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Mary: TV si b0rken. :P
* Zarniwoop's TV is in ferpect working order.

Ellmyruh: Did I mention that my sister locked her keys in her car and in no time at all, she used a coat hanger to get them out? I guess that's what living in NYC will do to a person.
Brunnen_G: Ellmyruh: I have a better story than that. I was travelling around with the orchestra I used to be in, years ago, and we locked ourselves out of the van when we stopped for lunch, and we were expertly coathangered back into it by an eighty-four-year-old nun.

Sosiqui: Um, weird. If Sam had an ops0r issue, I'd assume he'd ass memo us in RinkChat, since not everyone reads the Forum.
Sosiqui: Um. Mass memo.
Sosiqui: MASS MEMO.
Ellmyruh: LOL LOL
* Sosiqui SMACKS a typopo demon.
Sosiqui: Bad demon. BAD.
Brunnen_G: LOL
Ellmyruh: /ass_memo Sosiqui
Sosiqui: LOL ACK
Sosiqui: I don't want to THINK about what that would involve OR imply. O_o
Nyperold: tp, for one.
Grishny: A tp trail?
Brunnen_G: I was thinking it would be like people who sit on the office photocopier and send the results all around the office.
* Brunnen_G, sad to say, knows people who have done that.
Grishny: I read in an email the other day that something like 80% of office photocopier problems are caused by people trying to photocopy their butts.
* Ellmyruh has never tried to do that, or wanted to, for that matter.
Brunnen_G: I can believe that, Grishny.
Nyperold: Stress on the machine, I would imagine.
Brunnen_G: Office photocopiers weren't designed to cope with the emotional trauma.
Sosiqui: O_o
* Sosiqui is disturbed
Brunnen_G: Sosiqui: We all knew that already.
* Sosiqui has never and WILL never use a photocopier, scanner, or camera for that purpose
* Mensekemeser would not want to exist as an office copier.
Sosiqui: BG: :-P

At this point, Sosi sent me a message via AIM telling me of this new fateful typo. Naturally, I had to come see for myself.

Cynthia has entered.
* Cynthia giggles and teehees.
Grishny: Or the weight. I daresay that most people weigh significantly more than a few sheets of paper.
Mensekemeser: Giggles and teehees?
Sosiqui: Come to MOCK ME, Cynthia?
Cynthia: Mense: I just read the buffer.
Grishny: /butt memo Cynthia I'm saying that since I'm too scrupulous to type the POTTY MOUTH WORD
Cynthia: Sosi: OH YEAH

At 9 AM Eastern time on 15 June ...
Grishny: Did you know I'm procrastinating right now? I should be outside doing yard work.
Brunnen_G: No you shouldn't. It's 1 a.m. in winter. Take it from me.
Brunnen_G: You'll catch cold and die.
Brunnen_G: Oh, sure, sure, it might LOOK like it's daytime over there, but these illusions can be caused by ... er ... any number of common optical effects.

Brunnen_G: I hope that doesn't make you feel any less happy.
Brunnen_G: Because we'd hate to think people aren't happy in this chatroom.
* flyingcats isn't happy.
Wes: Hahah, the word was gay BG, he's gay.
Brunnen_G: cats: You're not?
Wes: She's too fat to be happy, poor thing.
flyingcats: Someday, Wes, I will be very fat indeed, and I will forking SIT on you.

Athaleon: Anybody happen to know how to make a webpage refresh every five seconds automatically?
Wes: Athaleon: Yes
Wes: <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="5; URL=www.athaleonsucks.com">

In the course of a Pledge of Allegiance discussion:
Wes: Who here actually says the pledge to show respect to their country?
Matthew: Wes: I do, because when I'm alone at night I like to pretend I'm American.
Matthew: It makes me feel less dirty.

Cnelly: hjcvgchghvg
Cnelly: jh
Cnelly: jhdgdhhdfgh
Cnelly: jhdgdhhdfghddfgthhggh
Cnelly: chjg
RinkChat: User Cnelly has been banned from RinkChat by Cynthia.
Cnelly has left.
Cynthia: There.
Zarniwoop: Problem solved.
RinkChat: ip:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx has been banned from RinkChat by Faux_Pas.
* Cynthia HUGS Faux_Pas!
Matthew: Aw, it's just like the end of a movie.
Matthew: All we need is a flyby in a helicopter and a nice orange sunset.

codeman38: Discussion-worthy topic of the day: http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/06/26/pledge.allegiance/
htaeD: been there
Faux_Pas: We just discussioned it to death.
codeman38: Blah. I come in at the wrong time. Heh.
LuckyWizard: codeman: A discussion about it was going on about half an hour ago.
Rabbitlord is back.
Rabbitlord: c38: That has been discussed QUITE a bit.
Faux_Pas: I think Rabbitlord is on tape delay.
*Faux_Pas* You see? These should be on your quote pages. Now get rid of all the things everyone else has said and start archiving my wit.

Wes: grem: God can do whatever he wants. He can make pi negative if he wants.
gremlinn: Wes: nuh uh.
Wes: grem: Can god make a rock so big that even he can't lift it?
gremlinn: Wes: no.
Wes: grem: Poor god.
gremlinn: Yeah, he's poor. He doesn't carry cash.
Wes: He has a K-mart platinum card

Wes: A bug landed on me, and I tried to swat it away, but forgot I had a drink in my hand. And on top of that the bug didn't even move.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'GOOD JOB WES' by Cynthia.
RinkChat: The chat room topic has been changed to 'Good job bug' by Brunnen_G.
gremlinn: I wish I could have seen that.

Brunnen_G: Oh, there is no way it's as warm as 22C in this room. I'm sorry thermometer but YOU ARE RONG
gremlinn: Let's see...1.8 * 22 + 32 = 71.6...that's a good temperature.
Brunnen_G: gremlinn: Yes it is. I would like it to really be that temperature, instead of, say, about 12C which is more like what it really is in here.
Wes: 53.6 isn't bad
* gremlinn would like to trade temperatures with BG.
gremlinn: It feels about 22C right now, actually.
* Brunnen_G would like to trade temperatures with gremlinn.
* Wes would like to trade spiderman cards with gremlinn
* gremlinn has no Spiderman cards.
* Brunnen_G would like to trade Wes for someone who occasionally makes sense

Cynthia: Someone please give me a lecture about why I should not drink anything caffeinated when I'm planning to go to bed reasonably soon.
Brunnen_G: Cynthia: Ingesting caffeine before bedtime is scientifically proven to give you a head full of two thousand weasels suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.
Maryam: Gack.
Cynthia: BG: Oooh, don't tempt me.
Brunnen_G: It will make your very soul itch.
Maryam: Cynthia: o.O
Matthew: Cynthia: Caffeine is good.
Matthew: Sorry, that's as good as I could do.
Wes: BG: I put huge gashes in my soul every time I talk to Dave
wintermute: Cynth: Caffine will pour bees in your underwear.
Athaleon: Cynthia: Drinking caffeine before bed will turn you into a clone of me.
gremlinn: That did it.
Cynthia: Okayokayokay
Cynthia: Okayokayokay
Brunnen_G: LOL
Matthew: We weren't trying to scare the girl, just dissuade her.
gremlinn: Scared? She's scarred.
Brunnen_G: Cynthia says IE is all nuts and she is rebooting.

I managed to fix the problem without resorting to rebooting, though.

gremlinn: Wow, it scarred her browser too.
* Cynthia made it stop being nuts, but it killed her download.
Cynthia: My computer tried to crash the living hell out of itself at the idea of being run by a 463 clone.
Cynthia: Beautiful.

Brunnen_G: I think I'll go to bed now. The prospect of sleeping in until 4.45 a.m. tomorrow is starting to look less and less of a luxury.
Wes: It's 4:45 am right now
Brunnen_G: Wes: Good. Can you go to work for me, then?
Wes: Yeah, but I might sink the boat, and then you'd never get to work there again
Matthew: Might?

This was a typoed hello that followed on a string of silliness.
Jumpinjack3342: hellop
Cynthia: Jumpin: Keep going on about nothing and I will show you the meaning of Hell Op.

In the course of a music discussion:
Wormwood: I own quite a few CDs, but no where near Cynthia's 262.
Zugzwang: I own 262 CDs, too. But they all came from AOL.

Ah, the wonders of timing.
Wormwood: My face feels like warm cheese.
Cynthia has entered.
Ellmyruh: Ok, that's gross.
Ellmyruh: Um, not Cynthia's entry.

While gremlinn was playing WordRacer and chatting:
Ellmyruh: Since "to" and "escape" got mad and split into two words.
gremlinn: Toe + scape...a landscape of dismembered toes.
Ellmyruh: ewww lol
gremlinn: No lungseed either.
Ellmyruh: Yeah, that doesn't work.

Gahalia: How's everyone doing?
* Cynthia is well. She is sleepy, but well.
Matthew: I didn't know Cynthias needed sleep.
Matthew: Is Cynthia the plural?
Matthew: Two Cynthia, one Cynthium.
ang: Matthew: I think it's Cynthiai

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