gremlinn: BREAKING NEWS -- Now in SOAT, you can loot not just one, but two dead bodies.
gremlinn: This, of course, now meets the national R.D.A. of body looting.
gremlinn: Bodylooters all over the world celebrated the news as an important step in removing the social stigma of looting bodies.

Mensekemeser: Experimentation is the mother of, well, something. Unless experimentation is a man.

dingdong: Minds are like parachutes - they only work when they are open.

Caia: Okay, it is not right that something the size of my hand has 500 calories.
Monkeyman: Don't eat your hand.
Grishny: What is it?
Gahalia: Can I eat Caia's hand?
Caia: My hand is not edible. I was talking about a little pizza.
Grishny: Close your eyes while you eat it.
Caia: My whole philosophy of eating is eat as much as possible for as little calories as possible.
Cynthia: Caia: Just wait until you get really hungry, and all of a sudden your hand will seem so much more edible.
Monkeyman: Gahalia: I'm not sure why you'd want to eat Caia's hand, but I think that is out of my hands anyway. Now, if you wanted to eat one of MY hands, I'd say that you should eat Caia's pizza.
Caia: I didn't eat the pizza. I ate some hummus and pita bread.

Zarniwoop: That'd be good. Hotels all over the world offering a RinkyDink rate.
Zarniwoop: 2 nights, self-catering, ingredients for noodly glop provided.


gremlinn: I'm only perfect because Wes made me Vice-God, though.

dingdong: As I said before, I never repeat myself.

* Rabbitlord , Brutal Slayer of Conversations Upon Entrance
* Cynthia can't picture anything with "Rabbit" in its name being a Brutal Slayer of Anything.
* Rabbitlord , Brutal Slayer of Lettuce, Vicious Slaughterer of Rutebagas, He To Whom Salad Bowls Bow Down and He Who Strikes Fear Into The Hearts Of Carrots.

mamday: Netscape can't be killed. It's like Freddy Krueger, or Michael Myers...

Monkeyman: folex: I am built like a tank.
Monkeyman: A septic tank.

Faux_Pas: While bored, I was making a peacock fan thing out of these small binder clips I have on my desk. Unfortunately, I've run out and was unable to complete it.
* Faux_Pas is a few binder clips short of a peacock.

* Mensekemeser yawns to a degree befitting mammals and some non-airborne birds

illyandra: Yeah!
* Morris kicks everyone.
RinkChat: User illyandra has been kicked from the room by Morris.
illyandra has left.
RinkChat: User Cynthia has been kicked from the room by Morris.
Tess: HEy! Don't kick me! What did I do!?
RinkChat: User gabby has been kicked from the room by Morris.
Cynthia has left.
gabby has left.
* Oeras cowers.
gabby has entered.
illyandra has entered.
illyandra: Who was it that said this was the time when Morris uses his power?
gabby: That was a pretty paltry "everyone."
Cynthia has entered.
flyingcats: Mousie.
Morris: gabby: I rethought.

* Zarniwoop has just thought up a Game Show-A-Minute for 'The Weakest Link'.
Zarniwoop: CONTESTANTS vote
Zarniwoop: ANNE ROBINSON is as scary, intimidating, and hurtful as a little rabbit with 'Boo' painted on its nose
Zarniwoop: CONTESTANT leaves, and complains about why they were voted off
Zarniwoop: Repeat seven/eight times
Zarniwoop: The FINAL happens. Somebody WINS a PITIFUL amount of MONEY
Zarniwoop: ANNE ROBINSON says 'Goodbye' again. Great rejoicing
Zarniwoop: THE END

Mia: Wes told me you made him cry, Morris.
Mia: Just thought you should know.
Wes: It's true. I'm a little wussy girl.
Cynthia: Wes: Took the words right out of my mouth.
Mia: Yeah. Wus is a girl.
Mia: *Wes
Wes: Cynthia: Oh... Sorry.
* Wes jams the words back into Cynthia's mouth via a knife.
Mia: That's not very nice, Wes.
* Cynthia coughs the words and the knife back up on Wes. Oh, look. She coughed the knife RIGHT THROUGH HIS LOSER HEAD. Pity.

* teach must go - have to get up early to pack/cook/clean/tidy/panic about the trip on Monday.

* Nyperold opens Outlook, and watches for virii. He may have an additional spam report, brought to you by Microsoft. Microsoft - because, after all, we are the only company!

Hal: Cynthia: Your name embraces life, death, religion, philosophy, drunkeness.....everything...

A bit of context on this one: Morris was discussing someone who annoyed him.

Morris: But I did at least get him to stop sending me his poetry and forwarding those stupid SEND THIS TO TWENTY PEOPLE things. Words cannot describe the contempt I have for E-mails of that sort.
Morris: You know how I got him to quit doing that?
Morris: Asking politely didn't work.
Morris: Demanding didn't work.
Morris: So I went to Project Gutenberg, copied the entire text of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, copied the entire text of Through the Looking Glass, and pasted them into the body of an E-mail.
Morris: I sent it to him.
Morris: And I haven't gotten any mail from him since.
Sundragyn: Wow. Morris is evil.
Morris: And if he does send me any more of that crap I'm sending him the complete unabridged Catholic Bible.
Marvin: lol How big was that file?
Marvin: hehe
Morris: Oh, I also included The Hunting of the Snark.

wintermute: Sarya: What are you eating?
Sarya: Cereal.
Sarya: Some generic brand puff thingies.
wintermute: Sarya: That's not enough! Eat some lard!
BurgerKing: Sarya: Are they really puffy or just a little puffy?
Sarya: wm: uh uh.
wintermute: You can't have too much lard!
Beasty: wm: That's Friday talk isn't it?
Sarya: Just little puffy.
BurgerKing: Sarya: Hrm. That's what you get for not going with a brand name.

Morris: I'll be right back. I want to hear the sound of a largish piece of metal fall onto asphalt.
Morris is away.
twistinside: Tee hee
Morris is back.
Morris: What a beautiful sound.

Sosiqui: I think someone drugged the local squirrels, because they're all wired on SOMETHING today.

Matthew: Pong is a classic love story.

* Sakura read through some of her old drivel today.
Sakura: As opposed to my NEW drivel, which doesn't cause my major intestine to attempt to leap straight up through my neck and throttle my brain in order to save me from a more painful ordeal.
Sakura: Not quite, anyhow.
Sakura: And drivel=my poor attempts at writing.
10Kan: Just throttling gently?
Sakura: Which no one else has ever laid eyes on.
Sakura: Thankfully for them.
Sakura: 10: No, it just sort of roils in my gut, waiting for a particularly bad passage.
10Kan: Writing sounds awfully dangerous. I'm thinking of becoming an explosives test subject instead.

Monkeyman: MS+EVIL
Monkeyman: *=
Nyperold: MS Evil. Where do you really want to go today?

Ghost of Sam: I've got lots of time. I'm just busy wasting it.

Brunnen_G: Rinkworks is usually pretty good at making me a bit more "innocent small fluffy animals playing in the sunshine" and a bit less inclined to wish for an automatic weapon and a neverending source of ammo. :-)

Morris: Take the sword out from PandorasBoxers' head and kill yourself with it. It's fun! Everyone's doing it! (A greeting delivered during a particularly bloody night in chat.)

* Sakura just lost six lives in a row at the start of Act II. at the very
Sakura: *-at the very
Sakura: Make that seven.
gremlinn: Very beginning?
Sakura: grem: Yep. Trying to pass the sword-throwing guy.
Wes has entered.
Sakura: Starting another chain of deaths ...
Stephen: I like that. "Wes has entered. Starting another chain of deaths."

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