMP
ahmoacah: ooo ooo! ooo! *scratch*

Isn't "zorch" just the greatest verb ever?
ahmoacah: I cook at 70% when it says full power because my microwave's super-powerful and zorches everything on full power.

* Mensekemeser jabs a spear horizontally through his body and does somersaults. Foosball, yeah!

Sosiqui: Randy: I am using the Browser of Ultimate Suck, Netscape 4.0. When I return home, I will be using IE.

* Mina 's second bridesmaid's bouquet is don!
Mina: Well, except for the ribbon.
teach: Mina - is don happy about being a bouquet?
Marvin: Yay Mina!
Mina: Hehee.
Nyperold: Your bouquet is Don? Does he know?
Mina: Oops.
Marvin: hehe
Mina: Now off to make *my* bouquet!
Mina: (I think that one'll be Stephen!)

Zarniwoop: Zarniwoop Quotes Service! Quotable Material on Demand.
Zarniwoop: Or, when he feels like it

Zarniwoop: Such a sweet, cute , innocent person, ain't she?
Darien: Cynthia? She's totally innocent.

Morris: My life is acceptable. My computer, however, is not. Please excuse me for a moment while I shoot it.

teach: That Sam and ahm That Sam and ahm We all so like that Sam and ahm. Speaking gibberish, on it ran All afternooon that Sam and ahm. Do they make sense, Sam and ahm? No they do not, but they can. Computer-ahcking, when they can, No one can top our Sam and ahm. Oh Sam and ahm, Oh Sam and ahm, Iím glad you fixed Chat, Sam and ahm!

This is the the line that sparked the chat session from whence my "Evil Furby Witch" title comes; I wish I'd saved the rest.
Etienne: You're as scary as a phosphorescent furby on a rainy night :-P

* Sundragyn is really, really bored. Bored enough to be making a long chain of nearly a hundred paper clips.
Sundragyn: At least, I'm up to about 15 or so.

Randy: You're eating Monkeyman's Cat?

Faux_Pas: Address? What address?
Brunnen_G: FP: The president's address. I always thought it was "The White House, Washington DC" but apparently he has to tell people over the TV.
Brunnen_G: In case people forget.
Faux_Pas: "Hi, I'm the President. This is my address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Thank you and God bless America."
Brunnen_G: "First five visitors get a free t-shirt."

Sundragyn: Once I had this funny conversation with my mother...
Sundragyn: My Mom: "Come on, you have a job to do."
Sundragyn: Me: (joking) Aw, but I don't want to.
Sundragyn: My Mom: "Get your butt up here."
Sundragyn: Me: "But why????"
Sundragyn: My Mom: "Because I'm bigger than you are."
Sundragyn: Me: "Um... no you're not."
Sundragyn: The end.

Dave: This one time when I was in Utah, I saw Ticia, and she had a dress on.
Marvin: She did, eh?
Mia: This one time, I saw Dave, and he had a dress on.
Dave: Mia: You're going to hell for that one.
Mia: Dave: I'll be with friends.
Brunnen_G: Mia: Um, that sounds like when you get to hell, there's a head waiter who asks how many in your party and if anybody is coming along later.
Mia: BG: Pretty much.

Monkeyman: o/` Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama, coooome on pretty momma, Key Largo, Montigo, baaaby why don't we go down to Kokomo... We'll get there fast, and then we'll take it slow... That's where we wanna gooo... Way down in Kokomo... o/`
* Monkeyman swallows a bunch of splash water while singing and drowns.
* Sosiqui then hums the Kokomo song.
* Sosiqui does the powers over time thing. Boy, Monkeyman sure DIES EASILY.
Monkeyman: :-p
Sosiqui: You appear to have the survival abilities of a dead carrot!

Cynthia: Trav and Elly: A couple of days ago, Grish botched a PM to me and started going "CRAP". Then he continued it on AIM, except that he mistyped it as "CARP", which then made him go off on a tangent like the one you just saw, involving things like "CRAP A LAP." For some reason, I found and continue to find this hilarious. I think it has something to do with the fact that I hadn't had any sleep.
* Ellmyruh says, "Ohhh, I see."
Grishny: Apparently you still haven't had much sleep.
Cynthia: Grish: No, now I've had too much sleep and gone out the other side of the sleep-deprivation continuum, where the mind of humanity should not go.
Grishny: Cynthia, you could win a Star Trek technobabble-writing contest if there was such a thing.
Cynthia: Moi?

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