Catfish Inside the Pool of Hate

Well, I missed when I said "Bye!" to Grishny late one night, and this is what happened. In addition to thanking the participants for being insanely funny, I also owe some thanks to my ruling spy flyingcats, who, though she doesn't appear in the edited version, gave me a few more lines that occurred after I left chat but before I signed off AIM for the night. I have some eyes around, too, you know. ;)

Grishny has left.
Cynthia: Bye!
Zullin: Bye, Cynthia!
* Cynthia isn't leaving ...
Cynthia: Unless you want me to, Zullin ...
Zullin: Wow, "Grishny" looks a lot like "Cynthia" when you don't have your contacts in.
Zullin: Or if you're stupid.
* Sundragyn takes off her glasses and checks that. Yes, they do.
gremlinn: Well, maybe you read "Bye!" as a signal of leaving, not a reply to someone else's leaving.
Zullin: grem: Ah, should have used that as my excuse. Too late now.
Cynthia: Zullin: Or maybe you just have festering pools of inner hatred for me and you wanted me to go away.
* Cynthia is being silly now.
Zullin: Cynthia: Yes, that's it.
* Cynthia really needs to go to bed so that she can get up for work in the morning.
* gremlinn only has non-festering pools of inner hatred and festering pools of outer hatred for Cynthia.
* Cynthia sniffles.
Zullin: grem: Really? I can't seem to keep my inner ones from festering; how do you do it?
gremlinn: Oh, and a festering lake of inner hatred or two.
gremlinn: Zullin: chlorine.
Zullin: I bought some catfish for mine because the guy in the store said they would keep it clean. What a rip-off.
* Cynthia notices that her internal pool of self-hatred is starting to fester now.
Cynthia: I hate it when that happens.
* gremlinn defesterates Cynthia.
* gremlinn does not defenestrate her.
Sundragyn: Zullin: Try some algae eaters instead of catfish.
* Cynthia is defesterated. Thanks, grem!
* Zullin tries to think of a clever "Window of Hate" tie-in.
gremlinn: Catfish inside the Pool of Hate?
Zullin: Sundragyn: I think what I really need is something that eats hate.
Cynthia: Oh, rats ... you also defesterated my festering outer pool ... I like that one to fester!
* gremlinn refesters the outer pool.
Cynthia: Zullin: Sorry, Stephen left a while ago.
Cynthia: Thanks.
Zullin: Well, I would think twice before installing Stephen anywhere inside me.
Cynthia: Maybe we should set up a fester exchange. We can defester all the pools that aren't supposed to fester, and we can use that to refester all the pools that need festering.
Zullin: Stephen would incite my mitochondria to rebellion or something like that.
* gremlinn is reminded of the game "Fester's Quest".
* gremlinn requests a fester tester.
* Cynthia wants to be sure that all the pools/lakes of hatred for her are kept in good festering order.
Zullin: Cynthia: But there's so much more festerment than defesternence. I'm not sure it would work out.
* gremlinn sets up a transfesterator.
gremlinn: That should solve it.
* Cynthia wonders where the transfesterator sends the excess fester.
Zullin: Actually, perhaps two pools of opposite festeration could be used as an energy source.
gremlinn: It converts it to fester ethers.
gremlinn: A fester battery?
Zullin: grem: Precisely.
* Cynthia wonders where the fester ethers are released. Fester pollution could be a terrible thing in this beautiful Mountain Stream.
gremlinn: They are cleaned up regularly and consumed in fester-fest feasts, where festerers fete there fester feats with their feet.
Zullin: Wow, virtually every word that begins with "fes" is really cool.
* Cynthia is festooned with festeration.
Zullin: "Fescennine" is my new favorite word.
* gremlinn fesses up.
Zullin: Also a favorite: "fescue," a small stick used to point out letters to a child learning to read.
* Cynthia must go ... keep those pools properly festered. Or defested. Whatever you please.
Zullin: I wonder what happens if you use the stick for something else.
Zullin: You probably have to turn it in. Bye Cynthia!
Cynthia has left.
Zullin: That was a festinate departure.
* gremlinn puts on a fester fez.
* Zullin thinks gremlinn looks somewhat fey in that.
gremlinn: Oh, I just looked up "fescennine".

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