Ah! Angst! Existential Woe!

Aarge Lowbrass, the chainmail bikini-wearing warrior, is a creation of Sosi's.

Sosiqui: I need Windex. Aarge!
Sosiqui: Um, argh!
Sosiqui: No, that's it.
ahmoacah: Aarge!!!! LOL LOL
Sosiqui: Aarge, clean my room this instant, you manly warrior you.
Mary: LOL!!
Sosiqui: And slay the fuzzballs under my bed, please.
ahmoacah: LOL LOL
Cynthia: LOL LOL!
Sosiqui: Although I'm not sure if I want to be alone with a man who wears a bikini.
Cynthia: :-*:-*:-*
Sosiqui: NO.
Cynthia: Somebody has to be flyingcats at times like these.
ahmoacah: LOL
Brunnen_G: LOL
Sosiqui: I don't smooch with my creations. It gets all weird, because they get inferiority complexes, because I'm their goddess.
Beasty: SOsi: I wonder what goes on in your head sometimes.
Sosiqui: Beasty: Strange, strange things.
ahmoacah: LOL Beasty!!
Mia: I don't...
Brunnen_G: Beasty: I find I prefer not to think about it too much.
Sosiqui: "Kiss me, you fool." "I'm not worthy, my wonderful creator!" "Dang." See? It just doesn't WORK.
Sosiqui: Not to mention having relationships with imaginary beings is just sort of out there, you know?
Brunnen_G: Wouldn't he have to obey an order from his creator, though?
Beasty: BG: Yeah, but the scary thing is, they might just be REAL.
Sosiqui: Eh, that's Aarge for you. He's a smartaleck.
Beasty: Think "The Matrix"
* Brunnen_G would settle for relationships with imaginary beings.
LesiSputnik: *cue "Twilight Zone" theme*
* Sosiqui prefers to have relationships with people she only sees through text. Wait. That sounds suspiciously like reading a story or something....
Sosiqui: AAAH You're all in my mind! NO!
ahmoacah: I have to admit, I don't think imaginary would cut it for me. It's pretty hard to get a hug from an imaginary being.
Sosiqui: Hard to get hugs from. Talks in text, chat or story. Don't you SEE?!? Ah! Angst! Existensial Woe! Joke getting old! Will stop now!
RinkChat: User Sosiqui has been quieted by Sosiqui.
Brunnen_G: ahmoacah: It's pretty hard to get a hug from a non-imaginary being too, sad to say.
ahmoacah: BG: Well, point.
ahmoacah: Good point, that is.
RinkChat: User Sosiqui has been unquieted by Sosiqui.
Sosiqui: Now that that's over with...
Mia: I like hugs.
ahmoacah: Not, "point at someone until they hug you" :-)
Beasty: I think Sosi has gone off to spontaneously psychically meltdown...
Beasty: Or maybe not.
* Brunnen_G wonders whether Sosiqui just PMed herself "WHY DID U QUIET ME unquiet me now plese I HATE YOU WHY DO U PICK ON ME"

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